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How to Get a Press Pass: Tips for Freelancers and Professionals

Press passes or media passes provide access to various areas, venues, events, or functions. Freelancers and professionals can acquire press passes with the proper planning, connections, or being part of a network or organization like the US Press Association. In this article, we will discuss how to get a press pass.

  1. Research the event Before attending an event, research the type of event or credentials required to request a press/media pass, whether it is a concert, sporting event, or other ticket holding event. The press/media passes for these events typically grant free entry and provide access to further coverage such as backstage, a place to sit or stand, or a sectioned-out area for photographers. Contact the venue for help tracking down who is in charge, or rely on the US Press Association to perform this function on your behalf if needed.

  2. Prepare credentials To acquire a specific event press pass or access to a venue, you will likely need credentials, records or letter from an editor that prove you are working for a media outlet or may be acting as a freelance source for a media outlet. A US Press Association membership can help you fulfill this requirement. You can use previous articles or coverage as well as building your US Press Association member profile and providing links to your website(s), blog, portfolio(s), social media profiles. This will help the promoters and other decision makers see your body of work.

  3. Contact the press office Make contact and secure your position as early as possible. Let them know who you are and who you will be providing coverage for. Often a press office will go by the name, public affairs office, or public relations office or editorial assignment. You can choose to secure a press pass on your own, or as a US Press Association member, you can complete a credential assistance form 24/7 by logging into your member account and clicking the link in your member Resource menu. The US Press Association will contact the appropriate individual or office on your behalf.

Securing Government Credentials - Local and National: The US Press Association can also help you secure local and national credentials. Simply call the office, send an email request or complete the Credential Assistance Form available in your Members Resource Menu on the website.

In conclusion, acquiring a press pass requires planning and preparation. The US Press Association can assist you in securing your credentials and membership options, and make the process smoother and more efficient.

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