Flexin In Her Complexion: Kheris Rogers

Flexin In Her Own Complexion!! Kheris Rogers
Young fashion designer is showcasing how her life matters with her art.
10-year-old Kheris Rogers has caused quite the sensation as she stormed the
fashion scene with her bold for colored girls themed ensembles.
Bullied because of the color of her skin, this lovely brown skinned girl decided to
show that her skin did not define her talents.
Kheris dedicates her fashion sense to being bold and proud of who you are no
matter the skin you are in.
And with such unique style coming from someone of such a young age, one must
wonder just how much creativity really resides inside such a tiny person.
Kheris knows that always being humble and true to herself will be the only ways
to truly convey her messages of equality and peace into every design created.
Flexin In Her Own Complexion!! Kheris Rogers
Kheris aspires to produce top edgy couture fashion pieces such as Beyonce’s “Ivy
Park” or Givenchy collections.
Flexin In Her Own Complexion!! Kheris Rogers
And although she is not even old enough to drive a car yet, this rising fashion
designer is sure to be leading the race soon in the world of fashion.
Be sure to check out some of Kheris wonderful fashion designs on twitter
@KherisPoppin and fall in love with the clothing worlds new look out girl!
[Submitted by Taneshia Franklin]

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