Sitting in the local Champaign coffee shop, Cafe Kopi, with Sara Siders a musician, composer, and guitarist, is a dreamer and believer. She is a boundary pusher not only in her music but life. Sider's is a transplant to the Champaign, Illinois music scene. She brings a strong sense of rock, blues, and funk to her performance and music.

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18 Apr 2018 : 20:00 by Tammy Forchion
Roger Ebert created Roger Ebert's Overlooked Film Festival or better known as Ebertfest. Ebert was a TV and Chicago Sun-Times film critic. This festival is held at the Virginia Theatre in Champaign IL. This location is near Ebert's hometown, Urbana and held at the University he was an alumnus. This year celebrates 20 years of Ebertfest. The film festival is set to bring back some great films and panels.

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14 Apr 2018 : 03:48 by Tammy Forchion
Mario De La Torre, a fashion designer from south central, brings a collection that has west coast appeal, and with south of the border flair. His runway, purpose continues to empower women with his designs. His runway presents one that is full of diversity and creativity. This runway De La Torre brings his whole heart to the runway.

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13 Apr 2018 : 01:27 by Tammy Forchion
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