Inspiration Milan Runway ~ Moschino

Monday 16 January 2017 - 02:00:18

Moschino, designed and owned by Jeremy Scott, presents fall winter 2017 menswear collection and a pre-show womenswear at Camera Naztionale Delle Moda Italiana. Scott takes amazing inspiration to creating a complex extravagance with a big message. 
Moschino's new collection is complex with a change from the whimsical spring summer  2017 paper doll runway show. The presence of the military is strong through out the show adding sections to the deeper message he finds in his inspiration. The use of transformers, frescos from the renaissance, military, and the presence of good and evil.

The beginning of the show brings an ominous feel to the future. The use of bold colors, futuristic prints, and monochromatic pieces play with the sense of the future and battles ahead. There is a presence of traditional designs in the clothing. 
Scott continues the traditional designs from the countdown clocks to the military section of the collection. Very solid military sense in the traditional design. The good and evil struggle is seen with the beautiful flowers and hard lines of the military hardware. The military prints with traditional designs are covered with hard lines and hardware you would find in a military uniform. The use of textures are tulle to leather straps. The shoes, beret hats (designed by Judy Blame),  and jackets are strong with the military influences. 

The transition to the renaissance is a sense of the beauty, but quickly you notice you are not able to connect the beauty. The bondage straps give the reality that this is something we cannot have. There fabric prints present the fresco paining often found in art from that time period. Scott closes the 70 piece collection with the hope for the future. 
Scott's Moschino line is a luxury brand. Scott is an American designer from LA. His started in 1998 at Paris Fashion Week. His brands are known for a more whimsical design and inspiration. This collections inspiration did present a new aesthetic, but did have pieces with the traditional whimsical feel. The inspiration for the collection is the unknown future, but as dark the future may seem beauty and art will always prevail. 

[Submitted by Tammy Forchion]