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The Changing Used AutoParts Business

Tuesday 21 July 2020 - 15:20:19

  The role of Junkyards or Salvage Yards in the automotive world today. Let's start with the difference between the two: Junk - to get rid of as worthless: scrap. Salvage - to rescue or save esp. from wreckage or ruin. In the 1970's a Junkman was proud to hold that title. Yes, the title to your old car. It was a source of money to no one but the Junkman. The Junkman would remove your cars for less than a hundred dollars a car in most cases. He (The Junkman) simply wanted the scrap metal. He/she would sell the parts that were deemed usable by someone with a wrecked or un-driveable vehicle. Thus the Junk Yard changed in anyways not expected. Today Junkyard or Junkman is not a title used out of respect to the owner of the establishment. 
     Today Pick-N-Pull is almost an auto parts store. The Salvage Yard use websites for customers to purchase from and even ebay is utilized. I am waiting for the change of the times to usher in the new name Used Auto Parts Store (UAPS 24/7). During a recent walk through of Speedway Salvage in Madison, Illinois I saw 2010 to 1940's cars and trucks waiting to be crushed and then molted. Speedway Salvage is a salvage yard that has been used by racers of the Gateway International. Big Daddy Don Gartlis once told a racer car driver "did you try Speedway?" That's why I need the part it was the speed I was traveling that broke it." Down the street SmartButt." I was at the end of the street..... Over there man. They might have one. The cars and trucks are all in one place for you to browse through. Yes browse even web browse is possible. Not in 1976 but today "www dot you can click on me." In this Hi-Tech era many salvage yards are linked by computer apps. The new salvage apps ties thousands of "Yards" together making searching the nation for parts possible from one spot. The industry even sees standardized pricing on parts something never seen at Junkyards. Tom said $15.00 a rim/wheel; while Steve says $25.00 a rim/wheel and $10.00 if the tire is on the wheel. That's $35.00 right? When looking for used auto parts carry cash ; but it is possible to use credit cards at some salvage yards. Using credit cards at a Junk Yard never happens. The Junkman does not report parts sold like you would think. Heck I even paid a tax at Speedway Salvage. What the heck have they done to the Junkman's cash and carry. Well, Mister Douglas I'll let you have it fer elleum dollars. The used parts industry has changed; look for the next innovation in the used auto parts business.       
[Submitted by Highland Productions News]



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