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My Encounter With Revenge

Saturday 06 January 2018 - 02:52:19

While most of us are up to speed with what revenge porn is, this past weekend I realized that there are some that have no idea its against the law!
First to clarify what revenge porn is I will point everyone to a very helpful article
Now I will go ahead and jump right into why I’m writing this as I am sure most of you are wondering where I am going with this! I am from a small town in Georgia. No not the ones Miranda Lambert, or Brantley Gilbert sing about either.
“I am talking about post office is a trailer, police station is a trailer, we have one red light, kind of small town.”
Therefore EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that town is going to know your business, whether you like it or not. If you go to jail, get ready to hear about it till the day you die. Not just from your town, but from a third cousin of Joe Dirts who lives 5 counties over. With that said I was quite shocked to see a story surrounding some people I grew up with on USA Today was more then shock it was a WHAT THE….. kind of moment. So I open my Facebook to see what people back home are saying about it and of course its everywhere.
“I personally never believe everything that is in the media and I also believe there are three sides to every story, her side, his side and the truth.”
So naturally I start doing my own research into this case and stumbled upon Father denies accusation his son raped girl during high school party in Whitfield County  There is one retraction in the article now, but when it was first released it had the name of the father in it. ( I am going to use the name Bill for the rest of this article). I seriously had to reread it five times to make sure I was reading that Bill was not only putting his name with this case, but he inadvertently was putting his son’s name to the case. I’m sitting here thinking “YOU IDIOT WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? NOW THE WORLD KNOWS YOU ARE THE DAD, AND YOUR SON IS THE ONE WHO’S BEING ACCUSED.” I sent Bill a message that simply said I am going to give you some free advice
“STAY AWAY FROM THE MEDIA, THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS” *Note I am referring too the journalist who are looking for their “big break”
Little did I know that by sending him that one message opened Pandora’s box for something I absolutely not ready for. Now good ole Bill with all these morals, (mentioned in the last link) proceeds to text me all day and night. He was bouncing around from me rebuilding his website to how hot I was, to how much money Bill has made over the years, The text where he was hitting on me was highly inappropriate to say to anyone I do not care how long you have known someone, you just do NOT say some of the things he was saying. At one point I sent another one of my friends a message about this whole conversation with Bill.

At this point I had not actually shown my friend what Bill was sending me. But as the night went on and the text got worse finally I said okay look at this so you will get a better understanding of what I am talking about here.

My friend’s exact response was ‘OMG’ needless to say to put my old friend Bill on BLOCK. Wrote it off as a reminder as to why I never go back to my home town, and went to bed. The next morning I was woken up to 5 missed calls from the same area code as my hometown. Still half asleep, I figured it must be important, and considering not too many people have my personal cell number so I called the number back. Turns out Bill has THREE phones! Right after I said “ I had some missed calls from this number” Bill starts talking and just won’t shut up for 5 mins. Before I go to just hang up on him, he says “There is a cop behind me let me call you back” I am more than relieved at this point, so I got out of bed and took my son to a pumpkin patch all day. We got home well after 6 P.M, while my son was in the shower, I was looking at the pictures I had taken that day and realized that prescient Bill had never called back. While I was alleviated it made me think “I wonder if he got arrested?’ DING DING DING I was right. First, I sent a text to the number he had called me from that day and the text said “did you go to jail?’ Then I figured I would just look it up. Here is exactly what I found......

Now just when you think this whole thing can not get any worse look at what church going, moral, law abiding father of the year was arrested for. Now most would have no idea what that charge means, but its a cyber crime so of course I knew. So I waited until he would bond out just knowing that he would respond to my question about getting arrested. Here ya go

Bill had committed a crime, we all know as Revenge Porn. Bill, thought it was funny. Bill, went to jail, and still thought it was funny. Bill, didn’t realize that everything he said about himself, his family, and his son was now shot out the window. Bill, did not realize that he now lacked any credibility he may have thought he had. Bill, still did not understand that what he did was wrong. Lastly, Bill got his ass handed to him by me on exactly what he did and why it was wrong, and I of course blocked him right after I sent that last text you all can see. The whole point of this article is, that even when there is so much in the news regarding revenge porn, the only thing people take away from it is, “oh that is a good idea I should try that one” so instead of all these people talking about it, try to write more on what happens if you do it. Even in a one red light small town, (which by the way good job guys) you are going to send a nude pic of someone without their consent, without them knowing about it, and if you do not own the rights to it, YOUR’E ASS IS GOING TO JAIL. It’s as plain and simple as that.. Now please feel free pass this around so people understand ITS A CRIME! 

[Submitted by Krisdegioia]



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