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04 Nov 2022
NEW YORK (October 31, 2022) – For the first time since 2008, legendary rock band Counting Crows announced their return to South Africa with two performances on their critically acclaimed "Butter Miracle Tour.” The two special performances are set for Friday, April 14, at the SunBet Arena, Time Square in Pretoria and Sunday, April 16, at the Grand Arena, GrandWest in Cape Town.

NEW YORK (October 31, 2022) – For the first time since 2008, legendary rock band Counting Crows announced their return to South Africa with two performances on their critically acclaimed "Butter Miracle Tour.” The two special performances are set for Friday, April 14, at the SunBet Arena, Time Square in Pretoria and Sunday, April 16, at the Grand Arena, GrandWest in Cape Town. Counting Crows Butter Miracle Tour follows the release of the band's latest record in 2021, BUTTER MIRACLE, SUITE ONE, and the successful U.S, U.K., and European tour of the same name in 2022.

First performing in South Africa in 1999 to sold-out crowds across the country, Counting Crows returned to over 37,000 fans in 2004 before their last appearance in June 2008 following the release of their fifth studio album, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings. The band's 2023 return marks the fourth time frontman Adam Duritz, and the Counting Crows have performed in Cape Town.

Artist presale and Discovery Bank pre-sale for the South Africa dates begin Wednesday, November 2, at 9:00 AM local time through Friday 8:59 AM, November 4 from Sign up for your Discovery Bank Card today and get tickets to the biggest concerts before everyone else with Discovery Bank.

Tickets go on sale to the general public starting Friday, November 4 at 9:00 AM local time from

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11 Oct 2022
They came they rocked and they conquered.

They came they rocked and they conquered. The legendary Foreigner showed on Sunday night at the Sun Bet Arena in the Jacaranda City just why they are regarded as one of the best live rock bands on the planet. Drawing on their platinum studded albums from the 70`s and `80s they delivered hit after hit with flawless precision and devastating power. Led by singer Kelly Hansen, who must rank as one of rock`s premier frontmen, the band blasted off with a blistering and breathless “ Double Vision” and the energy never let up leaving the sold out audience on their feet . The fans sang along with every classic song including “ Waiting for a girl like you” , “Feels like the first time”, “Head Games” , “Cold as ice” and a pair of timeless gems in “Urgent” and “Juke box Hero that had them dancing in the aisle. The cherry on the top was a moving and evocative “ I want to know what love is” which featured a cameo performance by the St John`s College Choir accompanied by an entire audience in full throated voice !

Cape Town is set to experience the Foreigner magic at Grand West on Tuesday 11th October. Another Big Concerts Experience.

[Submitted by Kevin Rademeyer]

Author Anabeast  Music
18 Aug 2022
Justin Clancy Headlines Tour

Local artist Justin Clancy is starting his first headlining tour in his home state of Massachusetts, with doors opening at the Brighton Music Hall at 8:00 p.m. on Friday, August 19 2022. Lineup up scheduled to perform opening acts are SeeFour, nic violets, and Bitter Bones. Tickets will be available until depletion or start of show.

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05 Feb 2022
Streetzalina's first album is available now

With a knack for gritty lyrics and raw real-life stories Streetzalina’s first album, ‘#FukCancer’ delivers in every avenue he is known for. Over crisp production, Streetzalina turns his life into a movie on every track. ‘Snakes & Rats’ boasts an up-tempo beat with booming 808’s, rapid-fire hi-hats, sharp snares, and a nonstop flow. His innovation is felt throughout the entire project ‘Black Family Crack Style Pt.1’ has a beat that borderlines on zany with an off-kilter piano loop and an equally unique flow that perfectly accompanies the beat.

Streetzalina’s idiosyncrasies are on full display as he consistently flips flows and patterns that are well beyond any of his peers. He easily stretches and experiments with his delivery, making every track a unique experience. Along with surviving the streets he recently KO’d cancer and this album is a testament to his resilience. ‘From The Mud Crack Style’ continues his flow over another haunting beat with earthshaking bass and hard-hitting percussion. His mission statement is found on the hook of ‘HUSTLE NIGGA’ a mantra that doubles as a chorus. Every track on ‘#FukCancer’ fully displays Streetzalina’s talent and God-given gift for life, music and hustle.
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31 Mar 2021
Where you aware of the fact that you can lose a close loved one, such as a child or sibling, due to someone murdering them and you end up responsible for that murderers’ actions, no?

Where you aware of the fact that you can lose a close loved one, such as a child or sibling, due to someone murdering them and you end up responsible for that murderers’ actions, no? well did you know that there is a fee, to clean up the crime scene of your loved ones and that you will be the person to foot the bill?
The “crime scene clean up fee”, is pay that is received by the cleaning crews who, have to come and remove your dead one’s body, from the place the body was found.
Rightfully so, this fee is charged due to the hazards the cleaning crew faces, by coming into contact with decomposing bodies, various bodily fluids such as blood, and also any debris that was left over from the murder.
Sadly, this fee is often applied to the relatives of the deceased or the business in which the murder occurred depending on the nature of the crime.
However, should not this cleaning fee be charged towards the murderers themselves, or the state waives the fee or pays the fee for every unsolved case without a killer caught?
Would this not encourage local police departments, to solve more murders in a more timely and aggressive manner, as to ensure state costs are down, and criminal justice up?
Why would anyone expect the family of the deceased, to be the ones who pay for their loved one’s murder clean up? Why ask the people who are grieving to pay a cleaning fee, instead of simply charging the killers?
These very questions were asked by the mother of slain Baltimore producer Devontae Eden and to no avail she has not gotten any answer as of yet.
Devontae Eden was murdered on November 17,2020, when he was fatally shot, while he worked at his studio in the early morning hours, Mr. Eden died on the scene causing a surprise charge to immediately be issued.
Devontae was a gifted producer, known fondly as “DDAE Kollage” in the music industry. He has worked with artist such as Future and scored work on shows such as Love and Hip Hop.
Devontae’s studio was located in historic Reisterstown Maryland, a usually quiet part of Baltimore county and his death had many residents and business owners feeling very uneasy and unsafe. However, no one felt more unsafe or uneased than Devontae’s own mother herself.
The studio Devontae was murdered in was a shared space, one that Devontae shared with his mother, one that she no longer wished to occupy anymore once she found her son dead inside there on that fateful November morning. This however caused more problems as the mother of the victim fell under both categories of the crime scene fee law & tenant breech law.
Mrs. Eden soon learned that not only was she being hit with a crime clean up fee of $9k, but also that her landlord denied her contract breakage and she now owes for the rent of a year at around $18k.
Mrs. Eden will never be able to have the comfort of seeing her child again, and she now has a fear of returning to work due to her son’s murder/s still being unknown and on the loose.
Between the clean up fee and the rental charge, Mrs. Eden has had to resort to asking for help on her GoFundMe fundraiser page.
“Any little bit helps towards the goal, even if it’s only to share the link it all helps in the end” she reiterated when asked how the public could get involved and be of assistance.
Mrs. Eden also ask that anyone who has any information on the murder of her son Devontae Eden, to please come forward or call 410-307-2020

[Submitted by Taneshia Franklin]

Author USPA  Music
18 Aug 2019
Kim So Ra performing at the 58th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival

Kim So Ra performing at the 58th Annual Philadelphia Folk Festival

Kim So Ra is the first Korean ever to perform at the Folk Fest. The crowd really appreciated the performance today and will have an opportunity to see another amazing set tomorrow at Noon in the Culture Tent at the Folk Fest #PFF58


Author Val Tapia  Music
25 Jun 2019
Pride still enjoys performing on stage for his legions of fans worldwide… Review by Val Tapia -

Mr. Charley Pride Still Delivers The Goods…After Five Decades.

What can I say about Charley Pride that hasn’t already been said before by countless musical artists over an astonishing 53-year recording career? One thing is certain though: Pride still enjoys performing on stage for his legions of fans worldwide…. at 85 years young, mind you!

Still touring behind his 2017 album Music In My Heart, Pride and his tight-as-nails band have their work cut out for them as far as creating a set list at this point. To their credit, they manage to pull it off with a majority of the audience in attendance.

Kicking off their 90-minute, 25-song set with an instrumental Big Mamou, Pride takes the stage for the night’s second song The Snakes Crawl At Night (from Pride’s debut album Country, 1966) to roaring applause from the Chandler, AZ. crowd on June 14th at Wild Horse Pass Casino.

And the classics kept rolling: songs like The Happiness of Having You, A Whole Lotta Things To Sing About, and Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone? are just as viable today as they were upon their initial release.

Next, Pride took a minute to welcome and thank the audience for “spending your Friday evening with us.” As the show progressed, you get the sense that Pride comes off as authentic and appreciative for what he’s achieved.

Combine that with a great (and dry) sense of humor, it’s no wonder why he’s been able to sustain the career he has for so long.

Musically, Pride also proved that he doesn’t have to write every song himself in order to make them his own. Throughout the night, several covers found their way into the set such as Kris Kristofferson’s Me and Bobby McGee and Dolly Parton’s God’s Coloring Book.

Two of the covers played were in medley form, unfortunately. Still, he did justice to the late Merle Haggard (I’m A Lonesome Fugitive) and Johnny Cash (Folsom Prison Blues). I’m sure both were grinning from ear-to-ear.

Interestingly, only one song was played from his latest release, Music To My Heart, that being New Patches. Still, it’s good to see that he feels strongly on recording new music when the opportunity arises. Word has it that he’s working on another album this year, which hopefully we’ll hear sometime in 2020.

If there was a “moving” moment in the show, it would have to be when Pride introduced Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town (from Pride of America, 1974) as “a song about slaves.” It shows that, while we’ve come a long way in history, there’s still plenty of work that needs to be done yet.

The night concluded with Pride’s biggest pop hit Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’, followed by Hank Williams’ Kaw-Liga, and Cotton Fields. I was surprised that I’m Just Me wasn’t played. However, he still found a happy medium of various material that pleased longtime fans.

The significance of Charley Pride’s music can never be overstated. Do yourself a favor and go see him while you still can. I’m confident that you won’t be disappointed.

Four out of five stars.

Charley Pride Set List:

Big Mamou

The Snakes Crawl At Night

The Happiness of Having You

A Whole Lotta Things To Sing About

Is Anybody Goin’ To San Antone?

Just Between You and Me

Crystal Chandelier

Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger?

All I Have To Offer You (Is Me)

Me and Bobby McGee

Wonder Could I Live There Anymore

Mississippi Cotton Picking Delta Town

Wings of a Dove

Burgers and Fries

You’re My Jamaica

Medley: Your Cheatin’ Heart, Love Sick Blues, Roll on Mississippi

Mountain of Love

Medley: Together Again, I’m a Lonesome Fugitive, Folsom Prison Blues, He Stopped Loving Her, Good Hearted Woman

God’s Coloring Book

Gospel Medley: I’ll Fly Away, Church In The Wildwood, I Saw The Light, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, I’ll Fly Away (reprise)

New Patches

America The Great

Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’


Cotton Fields

Val Tapia is a self-appointed critic and fan of music commentary and criticism. He’s a contributing music writer for online media site US Press Association.

You can also find his work in print and broadcasting on his blog, Music According To…ME! (


Author Lori Calbert  Music
03 Feb 2018
Singer/Songwriter and Dance Diva, Alexis Time, is back with a remix of one of her most beloved hits "Big Time People". The Dikoder mix goes with her new video and the original is also on the album. If you just want the single of the Dikoder mix -iTunes

She's baaaaack!!!!!!!  Her  #1 Dance album, Bounce, Hard, Dance rocked the world! It was Number One for the Year on the Digital Charts........
Check out Alexis Time's new video for the remix of Big Time People - It's up on youtube at this link:
You can get the 4 remix album on at link - 
The ballad version of this song was already an internet hit. These are the remixes, and the original, that give an internationally beloved song a new hot flavor!!!! Check it out!!!!

[Submitted by Lori Calbert]


Author Abbe Sparks  Music
28 Mar 2017
Insider Story of Southern Blues-Rocker Tinsley Ellis: Total Recall. On top of his game today, but it wasn't always that way.

Travelin' Bluesman Tinsley Ellis

Travelin’ Man Tinsley Ellis‘ Total Recall tells the inside story of how his career began plus future predictions for the blues as a genre. The prolific southern blues-rocker is on top of his game today. But it wasn’t always that way.

Known as one of the best next generation blues-rock guitarists around, this busy southern man releases a new album annually. His latest Red Clay Soul, debuted as #1 on the June Living Blues Radio Charts

.On the road over 200 days per year includes a mix of criss-crossing the country as well as overseas. Taxing for some; impossible for most, this journeyman actually thrives on touring.

We caught up with Tinsley at the Iridium in New York for a one-on-one chat on his early years.

The Inside Back story

Tinsley started playing the Blues way before the resurgence of Blues music in the late ’70s to early ’80s. He was among the first of new generation musicians to come on the scene. This new crop of Blues cats included his friend Stevie Ray Vaughn, as well as Blues faves Robert Cray and The Fabulous Thunderbirds — to name a few.

I first met Tinsley in college in Atlanta, Georgia. He would play at our Fraternity House parties with a band called The Alley Cats (1979-1981), that included Preston Hubbard (The Fabulous Thunderbirds). We’d follow him around Atlanta at the local joints like Little 5 Points Pub and Moonshadow Saloon. I should point out that the drinking age was 18 back then, so no laws were broken.

Tinsley left The Alley Cats in 1981 to form his own band called “The Heartfixers (1982-1988).  He was joined by veteran Blues singer and harp player Bob Nelson, a/k/a Chicago Bob, who remained in the band through 1984. Like The Alley Cats, Tinsley and The Heartfixers were mainstays on campus and a fixture at all the Frat parties; even the Frat Formal off-campus. They were also fixtures at all the clubs around Atlanta, too.
First Racially-Integrated Blues Band in the Georgia Area
What most people don’t know is that during that time, Georgia and Atlanta, too, were still very much old south. According to Tinsley, “All the black bands were playing at their clubs, and the white bands were playing at their designated clubs.”

 “Chicago Bob had a pedigree which no one else had and still has,” says Tinsley. “He’s played with so many of the great Blues legends as Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Earl Hooker and Muddy Waters.”

Tinsley and Chicago Bob made kick-ass traditional southern blues music together and made significant inroads in Atlanta and the entire Georgia area; despite the obstacles put in front of them.

 “We turned a whole generation of college kids onto the blues dating from the late ’70s to early ’80s. Now, there’s a whole lotta’ people doing it.” — Tinsley Ellis

Ever since, Tinsley puts out one new album a year. “I notice the people who do it, seem to do better. I figure if I keep hammering the fans with new information and new material, it will work for me, too,” he says.
A personal highlight of his 40 year career of electrifying blues — joining the Blues at Crossroads 2013 Tour: A Tribute to Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf. As the young southern rock guy on the tour, he strummed out licks with the likes of Bob Margolin, James Cotton, Kim Wilson and The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Jody Williams.

Tinsley Ellis on The Future of the Blues?

Socially Sparked News: There seems to be a resurgence and escalating interest in Blues music. Do you think the Rolling Stones Blue and Lonesome album has something to do with this?
Tinsley: It always helps when a band like the Rolling Stones give lip service to blues albums so that’s gonna help it. Kinda’ thing happened when the Blues Brothers did their movie and all of a sudden the blues spiked up in pop culture.

Socially Sparked News: What’s your take on the Stones’ blues album?
Tinsley: To me, they did it right. The first time, they were like kids. Now, they sound like old blues guys.

Socially Sparked News: The future of the Blues?
Tinsley: Compared to Muddy & Howlin Wolf, the new generation better step up to the plate, ’cause those guys are still unsurpassed. I understand why those guys still play Muddy Waters, Willy Dixon & Howlin Wolf songs…’cause it’s still so much better than what we’re doing now. We’re all really good, but those guy are like WOW.

Socially Sparked News: Their are rumblings that Shemekia Copeland is primed to be the next Koko Taylor, queen of the blues. What’s your take?
Tinsley: In my opinion, Koko, BB King and Muddy Waters — they came up from a whole different era. When they passed away, they kind of retired the title, ’cause those guys — especially BB and Muddy — they were undisputed. Whereas if anybody would lay claim to that, it would probably be Buddy Guy and Shemkia Copeland. But, nobody’s come out and pronounced that, ’cause that’s a big claim.

Socially Sparked News: Maybe it’s Tinsley Ellis?
Tinsley: NO. (emphatically no). I am a Southern Blues-Rocker with Georgia Roots at my core. That’s my pedigree and how I prefer to be known.

Socially Sparked News: The future for Tinsley Ellis?
Tinsley: More songwriting & touring. Maybe getting some other acts on Heartfixer Music. Get some young’ins starting out and help get them produced. I’d like to try to find somebody who is good enough to play with me; somebody I can mentor, and polish up my production skills, too. It’s a delicate balance. If I really liked an artist and want them to do well, I’d probably call Bruce (Iglauer) first and give it to Alligator rather than trying to do it myself.

Tinsley Ellis’ blues highway continues. — Abbe Sparks is Socially Sparked. @sosparkednews #SociallySparked

[Submitted by Abbe Sparks]



2nd Show added for Kevin Hart at Sunbet Arena

Big Concerts and Live Nation Comedy confirmed today that due to popular demand, a second Kevin Hart ‘Reality Check’ Tour date has been added to the SunBet Arena, Time Square, Pretoria show run.

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Kevin Hart will be bringing his Reality Check Tour to SunBet Arena

Emmy & Grammy nominated Kevin Hart is currently touring “Reality Check” globally with his known gold standard stand-up material and has shattered box office records everywhere.

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