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Boast and Galiem Shine at SA20 Cricket Auction


In a riveting spectacle that had cricket enthusiasts on the edge of their seats, the SA20 auction in Johannesburg unfolded with a flurry of excitement. Among the many talented players up for grabs, two emerging all-rounders, Matthew Boast and Dayyaan Galiem, emerged as the undisputed stars of the show, commanding staggering bids that defied all expectations.

Matthew Boast, a mere twenty years of age and a newcomer to the cricketing scene, entered the auction with a base price of R175,000. However, his remarkable talent sparked a fierce bidding war that culminated in him being snapped up for a jaw-dropping R1.6 million. The Pretoria Capitals emerged as the victorious bidders, securing the services of this young prodigy and marking one of the most talked-about acquisitions of the day.

Dayyaan Galiem, another promising all-rounder, found himself at the center of a bidding frenzy just like Boast. With a base price of R175,000, Galiem's value soared to an astounding R1.6 million before the dust settled. His destination turned out to be the Joburg Super Kings, a team known for their dynamic approach to the game.

The Joburg Super Kings, riding high on their successful acquisitions, didn't stop there. They went on to spend an additional R850,000 each to secure the talents of Wayne Madsen, a renowned batsman from Derbyshire, and Romario Shepherd, a dynamic all-rounder from the West Indies. Both players are set to bring a wealth of experience to their squad.

Not to be outdone, the Pretoria Capitals, armed with a substantial remaining budget of R9.737 million, executed a strategic masterstroke. They added Paul Stirling, a prominent Irish opening batsman, to their roster for R425,000. Additionally, they signed wicketkeeper-batsman Kyle Verreynne for R175,000. Stirling, who previously played for the Paarl Royals, and Verreynne, formerly with the Super Kings, are now set to embark on new journeys with the Capitals.

The Capitals further bolstered their lineup by bringing back the fast bowler Daryn Dupavillon to Centurion, securing his services for R600,000.

MI Cape Town made a notable acquisition of Chris Benjamin for R175,000, while the Sunrisers Eastern Cape added the young leg-spinner Caleb Saleka to their squad for the same amount.

The Paarl Royals, in a bid to strengthen their pace attack, signed Hampshire's fast bowler John Turner for R425,000.

As cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the upcoming matches, the spotlight will undoubtedly shine on these exceptional talents, and the stage is set for these emerging stars to make their mark on the cricketing world.

Key Player Acquisitions:

Set 1: Batsmen

Joburg Super Kings: Wayne Madsen (R850,000)
Pretoria Capitals: Paul Stirling (R425,000)
MI Cape Town: Chris Benjamin (R175,000)
Set 2: Wicketkeepers

Pretoria Capitals: Kyle Verreynne (R175,000)
Paarl Royals: John Turner (R425,000)
Set 3: All-rounders

Joburg Super Kings: Dayyaan Galiem (R1.6 million)
Romario Shepherd (R850,000)
Pretoria Capitals: Matthew Boast (R1.6 million)
Set 4: Fast bowlers

Pretoria Capitals: Daryn Dupavillon (R600,000)
Set 5: Spinners

Sunrisers Eastern Cape: Caleb Saleka (R175,000)
Express Set:

Paarl Royals: Lorcan Tucker (R175,000)
Sunrisers Eastern Cape: Beyers Swanepoel (R600,000)
Durban Super Giants: Jason Smith (R175,000)
MI Cape Town: Neelan van Heerden (R175,000), Thomas Kaber (R175,000)
Rising Star Rookies:

MI Cape Town: Connor Esterhuizen
Durban's Super Giants: Bryce Parsons
Paarl Royals: Lhua-dre Pretorius
Joburg Super Kings: Ronan Hermann
Pretoria Capitals: Steve Stolk
Sunrisers Eastern Cape: Andile Simelane
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