Zydeco Blues and Trail-Ride Honors and Awards 2019 (ZBT)

Wednesday 18 December 2019 - 16:55:54

Zydeco-Blues & Trailride Honors and Awards Hosted by Founder and CEO 'Ms Tamisha Horton'
Ms. Tamisha Horton has done it again! She and her amazing team just pulled off one of the biggest award events seen by Houstonians. Tamisha’s sixth events took place in Houston TX at the popular House of Blues. This is awards ceremony six, and Tamisha says, “Stay tuned for number seven because it promises to be bigger and better.” Thousands showed up in support of Ms. Tamisha Horton and her fine works. The logistics were on point and, the place was packed with up-and-coming artists, as well as; Legendary National and International Recording and Performing Entertainers.  This event offers local and nation-wide entertainers, producers and lyricists, the opportunity to be honored and to receive recognition among peers and fans.        The ZBT event is an introduction to a new genre of music, known as, ‘Southern Soul.’, Southern Soul originates and is released in the southern regions. Southern Soul music deserves its rightful place on Soul, R&B, and Blues charts and Tamisha hopes her efforts will be a door opener for such. The Zydeco, Blues and, Trailride (ZBT) event is structured to provide a platform for music industry professionals who are not recognized by the recording academy, BET Awards or Grammys. These professionals are deserving and Tamisha’s event is an expression of their worth The atmosphere was relaxing and, all had a good time. The activities included award presentations, live performances and, lots of networking opportunities.   New and up-and-coming artists were able to rub shoulder and, meet several of his/her idles. Chart-topping National Recording legends in attendance were; Mr. Theodis Ealey (Stand Up In), Ms. Nellie ‘Tiger’ Travis (Mr. Sexy Man), Mr. Benny Latimore (Let’s Straighten it Out), New Cupid (Cupid Shuffle) and others.        Mr. Benny Latimore shared, “I turned 80 in September” and jokingly says, “I’m old, but I’m not cold.”  He is known commonly as Latimore to his fans and, gone will always be remembered for his 1974 release, ‘Let’s Straighten It Out.’  Mr. Latimore told the audience on Sunday as he received his ZBT 2019 Honors, he never gets tired of singing this well-known hit song.” Mr. Benny Latimore is still one of the most loved entertainers of all time.  Mr. Latimore is a vocalist and plays the piano. It was great to see so many crowd-goers enjoying themselves. The ambiance was mixed, with the quiet onlookers in several sections, and the party crowd seated in the bar area.
First-time attendee, songwriter Kizzo, shared his take on the event. “On Sunday I had the privilege of attending the 6th annual ZBT Awards. I had been looking forward to it all year long since I had never gone before. Although I was there to support my friend and industry partner Marcell Cassanova, the event had enough activities and highlights to make the evening worth wild. New acts were able to showcase their talent, while the more polished artists definitely gave the crowd their money’s worth. Tributes to greats such as Latimore really elevated the evening and took things to another level. Overall, it was just a great moment of acknowledging and celebrating, and was absolutely time well spent.”
Several media outlets were on hand and provided an added level of exposure for the nominees, honorees’ and winners. The lovely radio personality, “Natalie Tennille’ was in the building. As usual, she brought her own level of finesse to the scene. Natalie offered one on one interviews and photo opportunities to the nominees and winners alike.  Natalie Tennille and her camera can be spotted almost anywhere.   Among others on scene taking photos was the nominee for the ‘Snap It Up’ award, Mocha Brown.
Marcell ‘Talent’ Cassanova is a recording and performing artist with a degree in sound engineering. Marcell is based in Houston Texas and has collaborated with many other artists.  At this time, Marcell and business partner Charles ‘Kizzo’ Kizzee are promoting their ‘Soul Out Tour.’ Marcell Cassanova was nominated in the following three categories: Best Collaboration, Best Video, and Up-and-Coming Artist.  Click to listen:
 Receiving awards in multiple categories was self-titled ‘Kang of Trailride Blues’, Jeter Jones.  Jeter travels from Louisiana every year to be a part of the ZBT Awards and Honors hosted by Ms. Tamisha Horton. Jeter Jones is definitely a crowd-pleaser. Another fan favorite receiving his award was the two-time winner for internet DJ of the Year, ‘DJ Trucker. A shortlist of ZBT nominees includes: Beat Flippa, Choppa Law, Fat Daddy, ICU Trailriders, PVU Riders, Rack Boyz Riders, Its Karma, P2K Event promoter Kevin Young, and other newcomers.
’Among my personal favorites to receive honors’ was Mississippi Blues Man, Mr. Theodis Ealey. If you have never heard, Stand up in It’ by Mr. Ealey, I’m not sure where you’ve been. Theodis and his music both can be heard and seen in various movies and on television. Some recognize Theodis Ealey for the hit ‘Stand up in It’ however, due to his numerous musical achievements, he is acknowledged on the Mississippi Blues Trail marker in Natchez Mississippi.
The 2019 ZBT Awards and Honors event is officially over for on-goers. On the other hand, for CEO and founder, Tamisha Horton and her team, it is ongoing.  I am sure the planning for 2020 Zydeco, Blues and, Trailride Awards has already begun. You can be sure; the venue will have a sold-out crowd; as this is an event that is much anticipated.  And just as everyone else, I (Ms. Ssugah) definitely intend to be there.
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