120 Battements Par Minute directed by Robin Campillo brings the 1990s AIDSParis crisis to Cannes Film Festival. This film is a moving, powerful, and encouraging film that embraces love, innocence, and tragedy.  
Film synopsis This film takes place in the Early 1990s in Paris. With AIDS having already claimed countless lives for nearly ten years, Act Up-Paris activists multiply actions to fight general indifference. Nathan, a newcomer to the group, has his world shaken up by Sean, a radical militant.
The AIDS epidemic was limited in conversation and activism for patients, partners, and society. Antoine Reinartz, actor in the film, says,"There were so many young people who hopes totally dashed, no future.  Their individual hopes had been totally destroyed. They engaged together in this collective struggle that is no longer called into question. They achieved something." The organization creation allowed for important conversations to take place and understanding that they were not as alone as they felt. 
Developing a cast to recreate a time when misguided fear existed was a challenge. The cast welcomed the opportunity and willing to change their appearances and create an understanding during this time period. The struggle was real. The engagement was the epidemic leading to shape a political movement creating change. 
Campillo took this historical experience to create a fictional film. Campillo says, "There are threads to actual events. This is linked to a person in history. The pharmaceutical company is not real. Fiction is also linked to ones innermost life. I tried to show that fiction is something between a collective and intimate experience. This group experience comes to a very individual experience in the film. The fiction in the film comes from the whole group."
120 Battements Par Minute takes the social, political, and individuals to create the heartbeat of the time period. 

Cast and Crew
Arnaud VALOIS - Nathan
Adèle HAENEL - Sophie
Antoine REINARTZ - Thibault
Félix MARITAUD - Max
Médhi TOURÉ - Germain
Aloïse SAUVAGE - Eva
Simon BOURGADE - Luc
Catherine VINATIER - Hélène
Saadia BENTAIEB - Mère Sean
Ariel BORENSTEIN - Jérémie
Théophile RAY - Marco
Simon GUÉLAT - Markus
Jean-François AUGUSTE - Fabien
Coralie RUSSIER - Muriel
Robin CAMPILLO - Director

Robin CAMPILLO - Film Editor
Robin CAMPILLO - Script / Dialogue
Arnaud REBOTINI - Music
Philippe MANGEOT - Script / Dialogue
Jeanne LAPOIRIE - Director of Photography
Jean-Pierre LAFORCE - Sound
Valérie DELOOF - Sound
Julien SICART - Sound

[Submitted by Tammy Forchion]