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Wednesday 29 April 2020 - 22:37:16

*Get Together*
‘Undefined – Unlabeled – Unlimited ’
*A wide range of Styles and Musical Talents*
Kizzo is a seasoned songwriter whose style is known as Kizzotainment, making the name ‘Kizzo’ synonymous with the phrase, ‘SongWriter, Artist and Producer.’
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KIZZO is back again; This time with a hot new release that many are finding they can relate to.
(It's time for a Get Together)
Kizzo as an independent A&R has even been instrumental in the careers of other artists, such as long time friend and Nominee of multiple ZBT Awards; Marcell Cassanova. Kizzo has also collaborated with the likes of Billy Cook, Sean ‘Solo’ Jemison, Archie Bell (Archie Bell & the Drells aka Mr Tighten Up), and Choppa Law w/the Above the Law Band. He comes highly recommended by promoters such as Ssugah Chaney of Sinecure44, Cynthia Allen of C Allen Productions, SR Productions, and others.
 It seems as though Kizzo knew the perfect song to release at a time of social separation.  The song has skyrocketed to number one (#1) on FiveStar Pro DJs national charts in April 2020.  (Chart: )  The full album ‘K 2 Tha Izzo Vol 3’ was released on April 22, 2020, with a new mix of the single. The album was a short release and includes six (6) tracks
Recently released 'Get Together,'   hit #1 on       SS500
FiveStar Promo DJs Top 25
And has remained four consecutive weeks in the on the Hot 5 charts.
Get Together is creating a remembrance of a brighter time and a glimpse of times to come.
Kizzo teamed up with producer extraordinaire “Christyle Trakz”, whom he has worked with since the early days of his musical path. Trakz never fails to bring the beat that keeps the dance-floor jumping.  A fan favorite and added bonus to the sound of ‘Get Together’ is Mr So Iconic himself, ‘Billy Cook.’ Billy Cook has toured from USA to Japan wooing fans with his identifiable vocals. Once you have heard Billy Cook belt out a song as done at the Houston Rocket’s NBA home opening, you will never forget his iconic voice.

Event and Club DJ Jammin` J and DJ Iceman known as ‘Two Broke DJs’ gives it a thumbs up and guarantees their fans will continue to hear Get Together on their regular playlist.
Billy Cook shared his experience working with Kizzo: “My working with Kizzomatic the Genius Artist on the Song ‘Get Together’ was just Short of Amazing he knows how to engage artists and the listeners, Keep Connecting My Brother. A super pleasure working with!!!!!”
Marcell Cassanova, also a collaborator on the K 2 Tha Izzo Vol 3 album shared his thoughts with local Radio Station saying,  Get Together is "A because it's a really nice groove and it's that real RnB that we've been craving. 97.9 the BOXX needs music like this in heavy rotation"
Marcell Cassanova has been nominated in three categories on the ZBT awards for his song, ‘Country.’ He and Kizzo often work together to create hits songs not only for themselves but for numerous other artists.
You will find Kizzo and Marcell Cassanova sharing their music with fans on the ‘Soul-Out Tour.’

Humble Beginnings:
Kizzo grew up in the small town of Huntsville TX, where he found music to be a pastime for he and childhood friends. Kizzo began his career by performing talent shows in Huntsville and surrounding cities. He found motivation when his poem was published in the National Book of Poetry. ‘Not only that, after being booed off stage you begin to perfect your craft to avoid embarrassment,’ Kizzo says.  Kizzo goes on to say, “After that, the group began winning and became the crowd favorites. Even when we did not compete, we were asked to be guests at events.”   Kizzo adds, ‘Entertainment is what I do, but Song-writing is who I am.’ To date, Kizzo has over 154 commercially released songs and has collaborated or written on approximately 32 projects for others.
Soul-Out Tour:

Keep an eye out for Kizzo on the Soul-Out Tour along with Marcell Cassonova and the Southern Love Experience.
Critics say, ‘Wow this Song Mr Right by Marcell Cassanova is Simply Kizzotabulous another amazing joint. The super Writer within Kizzo always emerges I'm glad to see his gifts naturally Shine!!! ‘
Get Together is now playing in regular rotation on SFTS Radio and can be found streaming on all social and music platforms.

Contact & Networking: 
Additional information or press queries, promo requests or to schedule an interview with Kizzo, contact Ms Ssugah Chaney of Sinecure44 Productions on 936.661.6236 or, @ or Kizzo on social media as @Kizzomatic or @kizzotainment.
Kizzo Get Together
2019 (revised April 2020)
Huntsville, TX—
Kizzo’s single 'Get Together' has a Steppers or Beach Style feel and is a welcomed sound to all who hear it.  The single "Get Together" is already receiving airplay and has reached #1 on DJs charts. Producer Christyle Trakz helps highlight the song’s retro Motown vibe.
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