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Submitted By USPA  Headlines
04 Mar 2018
From the moment of our inception, a troubling trend has emerged—imitation websites attempting to pass themselves off as us.

From the moment of our inception, a troubling trend has emerged—imitation websites attempting to pass themselves off as us. We'd express flattery if the consequences weren't so detrimental! These deceptive websites craft elaborate facades, weaving interconnected webs of "press agencies" peddling counterfeit credentials labeled as "press passes." They showcase so-called "publications" to lend an air of legitimacy, creating the illusion of a "pseudo media conglomerate." However, their true aim is to attract individuals, exploiting their work to create an appearance of activity. This is never the ethos of the US Press Association (The USPA).

At the core of our mission is the commitment to drive visitors, viewers, and listeners to your site or social media profile. Joining our organization isn't about us; it's about bringing out the best in you.

The reality is, these imitators lack expertise and understanding. While they may convince some to purchase their deceptive products and showcase a handful of members on their site, these numbers pale in comparison to the vast member base that has chosen to trust us—the original, the authentic, The US Press Association. These sham sites and their operators are eager to uncover our operational secrets.

Why the curiosity? The answer is simple—our dedication to serving and assisting freelance and professional journalists, spanning close to two decades. In contrast, these pop-up websites have a fleeting existence, with some managing to deceive for only a few years.

The surge in these fake "press agencies" is leaving a lasting mark on the integrity of freelance and professional media organizations. Many of these websites are essentially one large web controlled by a few individuals. They establish a business structure and register an office in a state like Nevada, while operating from locations outside the United States, such as Germany, Russia, and others. While residence in other countries is not an issue, the problem lies in the deceptive web they cast to ensnare unsuspecting individuals.

These fraudulent sites entice people with alluring phrases like "get your backstage pass," falsely suggesting that possessing writing, video, or photo access automatically grants backstage privileges. At the US Press Association, we believe in honesty. We educate our members, especially those starting out, about the expectations when securing press passes for specific places or events.

"We need to take a stance against this type of deceptive practice."

We refuse to engage in luring, lying, or cheating to gain members. Our community is built on solid, informed decisions by individuals who chose an organization aligned with their values. Stand with us, and rest assured—we always have the best interests of our members at heart.

Stand with us. Become a member today.

Stand with us. Become a member today.

Submitted By USPA  Headlines
24 Jan 2018
How do I get press credentials and press passes?

Become part of the US Press Association

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Join the US Press Association for Press Credentials and Exclusive Membership Benefits

Are you a blogger, photographer, or journalist seeking press credentials to cover events and access exclusive resources? Look no further than the US Press Association.

Our press credentials, Press ID, Press Card & Journalist Pass, are the most trusted in the industry. As a member, you'll have access to our extensive media database, press release and distribution services, and exclusive events.

We offer membership options designed to fit the needs of every professional, whether you're a freelancer or a traditional media journalist. And with our new columns covering food, restaurant, movie, concert and product reviews, there's never been a better time to join.

Submitted By Robert Mendiola  Headlines
08 Jun 2023

GOVERNOR Arnold I. Palacios on Wednesday said President Joe Biden has approved the CNMI’s request for a Presidential Major Disaster Declaration for Category B (emergency protective measures), and Direct Federal Assistance to further support the Commonwealth’s disaster response and recovery efforts following Typhoon Mawar.

This declaration is in addition to the declaration announced on May 23, 2023 by President Biden, which was a pre-landfall emergency declaration.

According to the White House, “The President’s [latest] action makes federal funding available to Commonwealth and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for emergency protective measures, including direct federal assistance for the island of Rota.”

“I would like to extend my gratitude to President Biden, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency for acting on this request for a major disaster declaration,” said Governor Palacios. “This declaration will aid the Commonwealth’s response and recovery for Rota following the effects of Typhoon Mawar.”

The request for the Major Disaster Declaration was signed by Governor Palacios on May 30, 2023 in consultation with the CNMI’s Homeland Security and Emergency Management Office. Benigno B. Ruiz of FEMA has been appointed to coordinate federal recovery operations in the affected areas.

“Damage assessments are continuing, and additional areas and forms of assistance may be designated after the assessments are fully completed,” the White House announcement stated.
[Submitted by Robert Mendiola]

Submitted By Robert Mendiola  Headlines
28 May 2023
MAYOR Aubry Hocog said in an interview on Thursday that there were no injuries, casualties, or major damage reported on Rota, despite Super Typhoon Mawar's 140 mph winds.

MAYOR Aubry Hocog said in an interview on Thursday that there were no injuries, casualties, or major damage reported on Rota, despite Super Typhoon Mawar's 140 mph winds.

“We are very blessed,” she added. Based on the preliminary assessment, “We had some fallen trees and other debris that were blocking road access. We immediately cleared that to ensure that our emergency personnel would be able to transport any of our Rota residents to the hospital if need be.”

She said they have been closely working with the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. so “access to water is available now. Also, CUC is offering up to 50 gallons of water for every family to utilize but has issued a boil water notice. The power division will be mobilized once the ‘all clear’ signal has been issued to focus on restoring power to the island."

As of 4 p.m. Thursday, the mayor said they had “21 people sheltered [at the Office on Aging] who are just awaiting the ‘all clear’ signal to be issued to return home.”

She added, “We have [Department of Public Works] personnel out [there] clearing the secondary roads for residents to be able to move freely. The port of entry is our main priority…. [The Commonwealth Ports Authority] is awaiting the signal so that authorized personnel will be allowed on-site to assist with the debris removal. This way, we can anticipate the arrival of supplies and equipment needed that will be utilized towards our recovery efforts.”

Hocog said Rota is “so grateful to our Gov. Arnold I. Palacios, Lt. Gov. David M. Apatang, [CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency Management Special Assistant Franklin] Babauta, all the government departments, autonomous agencies, private sector and federal partners for their support and assistance in ensuring that our people will get all needed resources to be able to begin our recovery phase from this super typhoon.”

At the same time, Rota is sending “our prayers and support to our brothers and sisters on the neighboring island of Guam as they too will be recovering from Super Typhoon Mawar. There were more reports of damage and flooding on their island. We know our people will come together and share resources and support and we are very fortunate that our federal partners are ready to assist however they can.”

In a separate interview, Rota Municipal Council Chairman Jim Atalig said his house was damaged by the typhoon and some power poles were taken down by the strong winds, but he is grateful that his family and friends were fine.

“For eight hours straight the wind was blowing so hard,” he added.

For his part, American Red Cross-NMI Chapter Executive Director John Hirsh said they will send their responders to Rota hopefully today, Friday, May 26 or when the first charter flight to the island will be available.

He said the Red Cross will also ship essential supplies to help the residents of Rota. These include bottles of water, emergency medical kits, hygiene kits and cleaning kits to name a few.

[Submitted by Robert Mendiola]



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