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Journey For St Louis BBQ ~ Road Trip

Today is our journey to St. Louis for BBQ.

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Over The Rocky Mountains We Go ~ Road Trip

The Rocky Mountains (Rockies) was home for me for decades. Many of my ancestors crossed over these mountains to settle the Salt Lake Valley.

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Irma De Flore - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TBILISI F/W 18-19 — in Georgia (country) May 6 Photography, Film

Irma De Flore - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TBILISI F/W 18-19 show in photos, and slideshow film, photography and documentary event film of a slow motion, at times, dance from the heart of Eurasia, in the country of Georgia, one of 44 shows in this MBFW, delightful, intriguing, mysterious, much like Irma De Flore's presence, and demeanor, a magic manifested on stage, and in vivid colors, and creative expression in dance as rarely seen in this unique, unforgettable fashion.

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Discovering The Great Outdoors of Arizona ~ Road Trip

The beautiful state of Arizona is the Sonoran Desert, Sedona red-rock buttes, steep canyon walls, and ponderosa pine-covered mountains, that is a major gateway to the Grand Canyon.

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Connecting With Friends and Family ~ Esdiac Global

Today's lifestyle is a worldwide connection. We meet people from all corners of the world. It is a time like no other when we are on the move with jobs and travel.

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The Magical and Mythical Morocco

My wish came true when we took a trip to the far off land called Morocco.

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The PPBoyz of Beverly Hills Transport to a Galaxy Far, Far Away. . . St. Tenerife, Spain

We had a chance to stop off on the Island of St Tenerife, the largest of the seven main Canary Islands Chain, just off the coast of Africa.

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A Roman Holiday Our Italian Experience

We would recommend that if you visit, you book a hotel near Via Veneto or the Coliseum.

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