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Pereira brings a strong design and styling to the collection. He states, "the main object is to make you feel the best version of yourself. All of this adds up together in our slogan: DAIR to be first, DAIR to be different, DAIR to be you! DAIR collection fits it all." This collection presents beauty and equality.

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10 Apr 2017 : 04:27 by Tammy Forchion
Antonella A Commatteo, designer of Commatteo, takes the runway wearing asymmetrical top with a peek-a-boo short underneath. The attention to her personal style concludes the runway with a strong influence lines created in the collection. Lines bring this collection a perspective that creates a personal fashion statement.

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02 Apr 2017 : 02:25 by Tammy Forchion
Malan Breton, fashion designer, brings a story in three chapters for fall winter 2017. The chapters create a story that flows from New York Fashion Week, to London Fashion Week, and concludes in Los Angeles at Style Fashion Week. The collection brings a complete story from the chapters: Everywhere at the End of Time (New York), Living in the Moment in Fear (London), and Seven Deadly Sins (Los Angels).

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24 Mar 2017 : 23:55 by Tammy Forchion
Viola Davis, Oscar winner for Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, at the Oscars® states, "the art of acting best, The stories of the people who dreamed big and never saw those dreams to fruition. People who fell in love and lost." We watch the beauty of art, fashion, and talent on this night. The night starts with the red carpet where film, fashion, and friends meet.

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08 Mar 2017 : 00:45 by Tammy Forchion
Sunday actors, actress, directors, and more will gather to celebrate the best in film at the Oscars. This tradition stated in 1927 during dinner, "M-G-M studio chief Louis B. Mayer and his guests talked about creating an organized group to benefit the film industry."(Academy StoryAcademy Story). Food, entertainment, and awards is the center of the event. Host a party for the night here are a few ideas to recreate a magical transformation.

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22 Feb 2017 : 03:18 by Tammy Forchion
The collection inspirations, "beauty and sophistication," is seen in each detail of every design. The fall winter collection stays true to the labels aesthetics of elegance, sexy, and beauty from the designer's homeland, Bangladesh. The collection comes to Style Fashion Week in New York bringing elite design for the next glamorous moment, including The Oscars.

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20 Feb 2017 : 05:15 by Tammy Forchion

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