FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • How do I join?

    A detailed description of the registration process is located HERE

    02 Jan 2009 : 17:43
  • Why am I unable to log into the site?
    There are several possible reasons, these are the most common
    • Your user account is not active yet. If you have recently joined, there may be a delay before access to the USPA member area is permitted.
    • If you have logged in before but find yourself unable to, it is possible you may have tried logging in to the site too many times with the wrong (username or password). If you attempt too many times unsuccessfully, the system will block your IP address from being able to access the site.
    • Make sure there are NO SPACES in the user name. If you attempted to create a user name/login with a space, the space will automatically be removed leaving the rest of the alphanumeric characters the same.
    • Be sure you are logging in to the correct area. Editors only will be able to log in using the login field in the top right of the website. Members should use the login menu located on the right side of the website located below the site (header/logo).

    01 Jan 1970 : 00:00
  • I just received confirmation from PayPal that I have completed my payment. How long do I have to wait for my member ID?

    There are several answers to this question, and we encourage everyone to thoroughly read the Membership Registration Process Page HERE

    26 Nov 1973 : 00:52
  • What does my ID photo need to look like and how do I upload my photo?
    When you complete your membership application, you will be given a link on the page that follows once you have clicked submit. Please note that if you did not choose the option to include a photo on your ID, it will be up to you to place a passport size photo on the ID before lamination.
    The ID photo should be 2 x 2 inches (51 x 51 mm) in size, have a solid background, be a direct view of the face (no profiles, no selfies )
    If these specifications have not been met, it could lead to additional time processing your member application or renewal.
    Additional information can be found on the Member Registration Process Page.

    29 Dec 2016 : 17:08
  • What if I do not have a PayPal account, how can I pay?

    You do not need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal, they simply process the payment. We also have additional payment methods that you can read about HERE

    29 Dec 2016 : 17:09
  • What is a QR code?
    USPA qr code.jpgThe New US Press Association Member ID & Press Credentials now contain a QR Code. QR Code is short for Quick Response Code. Originally used in the automotive industry, they have quickly become utilized for many purposes due to fast readability by a wide range of devices and their ability to hold far more information than standard UPC barcodes. 
    The QR Codes on the US Press Association Press Credentials will contain: Name, Member ID#, Join Date/Expiration Date, Title, Website Information (optional), Contact Information (optional). With the availability of QR/Barcode reading software and Apps for mobile devices, your QR Code can easily be scanned and offer a great deal of information about you almost instantly. This option has been suggested to us by several event planners and coordinators, and we listened. This technology has proved to be quite successful, especially in the political arena. While many people can offer up a business card, they can easily be lost, misplaced or damaged and unreadable. It is also possible to take a picture of an ID or business card, but there can also be issues with that as well such as blurred text, need to photograph both front and back to get all required information. With a QR code, this can be simply captured as an image and read later by software or scanned, decoded and saved instantly.
    New member ID cards & credentials will contain QR codes. Existing members have the option to receive new credentials with QR code for $8.00 HERE.
    30 Dec 2016 : 17:07
  • What is a contributing member?
    A member that enjoys sharing content on the USPA website or publications. 
    Our contributing members that submit (writing, photos, videos or other media) find a BOOST in traffic to their own websites or social media profile(s) making being a contributing member a valuable part of their SEO "search engine optimization" campaign. 
    31 Dec 2016 : 22:31