Tech Skills In High Demand To Learn during Covid-19

Friday 04 December 2020 - 15:12:48

Tech Skills In High Demand To Learn during Covid-19

The covid-19 virus has influenced all our lives. Maybe you don’t have a job, or you just suffered a pay cut. Or perhaps you are still at your job, but all that has happened has made you reconsider a lot of things in life. No matter the reason, it is a perfect time to learn a tech skill. These are a few that are in high demand that you could consider. 


With the increase in remote work and companies deciding to stay at least partially remote, the need for cybersecurity has increased this year. Keeping all your system secure is not as easy as before, when you had all the employees in one location. Each employee is working from their own homes, which brings new digital threats to the table.

Cybersecurity professionals specialize in creating security systems that can respond to any attack. They also know how to analyze existing systems to find weak spots that hackers could attack. You still have time to learn this skill and enter the industry. These professionals will be in high demand because they are needed in any industry, not just tech. 

You can become a cybersecurity engineer easily with a coding bootcamp. They cost much less than a university degree, you complete them in less than a year, and they offer different financing options. To start, you can check out Bootcamp Rankings to compare the best coding bootcamps in the country. 

Data Science

We are in a new era of data, and data scientists are the superstars. The Harvard Business Review called it the sexiest job of the 21st century. But why are they in such high demand? In the digital world, we live today, almost everything we do generates data. It means our smartphones, tablets, computers, cars, and some appliances are constantly collecting information on how we use them. 

Now, imagine all the devices in the world that are continuously collecting information. All this massive amount of information is called Big Data. This information is worth nothing if we don’t analyze it first. That is the job of a data scientist. And because that information doesn’t come all pretty and organized, many times, their job also includes wrangling the data. 

Anyone can learn data science with online courses and coding bootcamps. It requires a little more technical skills than other tech skills. For example, you should be prepared to learn algebra and statistics at least. But data scientist is one of the well-paid careers in tech, and you can learn it online during the pandemic. 

Digital Marketing

When the pandemic started back in March, almost everyone around the world had to spend at least a few weeks on lockdown. This meant more time without having anything to do. Digital platforms came to the rescue, and we used them to fill our time while we couldn’t go out of the house. And after the measures are becoming more relaxed, people are still using these platforms. So, digital marketing is more important now than ever. 

Digital marketing is the strategy that companies use to advertise their products or services on the Internet. It began with email marketing, and now we can see them in apps, websites, search engines, and any other platform we can think of. Digital marketers are experts in knowing how to reach the audience where they spend the most time. 

Digital marketing is one of the most common skills to learn online because all their skills are in that world. You can also learn it with a coding bootcamp, and if you don’t want to become a fully digital marketer, you can also find a course that teaches a specific skill like SEO or email marketing. You can check out Career Karma’s website and compare different coding bootcamps that teach this skill. 


Blockchain is another technology that has increased in popularity in the last few years. It is very attractive for its main characteristic of being transparent, decentralize, ad immutable. And it promises better platforms for every company in any industry. One of its most important features is that blockchain platforms are really secure. In the near future, many companies will start implementing this technology. 

That’s why you should learn at least blockchain basics. It will be part of the digital literacy any professional should have. And it will become a plus in your curriculum because even now not many people can understand how it works. 

In Summary

You can take advantage of the pandemic to learn a tech skill. Many companies are enabling resources to help people reskill and begin a new career. And many schools are still giving all the courses online due to the virus. You can learn cybersecurity, data science, digital marketing, or blockchain. Find something you like, and that could give you a better future. There isn’t a better time to start than right now.

SOURCE - Career Karma