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BSA Images Of The Week: 05.14.17


BSA Images Of The Week: 05.14.17
Editorz, 14 May 12:02 AM


As New Yorkers (and the world) discuss whether Trump will self-combust, start a war, take control as a dictator, be revealed as a Russian operative, or be impeached — one thing is for sure, every day the reputation of the US is sustaining damage among friends and allies, billionaires are grinning like the Cheshire Cat […]

AXE Colours – Two Graffiti Friends, Now Creative Partners
Editorz, 13 May 06:00 AM


Sometimes you can parlay your graffiti and Street Art practice into a career that sustains you, and many artists work hard to find opportunities that assure that they can continue to be creative. Friends since childhood and painting graffiti and murals together since 1999 in Barcelona, Adrià (Smaug) and Oriol (Gúma) together call themselves AXE […]

BSA Film Friday: 05.12.17
Editorz, 12 May 06:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Calligraphy, Layers and Screen Play; Said Dokins / Ugly Food House 2. Paolo Troilo: The London Afternoon 3. Elisa Capdevila & Ivan Floro for 12 1. 4. Jason Woodside and Ian Ross at Nashville Walls […]

Liliwenn Paints “Liberty Asleep” in Vannes, France
Editorz, 11 May 06:00 AM


“Liberty Asleep” is the name of this image by French artist Liliwen who paints it at a time when liberty needs to be awake. Liliwenn. “Liberté endormie”. Vannes, France. May 2017. (photo © Liliwenn) A painter of paradoxes, usually on wood or canvas, Liliwen has painted on walls in Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin and […]

Young New Yorkers, Street Artists, and Keeping Teens Out of Jail
Editorz, 10 May 12:02 AM


The Street Art community donates time and art to a program that keeps teens out of jail in New York. An annual auction overflows with work by today’s Street Artists. Marco Mazzoni. Young New Yorkers 2017 (photo © Jaime Rojo) With the precision indicative of her architect training Rachel Barnard describes the art/criminal justice project […]

Banksy Hits Brexit With New Piece, MaisMenos & BLU Used EU Flag Earlier
Editorz, 09 May 06:00 AM


The appearance of a new mural by Banksy in Dover, England caught the attention of many followers on his Instagram account and the mass media folks quickly reported on the new piece that comments on the current state of the EU. Banksy. Dover, England. Photo @banksy Instagram 10 months since the Brexit vote, the anonymous […]

Karl Addison Paints In Refugee Camp in Greece with Syrian Kids
Editorz, 08 May 06:00 AM


If your house is destroyed and you are chased from your neighborhood by bombs, anything that recalls normalcy is welcomed. Street Artist Karl Addison tells us a recent project with two other artists where he hopes their painting gave residents a sense of hope for their future. Karl Addison for aptART. Elpida, Thessaloniki, Greece. April […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 05.07.17
Editorz, 07 May 12:02 AM


Whether by design or organically grown, we have always gravitated to what we call “Magnet Walls” – those graffiti/Street Art gardens in a town or city that are an open canvas for artists to get up, try out new ideas, experiment with materials, implement a strategy. These walls play an important role in the ecosystem […]

“GO GO GO” BYG in Spain for 12 1 Project
Editorz, 06 May 10:00 AM


Maybe it’s because we just saw Mark Mothersbaugh interviewed live onstage at NYU by Carlo McCormick, but when we saw this mechanically growing text it reminded us of DEVO and Kraftwerk and possibly Dadaist collage. And Russian Constructivists and the Bauhaus. BYG. GO, GO, GO. Contorno Urbano “12 x 1” 2017. Barcelona. (photo © Clara […]

BSA Film Friday: 05.05.17
Editorz, 05 May 06:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Stick to It, Episode 1 : Sticky Community 2. Ella & Pitr / Frappés Pinpins 3. Herakut. Nuart Aberdeen. 4. 12 1 Oriol Vlat. BSA Special Feature: Stick to It, Episode 1 : Sticky Community […]...Read More

Skount Depicts “The Golden Ray”
Editorz, 04 May 06:00 AM


It may look like a gold medallion doorbell, or a fingerprint scanning ID validator, or an icon to poke to open up a celestial app, but Amsterdam Street Artist Skount says it is about accessing cosmic currents of energy. Skount. Process shot. Amsterdam, May 2017. (photo © Skount) That may feel a little esoteric for […]

Mong Kok: Hong Kong and a Graffiti Hall Of Fame
Editorz, 03 May 06:02 AM


There is a lot you can do in Mong Kok, one of the most commercial and bustling neighborhoods in the Kowloon section of Hong Kong. There’s the Ladies’ Market with more than 100 vendors offering bargains on clothing and accessories, Sneakers Street, which will have you swimming in pumped up kicks, and don’t forget the […]

Labrona and DB on the Road, Dispatch From Portugal
Editorz, 02 May 06:00 AM


“I didn’t get invited to paint anywhere this winter so I made my own street art trip,” says Labrona of his new wheat-pastes in Portugal. “It’s sort of a throw back to before mural festivals, when we just did stuff on the streets.” Is that Buster Keaton? Labrona and DB. Lisbon, Portugal. Spring 2017 (photo © […]

Working the Cornfields on a Santa Fe Facade with Jetsonorama
Editorz, 01 May 06:00 AM


Just in time for May 1st, International Workers Day, we find a young member of the Hopi nation planting in his grandfather’s cornfield, thanks to this new project just completed by photographer/street artist Jetsonorama. Chip Thomas. Hawthorne. Santa Fe, New Mexico, Earth Day 2017. (photo © Chip Thomas) 18 year old Hawthorne Hill has […]...Read More

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