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Writers, Photographers, Videographers, Bloggers, Writers, Editors, Print Publications, Online Publications... Gain access to media events today with your US PRESS ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP PRESS CARD! Gain access to concerts, sporting events, political and other news worthy events. Maybe you have been thinking about starting you own publication! Help give your new news paper, magazine or website the legitimacy it deserves.
Get the ONLY PRESS ID you will ever need in media or as a freelance or professional journalist! The US Press Association Press ID...
Having press credentials can help you gain access to a variety of media/news worthy events. It will give you the opportunity to give your news audience the best possible coverage. The possibilities are there with "The US Press Association ID".
Your personalized pass ID will have both the US Press Association seal and an image of your journalistic background. Get the access you need with your US PRESS ASSOCIATION MEMBERSHIP AND PRESS CARD!
Images of the US Press Association ID are representations of the ID you will receive. We do not display the identical USPA ID to ensure our members receive a 100% genuine form of identification and to prevent forgery.
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All members will be added to journalist database, be able to submit (photos, video, writing and other media), use USPA Official emblem on website/blog, declare membership in social media profiles like Facebook/Linkedin.
Pro Members, Publications & Lifetime Members are issued access to create their own Blog/Column in addition to general media submissions. Basic membership have the option to add a personal Blog/Column at any time. Members are also permitted to be added to the New USPA - US Press Association Linkedin profile as Reporters, Editors, Contributors.
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A non working press membership is for those that have an interest in media or journalism (writing, photography, videography, editing, radio) but are not actively needing to obtain media passes for venues or events.
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Promotional Offers On New Memberships And Renewals
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