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BSA Images Of The Week: 03.12.17


BSA Images Of The Week: 03.12.17
Editorz, 11 Mar 11:02 PM


A fun time on the streets this week in New York and elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere as parts of spring infuse the air with excitement and hormones – later to be drowned in rain, or smothered under snow! The rolling dumpster fire keeps frightening and perplexing everyone and we are gradually figuring out that […]

Faring Purth and “Grace” in Forest Park (Chicago)
Editorz, 11 Mar 09:00 AM


“A woman’s guess is much more accurate than a man’s certainty.” ~Rudyard Kipling We mention this Kipling quote in this description of Street Artist Faring Purth because a.) she often seems like she’s plucked out of a traveling adventure from a Kipling tale, b.) her instincts for creating new pieces are frequently on-point and a […]

BSA Film Friday: 03.10.17
Editorz, 10 Mar 05:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Rone: The Alpha Project 2.  FKDL – Petites Chroniques Urbaines 3. Irene Lopez León: 12 1 Contorno Urbano 4. The Batcave, Henry Chalfant, on The New York Times 5. Isaac Cordal “Giza Komedia” BSA Special Feature: Rone: […]

Pejac is Looking for “Redemption” with Particle Board
Editorz, 09 Mar 05:00 AM


Each of us is looking for redemption, or probably will be. At least that appears to be the theme for the new series of works by Spanish Street Artist PEJAC, a few shots of which we have today from his work on particle board in the studio. “Each drawing in this ‘Redemption’ series are a […]

RUN: “Time Traveller Artist Man” Tells All With His Hands
Editorz, 07 Mar 11:02 PM


“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” Carl Jung Giacomo Bufarini AKA RUN Time Traveller Artist Man Unicorn Publishing Group. London. UK. 2016 The founder of analytical psychology would have looked at the hands of RUN and perhaps understood more about his lifelong psychological process than the […]

Slap It! Slick Stickers Spread Across City Surfaces Speak and Surprise
Editorz, 07 Mar 10:00 AM


Stickers, or slaps, are small but formidable graphic and text messages, especially when massed together on a doorway or light pole. They are also fast and surreptitiously placed, as simple as a gesture, undetectable in their ease of application. A board covered with stickers at Urban Nation Museum For Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin. (photo […]

“MADRID ME MATA”: Another Look at “Urvanity”
Editorz, 06 Mar 05:00 AM


“MADRID ME MATA…in a good sense,” says Fernando Alcalá Losa, the avid Barcelona based photographer of street culture. He doesn’t literally mean that the Spanish capital is deadly, but rather speaks of his devotion to Madrids’ energy, its possibility, its history, its people, and to its art. The torrid affairs of the heart are invariably […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 03.05.17
Editorz, 04 Mar 11:02 PM


We had a chance at Spring this week, and then it blew away. We’re back to the Antarctic for a few days. NYC was inundated by art fairs as well, which was swell. Volta, Scope, Clio, Spring/Break – which was surprisingly not political or contentious, given its rather outsider status. Fair talk was glum, attendance […]

New ROBBBB Nude Figures Playing on Beijing Walls : Virtual & Candid
Editorz, 04 Mar 05:00 AM


Beijing based Street Artist ROBBBB continues to bring people to the streets in his city by way of self portraits and art models. The immediacy of the selfie and photo apps has rather eclipsed the traditional methods of figurative presentation and the inclusion of cartoon characters tells you that ROBBBB is fully immersed in youth […]

BSA Film Friday: 03.03.17
Editorz, 03 Mar 05:00 AM


Now screening :
1. Icy & Sot "Plastic Shells"
2. NWO 3 - ABIK "Gestural"
3. Low Bros #sweet15s Episode 9 / Seattle
4. NUART / Aberdeen 2017

Nuart Aberdeen 2017: Full Roster of Artists Confirmed
Editorz, 01 Mar 11:02 PM


And then there were 11. With yesterday’s official announcement that Norwegian artist Martin Whatson and Belgian artist Jaune will be participating this April at NUART / Aberdeen the full line up of artists has been announced. It’s 11 international artists from 10 different countries, sort of like a New York melting pot in Scotland over […]

Spring / Break 2017 : This Years’ Times Square Show in Corporate Office Space
Editorz, 01 Mar 05:00 AM


Braving the crowds at the 2017 Spring/Break show means meandering the floor plan of former corporate offices and encountering the daydreams of artists who usually work as temps here. After traversing the un-grand lobby and showing your ID, this high-flying glass and steel Times Square fantasy flips the lights on the funhouse as soon as […]

A “Secret Dinner” at the Nascent UN in Berlin
Editorz, 27 Feb 11:02 PM


Since its explosion of pigment and hue on subway cars and in the streets of New York and Philadelphia a half century ago to its spread to the hundreds of cities worldwide, the truly grassroots movement of Urban Art refuses to be owned by any one city or one people, insisting upon making its own […]

“Urvanity” Fair Opens in Madrid, 68 Artists Galleries Walls Panels
Editorz, 27 Feb 05:00 AM


You may not realize upon first glance through the series of modular white walled temporary gallery rooms, but this fine art on display all has origins in street practice. Over the past long weekend Madrid’s Urvanity fair at The Palacio Neptuno showcased a sweeping cross-selection of crisply framed names – many of which are being […]

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