Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Author: "Vince Rubiera"


The Benefits and Challenges of Investing in Renewable Energy for Business

Investing in renewable energy can provide cost savings, access to incentives, and additional revenue for businesses.


Exploring the Different Forms of Renewable Energy Storage

Renewable energy storage is essential for the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable energy system and there are several forms including pumped hydroelectric storage, batteries, thermal storage, and hydrogen.


The Up-in-the-Air Future of the Coconut Grove Playhouse Leaves Locals Steaming

One local icon in Coconut Grove, the Coconut Grove Playhouse, has long stood as a landmark to the city’s history and the uncertain future many of its historical buildings face.


SOS Cuba: Cries for Help Still Echo from Island Even Though Media Furor Has Died Down

The pressures of such a harsh, unforgiving existence finally erupted again in 2020 in the SOS Cuba movement, one of the island nation’s largest popular uprisings since the revolution that brought Castro and his cronies to power.


Eco Spirits “Haunting” Wynnwood? Wooden Trolls Pop Up Around Miami

Constructed of wood and in larger-than-life proportions, one troll in Wynnwood not only fits the description of a forest protector but also has some touches of modernity evident here and there with colorful nails resting on an overturned car on


Is the Future of Wynnwood a Franchise Opportunity?

Is the Future of Wynnwood a Franchise Opportunity? How Commercial Growth and Gentrification is Changing One of Miami’s Most Dynamic Neighborhoods


Cupertino Debuts Slew of Models in New iPhone 13 Range in Latest Iterative Drop

What's Old is New Again for the iPhone 13 (And That's Not a Bad Thing!)




Sting, finally reached the South African shores after more than a decade of absence, for his "My Songs" tour.

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Save Up To 50% On Renewal

Members can save up to 50% on membership renewals simply by sharing your news, photos, videos.

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Lab test confirms Phangiso bowls with non-compliant action

Joburg Super Kings’ left-arm spinner, Aaron Phangiso, underwent an ICC Accredited Bowling Action Test at the University of Pretoria on 27 January.

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