The Big Finale ~ Mario De La Torre

Friday 13 April 2018 - 01:27:13

Mario De La Torre, a fashion designer from south central, brings a collection that has west coast appeal, and with Chicano flair. His runway, purpose continues to empower women with his designs. His runway presents one that is full of diversity and creativity. This runway De La Torre brings his whole heart to the runway.
He got down on one knee on the runway at the end of his show and audience proposed to the love of his life, Evette Smith. She said, "yes," while holding their daughter Vivienne. The audience sipped Notorious Pink Rosé and shed a few tears as the couple hugged on the runway. This was one of the biggest finales in Style Fashion Week history. It is close to the announcement of the gender of his baby on the runway last March in Los Angeles.
His runway with Style Fashion Week is a part of what he knows is, "sweat and struggle for art. Imparting a brutally honest vision of hood influences, west coast appeal and Chicano culture, Mario approaches his designs with an open mind and the intent to empower women."  Fashion has been his first passion, but he was fearful of judgment that initially leads him on the path to financing. He did turn to his purpose of fashion and meet his fiancé in fashion school. "The SECRET to life is to find your PURPOSE and LIVE it, CREATE it and INSPIRE others to do the same." Mario de la Torre
This climactic moment was a perfect ending to his fall-winter collection, purpose. The collection continues to empower and with a wide open mind. The runway covers men, women with great diversity. The clothing is soft neutrals and pinks with blue colors to the elegant collection.  The purpose is present in the collection the purpose of creativity, living, and going after your dreams.  Walking with a purpose in life brings you to your climatic destiny.
Celai West is a young talented beautiful model for this runway collection. She always brings a strong maturity that is classy and beautiful. She is learning to set goals, remain focused, and stay on track with school. She has a strong will and purpose. This is her first runway in high heels. She completed the runway with exceptional talent keeping the focus on the clothing.
The clothing is full of movement with solid colors allows for you to meet your own purposeful style with exceptional accessories and shoes. Each piece has a great sense of sexuality and beauty completing the personal style. The makeup for the runway is a soft natural look. Hair for the runway is soft gentle curls. 
The runway is filled with a purpose in fashion, family, and creativity. The finale is a complete circle of the inspiration for the evening of purpose. This is a beautiful moment they shared with everyone.
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