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Charles Wright *Music Icon * ( Express Yourself) Ms_SsugahC @ (26 Feb 2019 : 22:10) (Celebrity News)
Motor Raceway to USA Gymnastics ~ Midwest Road Trip Tammy Forchion @ (29 May 2018 : 18:49) (Travel / Leisure)
Right Side of History BlacKkKlansman Tammy Forchion @ (18 May 2018 : 01:56) (Movies)
Heavenly Bodies ~ Met Gala Tammy Forchion @ (15 May 2018 : 18:57) (Lifestyle)
Over The Rocky Mountains We Go ~ Road Trip Tammy Forchion @ (15 May 2018 : 18:57) (Travel / Leisure)
Dreamer and Believer ~ Sara Siders  Tammy Forchion @ (18 Apr 2018 : 20:00) (Music)

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We urge everyone to follow the directives of your local authorities whatever they may be (self quarantine, shelter in place, social distancing).

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Can I make my own press pass?

Short article on making your own press pass.

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In the past months several News Media outlets have posted articles concerning what is called the separation of government powers and the check and balances that are suppose to exist for the protection of citizens.  Wikipedia defines this as: The separation of powers is a representation for the governance of a state.

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