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Szilvia Juhász's In Harmony with Nature fashion collection’s inspiration is Balázs Czakó’s Hungarian and Icelandic landscape photos. These photos bring the full inspiration and goals with this collection. The dresses bring nature to those wearing the dresses. Many can pay attention to the beautiful values of our world by seeing the dress each model has on the runway.
In Harmony With Nature Juhász's Collection
Each dress is one of Czakó's photos from the landscape.  The model is welcome to express the feelings, mood and the love of nature. Femininity has a strong emphasize by the perfect harmony of the unique silhouette and the design. The harmony between this wonderful planet we live on and the need for preservation is found in each unique design.
The best fabrics for photography printing include satin, terry silk, and duchess satin. The other fabrics to compliment this collection include embroidered tulle lace for a sleeve, stretch velvet for top, muslin, crystal tulle for skirt. The colors, accessories, and styling continue to mirror the inspiration for this collection. A richness and elegance extend from the photos to the dresses. The harmony continues to flow through the entire collection. The collection presented at Fashion Designers and Craft maker’s Collections Presentation in aid of Angelman Syndrome. Each design brings the photos to harmony the designs are:

Mirror-Mirror: the blue shade of the River Danube and the waves continue in the ruffled skirt.
Swans Sunset: the photo taken in the sunset in Hungary. The shades of rust, orange and grey are pictures by the top of the dress covered in crystal tulle.
Celestial War: the colors of the Lake Balaton (the largest lake in Hungary and in Central Europe) and the sky before rain are fascinating. The shade of blue flows over to the breast and the perfect green of the lake continues in the color of the skirt. The several layers of the skirt symbolize the soft waves of the water.
Golden Hour: this photo also at the Lake Balaton which is sparkling gold in the sunset. The glittering golden crystal tulle skirt emphasizes the colors of the lake.
Flash: the black slinky dress (ruffled stretch) symbolizes the darkness of the storm, and the long, loose sleeves wear the photo itself where the lightning makes the photo dark violet.
Skyfall: a stormy sunset captured in the photo of the skirt. The black velvet top symbolizes the dark sky and the lacy sleeves are the patches of clouds.
On The Move: The photo seen around the waist of the dress made in Iceland. The upper part ends in a crystal white tulle neck strap. The skirt is also crystal white tulle that is the symbol of the dazzling white of the snow and ice.
Ice Cave: The photo was also made in Iceland with a special shade of the ice blue. The sparkling blue crystal tulle veil is embracing the dress and its wearer.
Sea of Flames: The whole dress is a photo - Sunrise in winter where the shades of purple, yellow and orange live in harmony which can be created only nature.

Szilvia Juhász Creative Director
Juhász, creative director of JC Juhaszilvia, been a seamstress for 25 years. She has her dressmaking license. This brings her abilities full circle. She is able to create pants, dress, gowns, and coats. The process of designing and creating brings Juhász joy. Her designs and talents include sketching, pattern making, and sewing.
Juhász strives to balance her life and health. The focus is her job during the day. She values living her private life, sports, and recreation. She keeps healthy food as a high value. Early mornings bring her day success with achieving thanksgiving and living in harmony with nature.  This collection is a childhood dream.
I would like my landscape dresses to reach those people who feel important to keep the treasures of our beautiful natural surroundings and who would like to express this through their dressing.
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