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Group Lifetime Promo 19

Item number: GrpLTPc

Perfect For Companies, Publications & Organizations. Standard ID card is wallet size or choose 4x6. (5mil Polypropylene Plastic).
Perfect for small to medium sized organizations. Additional members may be added at any time for a nominal fee per member. Call and speak with a USPA representative with any questions you may have about small or large publication memberships. * Printed copy of your Member Press ID Card(s) * Authentic and secure USPA holographic seal with ebeam nano text, tamper proof security foil, and 4 separate security channel images * Letter of accreditation * Welcome Letter * Name and US Press Association ID number will be added to our online journalist registry * Profile(s) on US Press Association website for each member plus company profile page * Name and other information will be encoded in the PRESS ID barcode or *QR code (*additional option) * Group Membership will allow you to submit unlimited Credential Assistance forms * Unlimited Press Release(s)/Month * Membership Verification 24/7 - 365
Additional options: QR code for Easyscan Verification™
Please be sure to specify if you wish to be a Contributing or Non-Contributing member. Submissions can be any original (writing, audio, video or other media). All members receive credential assistance, contributing members can receive credential assistance and assignment letters from the editor upon request.
Images of the US Press Association ID are representations of the ID you will receive. We do not display the identical USPA ID to ensure our members receive a 100% genuine form of identification and to prevent forgery.

Price:  $ 799.00
Shipping costs first product:  $ 6.95

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