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USPA Announces Monthly Membership Option


The US Press Association (USPA) now offers a monthly membership option for those who want to join the organization. With this new option, members will have full access to the USPA website and will be able to create their own member profile page.

While monthly members will not receive a physical member ID right away, they will still enjoy all the other benefits of USPA membership, including access to the USPA Freelance Journalist Database, assistance with publication, and career assistance. However, if having a physical member ID is important, members can explore other membership options, such as Associate, Emerging Professional, Professional, International, and Media Partner, which offer different levels of benefits and include a physical member ID.

To receive a physical member ID, monthly members must maintain their membership for three full consecutive months. After that time, the USPA will mail a member ID to them.

Joining the US Press Association provides journalists with extensive support, networking opportunities, and internationally recognized credentials. Members can gain access to and report on a variety of media-worthy events, from concerts and sporting events to political stories and crime scenes.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to join the USPA and further your career in journalism. Sign up for the monthly membership option today and start enjoying the benefits of membership right away.

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