2018 ZBT Awards - Houston TX

Saturday 29 December 2018 - 02:45:41

It was an honor to be in the presence of 2018’s DJ of the year winner; DJ Trucker (Christopher Holt). On any given day DJ Truck can be found broadcasting through facebook live, with a listening audience of anywhere from 1000 - 6000.  DJ Trucker is a resident of Florida and is respected Nationwide. DJ Trucker is known as the 'dancing DJ, ' whom you will hear repeating throughout his segments, the phrase: " Be Grown or Be Gone! Hannnnnn! "  He anxiously awaits 2019 and his dreams of sharing his skills Nationally and Internationally. I have attended numerous DJ'd events and I agree; DJ Trucker has earned the title, 'DJ of the Year 2018.'  (Pictured to my right)  To hear a live broadcast from DJ Trucker, with 18K views:
Honored by: ZBT Awards 2018
Christopher 'DJ Trucker' Holt   
Also in attendance was R&B/Soul & Southern Soul Singer: Lomax Spaulding. Lomax Spaulding was born in a small town in Georgia. He began playing the guitar, the piano, and singing at a very young age. Lomax left home at 18 and joined the successful group, “Cashflow.” Over the next few years, he toured with legendary entertainers such as; Cameo, Levert, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Stephanie Mills, Rodger & Zapp, Atlantic Star, Midnite Star, Luther Vandross, Jermaine Jackson, Alexander O’Neal, Cherelle, Klymaxx, Shelia E, TEASE, Keith Sweat, Silk, XSCAPE, R. Kelly, L.L. Cool J and SOLO. As with his Life Lessons CD, every song on "Is This What You Want" is written and produced by Lomax and  released on K.A.L Entertainment.  As I've learned; Lomax Spaulding is no stranger to the stage.  I am excited to see what 2019 has in store for the nominee of the 2018 album of the year. (Pictured to my left)

To learn more about Lomax:
[Submitted by Ms M. Ssugah Chaney]