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BSA Images Of The Week: 06.25.17

BSA Images Of The Week: 06.25.17
Editorz, 25 Jun 12:02 AM


‘Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017’’ it’s called, because “Kill The Poor” was not testing well in focus groups? Luckily, most people will never get sick or old, so this shouldn’t be a problem. It’s LGBTQ Pride weekend in New York, the home of the original Stonewall Inn where all the colorful queens bashed back […]

“Street Art” by Ed Bartlett: A Quick Primer for the World Traveler
Editorz, 24 Jun 10:00 AM


Since the early 70s Lonely Planet publishing has made guidebooks for travelers of the world, enabling people to gain a greater understanding and to appreciate localities, cultures, and histories. Ed Bartlett now adds to this vast compendium of understanding a concise and varied survey of Street Art from his vantage point as an avid bicyclist, […]

BSA Film Friday: 06.23.17
Editorz, 23 Jun 06:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Pizzeria Da Cane Morto 2. Miss Van – La Symphonie des Songes 3. Berlin Kidz x 1UP in Berlin 4. Cinta Vidal / RAD Napa BSA Special Feature: Canemorto – Pizzeria Da Cane Morto So it’s […]

Coney Art Walls Class of 2017
Editorz, 22 Jun 06:00 AM


With ten fresh new murals, Coney Art Walls 2017 has made its official debut for summer. Starting this past weekend with the Mermaid Parade in full swing with Debbie Harry and Chris Stein as Queen and King and aquatic beauties in shimmering costumes wending their way through the pavement paradise by the sea. The new […]

Exploring From Coney To Harlem: Fresh Art on The Streets This Summer in NYC
Editorz, 21 Jun 06:00 AM


Summer brings people out onto the streets. New Yorkers especially love to congregate on corners, stoops, public parks and plazas, sidewalks and on the streets to soak in the sun and the excitement of summer after its long winter season. With that in mind we want to point you to what’s new on the streets […]

“No Means No” Performance Brings Bloody Handprints to Houston-Bowery Wall
Editorz, 20 Jun 07:00 AM


“Resist!” and “No Means No!” were the messages at the Houston-Bowery Wall on Sunday as the sun descended at the end of the weekend while a silent and dramatic performance organized by Jasmine Wahi played out before it – and on it. Whether or not people had accepted artist David Choe’s apology a day earlier […]

ECB Brings “DARYA” to Evry, France for Wall Street Art Festival
Editorz, 19 Jun 12:02 AM


German realist painter and Street Artist Hendrik Beikrich is moving his gaze from Morocco to Siberia. Hendrik Beikrich AKA ECB for Wall Street Art in Evry. Grand Paris Sud, France. June 2017. (photo © Mathgoth Gallery – Paris) Known for his project “Tracing Morocco”, where he got to know local tradespeople and craft makers whose […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 06.18.17 / Selections From Welling Court 2017
Editorz, 18 Jun 12:02 AM


“All’s Well That Ends in Impeachment #ShakespeareInTheTrump” “The empty vessel makes the loudest sound.” “Twelfth Bankruptcy #ShakespeareintheTrump” New York’s jewel of free theater in Central Park is actually trending on Twitter, believe it or not. The production of Julius Ceasar features a Trumpian-looking lead character and it has inflamed people who haven’t heard of Shakespeare […]

Artist David Choe Apologizes for Statements About Rape and Says Story Was Fictional
Editorz, 17 Jun 12:00 PM


“I have ZERO history of sexual assault. I am deeply sorry for any hurt I’ve brought to anyone through my past words. Non-consensual sex is rape and it is never funny or appropriate to joke about.” Artist David Choe has responded to rape accusations that have fueled an ongoing conversation on the street and in […]

BSA Film Friday: 06.16.17
Editorz, 16 Jun 06:00 AM


Now screening :
1. PASSAGE / From Wall to Wall
2. Occupied in Bethlehem - from Fifth Wall TV
3. BYG //12 1 // Contorno Urbano // Barcelona
4. 2KM3 Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc Contemporary Art Platform

“ONCE” Deconstructs and Reconstructs His Tag for 12 1 Project In Barcelona
Editorz, 15 Jun 12:02 AM


Abstraction is something we spoke recently with French graffiti writer Jeroen Erosie about in Berlin, and here in Barcelona we find that ONCE is interested in deconstruction of the revered letter form as well. Even hardcore lovers of letters like to blow them up, explode them, inflate them, deflate them, stream line and distill them […]

Lucy Sparrow Opens an All-Felt Bodega in NYC : “8 ‘Till Late”
Editorz, 14 Jun 12:02 AM


“Let’s see…Champagne Moet and Campari are selling well, Vagisil we’re very low on. Brooklyn Lager we’ve had to re-stock,” Store Manager Jo Brooks ticks off the hot sales of the day here in Manhattan’s newest deli. Lucy Sparrow 8 ‘Till Late (photo © Jaime Rojo) “And randomly, the cassette tapes have been flying out of here,” […]

Selections from Farm Country: GarGar2 Festival in Penelles, Spain.
Editorz, 13 Jun 06:00 AM


A well branded cultural initiative brings for the second edition a festival of art, music, craft beer, food trucks, workshops to the village of Penelles in Spain, including 900 square meters of murals in this town with farmer roots and low one story buildings. It has become almost a formula for cities and municipalities to […]

Bifido and a Secret Reading Place Under the Bridge
Editorz, 12 Jun 06:00 AM


This new piece under a freeway bridge by Italian Street Artist Bifido may remind you of summer vacation and the chance to let your mind follow a fantastic story. Maybe “Mystery of the Golden Temple: Thailand,” or “Ronia, the Robber’s Daughter” or “Brown Girl Dreaming.“ Bifido. “In my Room”. Naples, Italy. June 2017. (photo © […]

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BSA Images Of The Week: 06.11.17

BSA Images Of The Week: 06.11.17
Editorz, 11 Jun 12:02 AM


“Yes, I’m an infowarrior,” says the African American yelling about how CNN is promoting Sharia Law in downtown Manhattan for the #MarchAgainstSharia and a short distance away someone is wrapping the “Fearless Girl” statue with a black burka. The infowarrior is wearing a red “Make America Free” baseball hat and very much seems like he […]

David Choe Paints Houston-Bowery Wall, Accusers Call Him “Rapist” in NYC
Editorz, 10 Jun 02:10 PM


Artist David Choe painted the famed Houston-Bowery Wall last week in New York and the accompanying frenzy that often follows this Street Art/graffiti event ensued. The installation of his signature abstract/gestural/figurative layered mind-meld took roughly seven days, and some nights. David Choe. Houston/Bowery Wall. Manhattan, NYC. June 2017. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Photographer Martha Cooper […]

BSA Film Friday: 06.09.17
Editorz, 09 Jun 06:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. NIMI – The Last Travel 2. Art Meets Milk: BustArt . Hombre . Carl Kenz 3. Said Dokins in Mexico for Letrástica Festival 4. Urban Nation. We Broke Night 19.05.2017 BSA Special Feature: NIMI – The […]

Editorz, 08 Jun 10:00 AM


A New Wall Translates a Rockers Lecturing Tirade to His Audience Aural. Visual. Two modes of exchange and experiencing the world that interest artist Laura Llaneli, the Grenada born painter of this months’ 12 1 project wall in in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat in Barcelona. Laura Llaneli. Our Actions Become The Policy. Contorno Urbano “12 x 1” […]

Never Crew Brings the Bear in Satka, Russia
Editorz, 07 Jun 06:00 AM


Never Crew is in the Ural Mountains in Satka, Russia with a message about man’s disconnection with nature. Their murals often contain one large animal, and this time a bear takes center stage – rather papered over by industrial “progress,” perhaps? NeverCrew. “Baring Machine” Satka Street Art Festival. Satka, Russia. May 2017. (photo © NeverCrew) […]

Icy & Sot and a Man of Trash in Tbilisi, Georgia
Editorz, 06 Jun 06:00 AM


15 centuries old, Tbilisi may not last as long as this garbage man sculpture by Street Artists Icy & Sot. Icy & Sot. “Human reflection on nature”. Tbilisi, Georgia. May 2017. (photo © Icy & Sot) “It took us only 10 minutes to collect all this trash because there was so much of it – […]...Read More

Marx and Engels Statues Re-Skinned & Re-Located : Various & Gould
Editorz, 05 Jun 06:00 AM


“Why do you glorify and duplicate these two criminals?! They shouldn’t have a monument at all. Next you’re doing Hitler?” Various & Gould. “City Skins – Marx and Engels” Berlin, May 2017. (photo © Boris Niehaus) Various and Gould try to paraphrase some of the comments they received from passersby in a park near the […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 06.04.17
Editorz, 04 Jun 12:02 AM


Happy Sunday everybody! Here’s our weekly interview with the streets, this week featuring: Case Maclaim, Domdirtee, drsc0, Flood, Gregos, Mr. Toll, Pixel Pancho, Resistance is Female, Rodk, Suits Won, and XORS. Suits Won (photo © Jaime Rojo) A new collaboration with Pixel Pancho and Case Maclaim during the Bushwick Collective Block Party this weekend. (photo […]

David Walker in Lieusaint, France for “Wall Street Art”
Editorz, 03 Jun 06:00 AM


“Wall Street Art”: The merging together of two phrases (Wall Street, Street Art) that never had much to do with each other, but now sometimes do. Additionally it is the newly branded mural program/festival across 24 municipalities in France under the artistic direction of Jourdain Gautier, whose name you may recognize from his founding and […]

BSA Film Friday: 06.02.17
Editorz, 02 Jun 12:02 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1.“BROKEN MOTOR” by Soniconoclasm BSA Special Feature: “BROKEN MOTOR” by Soniconoclasm Today just one video that isn’t Street Art. But it is the street. And it is art. For graffiti writers and Street Artists who traverse the […]

“Brighter Days Are Coming” at St. Petersburg Street Art Museum
Editorz, 01 Jun 12:02 AM


A New Exhibition Marks the 1917 Revolution in St. Petersburg at the Street Art Museum This spring, a hundred years since the Russian Revolution, a new Street Art inspired exhibition in St. Petersburg may reflect the ambivalence that competing storylines produce in the re-telling of history. A hundred years since the workers movement displaced the […]

Skount Paints “Protection” for Future Amsterdam Street Art/Urban Contemporary Art Museum
Editorz, 31 May 06:00 AM


Entrepreneur and visionary Peter Ernst Coolen continues afoot with his plans for Amsterdam’s Street Art/Urban Contemporary art museum sometime next year at NDSM Wharf, and a number of artists have been preparing new works for the space and the great occasion. Today we have a sneak peak at the huge-scale canvas by one of the […]

Eating Plastic with Louis Masai, Whales, Sharks in Cape Cod and L.A.
Editorz, 30 May 12:02 AM


These Animals Are Eating All the Plastic You are Throwing Away. Yuck. London Street Artist Louis Masai has just returned to the US to do three murals – one in alliance with the Right Whale Research Association (R.W.R.A) in Cape Cod Massachusetts, and two in Los Angeles where he is currently having a solo show […]

Bien Urbain 2017: Ericailcane and His New Barbed-Wire Story
Editorz, 29 May 12:02 AM


Just in time for his exhibition opening at musée du temps de Besançon, Italian Street Artist Ericailcane has just finished his latest wall with the Bien Urbane festival and the story it tells is troubling. Ericailcane. Detail. Bien Urbain Festival 2017. Besançon, France. May 2017. (photo © Elisa Murcia Artengo) The Bologna native whose animal […]

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“Zing, Bang, Boom!

“Zing, Bang, Boom!” Ironman has us on the edge of our seats. Ant Man slims down, Batman pummels bad guys and Flash zooms in-and-out chasing the Reverse Flash.Welcome to our community – a place that’s littered with inside jokes, Hulk T-shirts and dedicated Comic book readers. Confession – I am one of them. Ever since the first Spiderman movie made its way to the big screen, my eyes bugged out and my soul knew that my life would never be the same. I was sold. Topher Grace caught me in his spider web and brought me along to fight against the snares of Green Goblin.
In the midst of these fantasy-driven adventures we’re groomed to fight, to stand against injustice and risk everything for others. In these short moments of screen time, we’re prepared for life. However, at the core of these teachable moments, we can’t help but see the discrepancies in gender responsibility and roles. The Washington Post observed that, “Marvel and DC Comics have made a combined 19 superhero movies since they started turning their respective comic characters into interconnected movie franchises in 2008. Of those 19, a woman has played the movie's top role in exactly zero.” What’s wrong with this picture?
Countless women protect our shores from enemy attacks, many start Fortune 500 companies, others perform heart surgery or gain tenure at Ivy League universities. However, we these ‘type’ of females are hidden from view. We’ve allowed the media to cast females in the shadows and accepted this as normative. Could Wonder Woman break the mold? Could one movie truly such a have a massive cultural impact? Absolutely!
Here are 5 ways the Wonder Woman movie could make a HUGE cultural impact:
1. Wonder Woman was Trained to WinDiana was encouraged to be strong before she even had to exercise her strength. According to the Wonder Woman website, “Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an ‘unconquerable’ Warrior.” She wasn’t taught to subdue her independence or tone down her strength. Diana was trained to embrace her power as part of her identity. She was trained to win.
Can we say the same about how we raise our own daughters? Are we training them to win or to doubt their strength? Are we teaching them to live just above a whisper or louder than a roar?Diana was empowered and encouraged to live her life without second-guessing her strength. She didn’t tone down her calling to make others comfortable.
2. Wonder Woman was Raised to See Herself as EqualDiana fought alongside men. Egalitarianism was normative in her culture and therefore accepted by both genders as normative. Her strength was not seen as a threat, but as an asset.Is this normative in our culture? Are we creating the same opportunities for men and women to accomplish goals side-by-side, or holding onto a segregated concept of gender-specific groups?Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, avid philanthropist and bestselling author suggests, “If you ask men why they did a good job, they'll say, 'I'm awesome. Obviously. Why are you even asking?' If you ask women why they did a good job, what they'll say is someone helped them, they got lucky, they worked really hard.”
When we separate men and women into isolated arenas, we reinforce this type of poor behavior and insecurity. When we separate men and women into varied groups, one gender grows up to simply ‘dream’ and the other finds the strength to ‘do’. What if both were empowered and encouraged to work as one to accomplish their goals?
Wonder Woman dares to prove this type of gender dichotomy as flawed. She dares to prove that her strength and ability to lead are attributes to be embraced. Diana dares us to look at Deborah, Ruth, Esther, Junia, Phoebe and countless others in scripture and embrace the God-given identity of females to walk in their purpose. Wonder Woman challenges us to consider the validity of female leadership and dares us to break down the walls of assumption.
3. Wonder Woman Risked her Life for the StrangerWhen an American pilot crashes on their shoreline and reveals that his home is experiencing massive conflict and war, Diana leaves her home and risks everything to save those she’s never known.
This truth about Wonder Woman leaves me amazed and a bit humbled. This warrior was raised to protect ‘her shore’, yet she chooses to use her talents and training to protect those she’s never met. Like Paul says in 2 Corinthians 5:14, “For the love of Christ controls us…” Diana allowed the love of Christ to compel her to fight for the voiceless. Would we dare to do the same? Would we be willing to travel to the ends of our comfort for the sake of someone else’s community?
4. Wonder Woman Embraced her Identity, Not a RoleJesus commissioned us to love our neighbor, but what is love? Is it simply an emotive response or an empathetic ear? Many of us see the love of God as feeling-based. We see it as a nurturing type of behavior; however, the love that God calls us to is greater than a vacillating feeling.
Luke 10:27 challenges us to, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.” Men and women are called to reveal the love of Christ by using their heart, soul, strength and mind.
These characteristics are not gender-specific, but a responsibility of all of us. We are all without excuse.Wonder Woman dares to love others with her mind and strength. She exemplifies the heart of Christ by living out the love of Christ.
Pew Research gives us a glimpse at other warriors who have risked everything for a stranger’s freedom. “From 1973 to 2010 the number of active-duty enlisted women in the military has grown from about 42,000 to 167,000.”These women have left their homes, their family and their country. They are loving the Lord and their neighbor with their strength and mind. With each step and every maneuver – their talents and passions are being used to be a voice to the voiceless. These women are warriors.
We have countless women who are executives, police officers, entrepreneurs and part of the military. Where do they fit in our churches? Where do they fit in our business? Wonder Woman challenges us to engage with the individual, rather than a generalized assumption. Not all women are alike. Not all men are alike. When we see people as made in the Image of God and distinct, we enable the ‘church’ to truly be a community.
5. Wonder Woman Doesn’t Ask for PermissionWonder Woman embraces her God-given purpose and stands against injustice. She doesn’t ask permission or wait for someone else to take the lead. She walks out her purpose and gives others the courage to do the same.
Diana finds her full potential and purpose by living out her identity without apologizing for her specific gifting. She doesn’t embrace gender roles; she embraces her God-given identity and lives for the approval of One. What Now?
We’re all waiting with anticipation – booking our tickets and gathering the troops to see the latest Marvel adventure on June 2nd. We start the countdown, brag about Wonder Woman on Facebook and camp out in front of AMC at midnight just to catch a glimpse of this next mission. Why? What is it about this movie that captures our attention and empties our bank account?Maybe Batman introduced us to Gotham and Superman made us wonder about Kryptonite, but Princess Diana will definitely make you question equality. Each Marvel and DC Comics film challenges us with the question ‘what if’.
What if the world was more equal? What if Wonder Woman became the norm? What if all females were empowered to embrace their strength? As we purchase our tickets and step into the theater to watch Wonder Woman, let’s challenge ourselves to make this fantasy world more like our reality. Let’s dare to live without apology and fight for equality.
[Submitted by Dion Ringgold]

May 17, 2017 - A LANDMARK DAY!
May 17, 2017 - A LANDMARK DAY! WorldWater & Solar Technologies CEO Quentin Kelly has traveled the globe countless times, only to find an increasingly dangerous problem with the lack of clean drinking and bathing water, and in particular, in the countries of Eastern Africa. Here at the Princeton, New Jersey headquarters of WorldWater & Solar Technologies, he explains the seriousness of this global crisis which affects not only health issues, but cultural issues as well. His company has created an extraordinary and portable solar powered device that can filter the dirtiest of unusable and contaminated water and convert it for purified drinking and bathing use. May 17, 2017 became a Landmark Day, as he explains how 23 year old marathon runner and New Jersey native James Leitner, with 90 pounds of water in tow, starts his walking trek across America that very same day from the grounds of the Princeton facility....the "Clean Water Walk Across America". James's 3200 mile journey began in Princeton and will end in San Francisco, California. The May 17th kickoff event and ceremony was sponsored by Ortlieb USA, a distributor of products including a wide range of high-end outdoor gear. Beatrice Kimmel of NYC's HyPR Media orchestrated the Public Relations for this unique media occasion. For add'l information: www.worldwatersolar.com
Interviewer: Joanne Phillips

This is Richard “Doc” Parker.

This is Richard “Doc” Parker. He was a combat medic with 4/12 Cav in Vietnam 1969-70. He received a Bronze Star for his gallant actions, but few know his courageous story and no one will ever hear these accounts uttered from his own lips. Being a combat medic alone should speak volumes about the caliber of man Richard is. He is a man who would sprint through a hail of bullets to save a life while chaos erupted around him. He would leap from the sanctuary of his tank and hurtle through a mine field to help his friends. These aren’t mere analogies. He did that. He damned the devil and stole from death. Yet he was willing to trade his own soul for the single life of one of his men. Despite how much he gave of himself, for Richard, it was never good enough. Men died. He felt as though he had failed his friends. Returning home people spat on him, made any number of derogatory remarks, and ostracized him for going to war. He believed he had failed his country. Over the years, Richard made many attempts to visit his friends from Vietnam and 4/12 Cav, but was so ashamed he couldn’t bring himself to meet them face to face. Richard was often the last person someone saw in life. Men dreaded a day they might see Richard staring down on them, but he was the one person everyone wanted walking by their side through hell. Having spent time in the U.S. Marines, I know the significance of people like Richard and what they represent to their men. My Corpsmen and I are still good friends to this day. I can’t possibly begin to describe the epitome they embody, or the love that we have for them. Medics mean the world to us. It goes beyond a brotherhood. I know the same applies to Richard and the love and respect his men have for him. “Doc” was the one responsible for delivering them home to their families. But he gave up so much. His PTSD has left him crippled because of his experience. He doesn’t believe he deserves respect for what he did because he never saw it coming back. It didn’t matter how many lives he saved, he only counted the ones he couldn’t. Those are the lives he remembers. Those are the lives that haunt him. Memorial Day is a time to honor those who lost their lives, but we should also revere those who gave everything they could so that men and women didn’t die on the battle field. We should honor men and women like Richard who did everything in their power so that we wouldn’t have to venerate a day like Memorial Day.
Submitted by Thomas R. Bloom

BSA Images Of The Week: 05.14.17

BSA Images Of The Week: 05.14.17
Editorz, 14 May 12:02 AM


As New Yorkers (and the world) discuss whether Trump will self-combust, start a war, take control as a dictator, be revealed as a Russian operative, or be impeached — one thing is for sure, every day the reputation of the US is sustaining damage among friends and allies, billionaires are grinning like the Cheshire Cat […]

AXE Colours – Two Graffiti Friends, Now Creative Partners
Editorz, 13 May 06:00 AM


Sometimes you can parlay your graffiti and Street Art practice into a career that sustains you, and many artists work hard to find opportunities that assure that they can continue to be creative. Friends since childhood and painting graffiti and murals together since 1999 in Barcelona, Adrià (Smaug) and Oriol (Gúma) together call themselves AXE […]

BSA Film Friday: 05.12.17
Editorz, 12 May 06:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Calligraphy, Layers and Screen Play; Said Dokins / Ugly Food House 2. Paolo Troilo: The London Afternoon 3. Elisa Capdevila & Ivan Floro for 12 1. 4. Jason Woodside and Ian Ross at Nashville Walls […]

Liliwenn Paints “Liberty Asleep” in Vannes, France
Editorz, 11 May 06:00 AM


“Liberty Asleep” is the name of this image by French artist Liliwen who paints it at a time when liberty needs to be awake. Liliwenn. “Liberté endormie”. Vannes, France. May 2017. (photo © Liliwenn) A painter of paradoxes, usually on wood or canvas, Liliwen has painted on walls in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin and […]

Young New Yorkers, Street Artists, and Keeping Teens Out of Jail
Editorz, 10 May 12:02 AM


The Street Art community donates time and art to a program that keeps teens out of jail in New York. An annual auction overflows with work by today’s Street Artists. Marco Mazzoni. Young New Yorkers 2017 (photo © Jaime Rojo) With the precision indicative of her architect training Rachel Barnard describes the art/criminal justice project […]

Banksy Hits Brexit With New Piece, MaisMenos & BLU Used EU Flag Earlier
Editorz, 09 May 06:00 AM


The appearance of a new mural by Banksy in Dover, England caught the attention of many followers on his Instagram account and the mass media folks quickly reported on the new piece that comments on the current state of the EU. Banksy. Dover, England. Photo @banksy Instagram 10 months since the Brexit vote, the anonymous […]

Karl Addison Paints In Refugee Camp in Greece with Syrian Kids
Editorz, 08 May 06:00 AM


If your house is destroyed and you are chased from your neighborhood by bombs, anything that recalls normalcy is welcomed. Street Artist Karl Addison tells us a recent project with two other artists where he hopes their painting gave residents a sense of hope for their future. Karl Addison for aptART. Elpida, Thessaloniki, Greece. April […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 05.07.17
Editorz, 07 May 12:02 AM


Whether by design or organically grown, we have always gravitated to what we call “Magnet Walls” – those graffiti/Street Art gardens in a town or city that are an open canvas for artists to get up, try out new ideas, experiment with materials, implement a strategy. These walls play an important role in the ecosystem […]

“GO GO GO” BYG in Spain for 12 1 Project
Editorz, 06 May 10:00 AM


Maybe it’s because we just saw Mark Mothersbaugh interviewed live onstage at NYU by Carlo McCormick, but when we saw this mechanically growing text it reminded us of DEVO and Kraftwerk and possibly Dadaist collage. And Russian Constructivists and the Bauhaus. BYG. GO, GO, GO. Contorno Urbano “12 x 1” 2017. Barcelona. (photo © Clara […]

BSA Film Friday: 05.05.17
Editorz, 05 May 06:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Stick to It, Episode 1 : Sticky Community 2. Ella & Pitr / Frappés Pinpins 3. Herakut. Nuart Aberdeen. 4. 12 1 Oriol Vlat. BSA Special Feature: Stick to It, Episode 1 : Sticky Community […]...Read More

Skount Depicts “The Golden Ray”
Editorz, 04 May 06:00 AM


It may look like a gold medallion doorbell, or a fingerprint scanning ID validator, or an icon to poke to open up a celestial app, but Amsterdam Street Artist Skount says it is about accessing cosmic currents of energy. Skount. Process shot. Amsterdam, May 2017. (photo © Skount) That may feel a little esoteric for […]

Mong Kok: Hong Kong and a Graffiti Hall Of Fame
Editorz, 03 May 06:02 AM


There is a lot you can do in Mong Kok, one of the most commercial and bustling neighborhoods in the Kowloon section of Hong Kong. There’s the Ladies’ Market with more than 100 vendors offering bargains on clothing and accessories, Sneakers Street, which will have you swimming in pumped up kicks, and don’t forget the […]

Labrona and DB on the Road, Dispatch From Portugal
Editorz, 02 May 06:00 AM


“I didn’t get invited to paint anywhere this winter so I made my own street art trip,” says Labrona of his new wheat-pastes in Portugal. “It’s sort of a throw back to before mural festivals, when we just did stuff on the streets.” Is that Buster Keaton? Labrona and DB. Lisbon, Portugal. Spring 2017 (photo © […]

Working the Cornfields on a Santa Fe Facade with Jetsonorama
Editorz, 01 May 06:00 AM


Just in time for May 1st, International Workers Day, we find a young member of the Hopi nation planting in his grandfather’s cornfield, thanks to this new project just completed by photographer/street artist Jetsonorama. Chip Thomas. Hawthorne. Santa Fe, New Mexico, Earth Day 2017. (photo © Chip Thomas) 18 year old Hawthorne Hill has […]...Read More

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BSA Images Of The Week: 04.30.17

BSA Images Of The Week: 04.30.17
Editorz, 30 Apr 12:02 AM


“Resistance is here to stay, welcome to your 100th day” – said people in Climate Marches across the country yesterday to President Exxon-Lockheed. God, has it only been 100 days? It feels like 1,000. Nevertheless, there are a lot of new politically themed pieces popping up on the street regularly, along with completely apolitical and […]

Carlo McCormick, “Magic City: The Art Of The Street”
Editorz, 29 Apr 06:00 AM


“Nature is a petrified magic city.” With apologies to Novalis, this magic city of New York is too alive to be considered petrified – unless you are talking about being petrified by the sight of five rats on the subway tracks while you wait for the M train. Carlo McCormick. Magic City: The Art Of […]

BSA Film Friday 04.28.17
Editorz, 28 Apr 06:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Colouring The World. A Film By Okuda San Miguel 2. Borondo “Golden Gate” 3. Elbi Elem in Barcelona for 12 1 P 4. Chip Thomas in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Biocultura BSA Special Feature: Colouring The […]

Swoon “To Accompany Something Invisible”
Editorz, 27 Apr 06:00 AM


A good way to familiarize oneself with the additional dimensions that Swoon has taken on since you last caught up with her is the Street Artists show called To Accompany Something Invisible newly exhibited at Allouche Gallery in New York. Swoon. “Sasu and Kasey”. To Accompany Something Invisible. Allouche Gallery. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Whether […]

“Resistance is Female” Takes Over Phone Booths in New York
Editorz, 26 Apr 12:02 AM


The decentralized Resistance, as it turns out, is a majority of Americans. And leading the charge are women and girls. So it makes perfect sense that a new grassroots takeover of telephone booth advertising in New York is a campaign called, “Resistance is Female”. Organizers and artists say that the ad takeover project is putting […]

Skulls Reign On the Street and In Art Shows, Threatening and Humble Reminders
Editorz, 25 Apr 06:00 AM


Skulls. We see them on the streets and recently many at art fairs. The Memento Mori of the streets, these skulls reminding us that one day we all will be dead. Every single one. These are occasional, unplanned in pattern, surprising in appearance on the public stage perhaps. Andrew Schoultz at Volta New York 2017. (photo […]

Marina Capdevila Brings Her Seniors to the Winery
Editorz, 24 Apr 06:00 AM


When muralist Marina Capdevila is in Miami her senior ladies are in a convertible heading to the beach and when in Brooklyn they buy a hamburger and fries on the sidewalk. Now visiting a winery cooperative just south of her native Barcelona, the illustrator chooses men and donkeys. Marina Capdevila. Gratallops, Spain. April 2017. (photo […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 04.23.17
Editorz, 23 Apr 12:02 AM


Boom! There it is! This is springtime and there is a lot of new stuff popping up like tulips and out like cherry blossoms. If you didn’t get to the Martha Cooper opening at Steven Kasher gallery this week it is open during the week- a great cross section of her work during the last […]

Anna Maga for “12 1” Project In Barcelona
Editorz, 22 Apr 10:00 AM


Saturday is a good day to get into your own creative projects and try stuff that you don’t have time to do usually. We always like to walk past the local walls to see what people are creating. Checking in on this community wall in Sant Feliu de Llobregat to see what’s going up in […]

BSA Film Friday 04.21.17 – Vids from Nuart Aberdeen 2017
Editorz, 21 Apr 06:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. ADD FUEL – Nuart Aberdeen 2017 2. Alice Pasquini – Nuart Aberdeen 2017 3. Isaac Cordal – Nuart Aberdeen 2017 4. M-City in Aberdeen for Nuart 2017 via BrooklynStreetArt.com BSA Special Features: Vids from Aberdeen Doug […]

“Martha Cooper” Solo Exhibition Reveals Many Unseen “Action Shots”
Editorz, 20 Apr 10:00 AM


An intrepid photographer who has launched a million dreams (and perhaps a few thousand careers) in graffiti and Street Art with her photography that captured crucial and seminal aspects of our culture that others overlooked. That is just one way of seeing this brand new collection of images by Martha Cooper that is spread across […]

Nuart Aberdeen 2017 Already Has Locals Saying “Haste Ye Back!”
Editorz, 19 Apr 12:02 AM


The sky is still twilight blue above the streets of Aberdeen at 21:00 this time of year and as you walk the city’s edge on the beach of the North Sea the winds pick up with a chilly bluster. Of course, that’s just for this minute. In a half hour it may be a gentle […]

NeverCrew in Hong Kong for “Discordant”
Editorz, 18 Apr 12:02 AM


“…our collective obligations towards our environment.” You wouldn’t think the phrase would need to be said, yet it sounds revolutionary in a consumer-driven, market-driven society. The Swiss duo NEVERCREW are clear in their intentions. As ever. Nevercrew “Discordant” Above Second Gallery. Hong Kong. 18th March – 22nd April (photo © Jaime Rojo) The Discordant exhibition […]

BSA Images of the Week : Nuart Aberdeen Edition
Editorz, 17 Apr 08:40 PM

End of Passover for many, the best day of Easter weekend for others, just another spring day for still others, and a fine finish to our little Aberdeen excursion. As we ready ourselves to charge forward on small streets in this city that has a severe case of Multiple Weather Disorder, we’re bringing scarves, gloves, […]

Jetsonorama Wraps a House with Pots in Penland, North Carolina
Editorz, 17 Apr 12:02 AM

When one thinks of pots and pottery and clay urns, you may imagine them with patterns and motifs wrapped around their exterior. Botanicals, animal life, figures, even architecture, all become decorative elements or patterns. Street Artist Jetsonorama is flipping the script in the North Carolina mountains this week by wrapping a house with photographic images […]

BSA Images OF The Week: Nuart Aberdeen Edition
Editorz, 16 Apr 12:02 AM


End of Passover for many, the best day of Easter weekend for others, just another spring day for still others, and a fine finish to our little Aberdeen excursion. As we ready ourselves to charge forward on small streets in this city that has a severe case of Multiple Weather Disorder, we’re bringing scarves, gloves, […]

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Tours, Films, & Fight Night : Nuart x Aberdeen x BSA Dispatch 3

Tours, Films, & Fight Night : Nuart x Aberdeen x BSA Dispatch 3
Editorz, 15 Apr 06:00 AM


“I have two questions,” said one smartly sweatered and coiffed lady of a certain age. She had grabbed an elbow as we waded through the 350-person tour that we were leading through Aberdeen streets with Jon Reid. “Who gave you all permission to paint your pictures on these walls?” she asked. “And number two: When […]

BSA Film Friday Special Edition: Nuart x Aberdeen x BSA
Editorz, 14 Apr 06:00 AM


Aabody* at the club got tipsy* last night in the Anatomy Rooms, a former academic space for students at University of Aberdeen that still has random skeletons and 3-D plastic diagrams of humans cut in half. Julien de Casabianca. Outings Project. Nuart Aberdeen  April 2017. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Anatomy Rooms is now an artist-run […]

Nuart X Aberdeen x BSA: Dispatch 1
Editorz, 13 Apr 06:00 AM


This white and grey skurry appears rather plump as he waddles across the stone road in Aberdeen toward the cherry picker that holds Jasmine from Herakut aloft as she paints the new piece on the concave wall. Skurry is the Doric term for seagull, and Doric is a dialect of the North East of Scotland […]

Chip Thomas Invoking Life Back Into a House for 2017 Joshua Treenial
Editorz, 12 Apr 12:02 AM


Curators Kóan Jeff Baysa and Bernard Leibov selected about 15 artists and collaborators to create installations for the 2nd edition of the Joshua Treenial, which opened the first weekend of April and today we have one of the artists who showed his work, Street Artist Chip Thomas aka Jetsonorama. An initiative to educate about ecological […]

Banksy Goes Into The Hospitality Business in Palestine
Editorz, 11 Apr 12:02 AM


Hotel, museum, funhouse? Political/social satire, self-advertisement, genius? All of it and more. Street Artist and showman Banksy’s team of advisors, marketers, fabricators, and assistants have already mounted a vast museum show, a theme park, a treasure hunt across New York, among other events. When it comes to creating spectacle and courting controversy, Banksy and company […]

Grandpa Gives Thumbs Down : EDJINN for 12 1 Project In Barcelona
Editorz, 10 Apr 12:02 AM


Grandpa is giving you the thumbs down. Street Artist EDJINN from Barcelona just created this wall that clearly expresses it’s dislike for so-called Social media and “community engagement”. EDJINN. Dislike. Contorno Urbano “12 x 1” 2017. Barcelona. (photo © Clara Antón) “I want to contrast old people with new technologies, social networks and the new […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 04.09.17
Editorz, 09 Apr 12:02 AM


Hooray! Spring is here in New York again. That means daffodils and crocuses are sprouting up among the soda cans and candybar wrappers and cigarette butts in the park’s gardens, and new proud or furtive aerosol missives are being sprayed on crumbling walls and phone booths are getting hi-jacked with posters by artists and galleries […]

“The Intimacy Project” Gets Close to the Artist with Fer Alcala
Editorz, 08 Apr 06:00 AM


“…the real heroes are the people noticing things, paying attention.” ~ John Green, The Fault in Our Stars Twee Muizen. Nau Bostik, Barcelona. (photo © Fer Alcalá. OlympusE510) Somewhere between celebrity and anonymity sits the Street Artist, depending on their wishes and fortune. We always feel lucky to see the artwork first anonymously on the street, […]

BSA Film Friday 04.07.17
Editorz, 07 Apr 06:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. The Haus – Lunatix Dance 2. Mobilize Walls (Against the Trump Wall) 3. The Yok & Sheryo: The Golden Triangle 4. Pixel Pancho in Hong Kong for HKwalls 2017 via BrooklynStreetArt.com BSA Special Feature: The Haus […]

Swoon’s New Drawings for Heliotrope Foundation Benefit with BSA in NYC
Editorz, 06 Apr 06:00 AM


Here is the first public look at eight of the new thirteen drawings by Swoon which she made while in Haiti a couple of week ago. She is donating her own work to aid Heliotrope Foundation programs in Haiti and Braddock, Pennsylvania. These drawings, along with the limited run prints from six international artists will […]

Li-Hill x Swoon x BSA : Unveiling New “Crumbling As We Climb” Print
Editorz, 05 Apr 12:02 PM


Here is the first public look at the new print by Li-Hill which he made especially to aid Heliotrope programs in Haiti and Braddock, Pennsylvania for Swoon and Heliotrope Prints. The limited run print will be released this week, April 6th, at a pop up show opening in Manhattan and we hope you can come. […]

Miss Van x Swoon x BSA : Unveiling Masked Ladies for Heliotrope Prints
Editorz, 05 Apr 12:02 AM


Here is the first public look at the new print by Miss Van which she made especially to aid Heliotrope programs in Haiti and Braddock, Pennsylvania for Swoon and Heliotrope Prints. The limited run print will be released this week, April 6th, at a pop up show opening in Manhattan and we hope you can […]

Faith XLVII x Swoon x BSA and Her New Print for Heliotrope
Editorz, 04 Apr 12:02 AM


Here is the first public look at the new print by Faith XLVII which she made especially to aid the programs in Haiti and Braddock, Pennsylvania for Heliotrope Prints. The limited run print will be released this week, April 6th at a pop up show opening in Manhattan and we hope you can come. Faith […]

Icy & Sot x Swoon x BSA : Unveiling “Unforced Hijab” for Heliotrope
Editorz, 04 Apr 12:02 AM


Here is the first public look at the new print by Icy & Sot which they  made especially to aid the programs in Haiti and Braddock, Pennsylvania for Heliotrope Prints. The limited run print will be released this week, April 6th at a pop up show opening in Manhattan and we hope you can come. […]

Tavar Zawacki (Above) X Swoon X BSA : Unveiling “Metamorphosis” Print for Heliotrope
Editorz, 03 Apr 12:02 PM


Here is the first public look at the new print by Tavar Zawacki (aka Above) which he made especially to aid the programs in Haiti and Braddock, Pennsylvania for Heliotrope Prints. The limited run print will be released this week, April 6th at a pop up show opening in Manhattan and we hope you can […]

Case Maclaim x Swoon x BSA – The New “Sunshower” Print for Heliotrope
Editorz, 03 Apr 12:02 AM


Here is the first public look at the new print by Case Maclaim which he made especially to aid the programs in Haiti and Braddock, Pennsylvania for Heliotrope Prints. The limited run print will be released this week, April 6th at a pop up show opening in Manhattan and we hope you can come. Case […]

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If you know anyone who is constantly hating on others, share this.

If you know anyone who is constantly hating on others, share this.
Today, Diandra Marie talks about those who cannot be happy for another person's success. Choosing to expose a flaw instead of being happy for someone is an example of someone who needs to get their life. She also talks about people who purposely follow others just to hate on them. Diandra Marie suggests putting more time and focus on meeting your goals instead of worrying about others.

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*disclaimer: I do not own the music in this video*
[Submitted by Diandra Marie]



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