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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Submitted By Mark Weisman  Op-Ed
22 Jan 2021
In this episode I further discuss the evolution of law enforcement.

Tonight, I had planned a totally different message about things currently weighing on my heart, but instead choose to focus on the situation here within the borders of this country today. Let me start our discussion today by saying, I choose peace. I choose harmony, and tranquility. I chose my community because of the wonderful people that inhabit this paradise with my family and I, even if we don’t always agree all the time. Towards the middle of last year I published a podcast about the ramifications of defunding the police departments [Read it Here], and I generally outlined the evolution of “law enforcement” from the earlier night watchman, to the professional police officer we have today. Just as importantly, we talked about the community placing more and more legal burdens on these law officers, effectively shuffling the responsibility of policing the communities ourselves, and yet, while constantly tolerating criminal behavior. Every day I hear discussions about “how bad” officers are, and I remind those speakers, that we (as a community) made them that way.

Greetings my friends... family members, fellow Alaskans, and all Americans wherever you are. Here we are, witnessing the inauguration of the 46th President of this 245 year-old idea called the United States. We are again, at a pivotable time here in the country, and I believe that these next four years will dictate as to whether this experiment, we call America, will continue or not. With all the tinder boxes we talked about still burning brightly, I really question if Francis Scott Key could put together such a well formed thought that could become a national anthem in this day and age. Welcome to the Alaskan Outlaw podcast, I am the Alaskan Outlaw, and this week I would like to take a minute of your time to vent a little. Now, I’ve always considered myself to be pretty fair, believing that I fully supported the immortal words of Doctor Martin Luther King Junior, “I have a dream that one day out in the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood”, and, finally concluding that “When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every tenement and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old spiritual, “Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, we are free at last.” Without a doubt some of the most exquisite words ever spoken.

To this end, the most reliable method to discover a solution, is to clearly demonstrate the issue at hand. Now, you are exactly right by saying that there seems to be a lot wrong, or problematic. But, for our discussion here, let’s strip away the layers of issues, dig down deep to the root of where this seemed to get off track. We need to look past the glaring “symptoms”, and past the surface chattel broadcast across the social media circus. Look into the history of our nation, combine that with decades of psychological interpretations, and let’s talk about where we may have lost our way.

The single most identifiable impact on the current society is the fracture of the nuclear family. This all started during the rebellion period of the mid to late ‘60s. Again the surrender of responsibility by, originally by men, and later by either and/or both parents. Many couples have chosen to have disposable marriages, or “starter marriage”. This reduction in willingness to live up to the traditional wedding vows “... for better or for worse... “, the rise in exuberance to accept public assistance, in lieu of working at low paying jobs. Which started our descent into job superiority, where many lines of employment were “beneath” many of today’s workers, which led directly to undocumented workers obtaining means of employment in the United States. This came full circle to now there is resentment of this undocumented workers earning a living. So, I feel that the ultra-wealthy athletes propagate a myth of easy success, that 9.99 times out of 10 doesn’t work, which then, again circles back to resentment. These findings led me back to determining that a major fallout from the broken family was maturity. Interestingly enough, there were really two paths that was the outcome here:
1. Super responsible, where the kids became a surrogate parent, irrelevant as to their biological age, or
2. Zero responsibility, where the offspring almost expected things to be given to them when they wanted.

Again, I think that a major factor affecting on modern humans is the overall maturity. While many taut their biological age, their level of maturity lacks far behind, as does their understanding in basic civics and social responsibility. I really believe that many of these scumbags who felt a need to storm civilian politicians at work would benefit greatly from a couple years in the military, or public service, possibly one or two semesters of high school level civics. Honestly, how embarrassing it must have been when law enforcement published the fact that you still lived at home with your mother? Wow. Or better yet, your mom shows up at your protest and drags you home by your ear. I am honestly embarrassed for them. However, for the most part, it’s not completely their fault. While, yes, they do hold a substantial amount of the blame, as we all possess the internal fortitude to change for the betterment of mankind. To some degree, the willingness to relent to peer pressure (whether in-person (IRL), or via electronic device) is really irrelevant to the overall discussion point. The fact remains that many people (old, and young, alike) surrender to peer pressure, sometimes to the detriment of their community.

The next big issue facing each and every person with criminal intent, is their community’s evasion of responsibility. Overall, we read in the blog before, the evolution of law enforcement essentially comes down to the migration of policing tasks over to these growing departments throughout the country. This surrender puts more of the onus of social order on law enforcement, all the while we threaten their existence with defunding proposals. This thereby reduces their ability to combat against, what we told them to prevent, and in many cases reduces the ability to recruit, as everyone is fearful of losing their lives. Throughout the documented history of the civilized world, we have seen many community’s continually surrender their function of maintaining order, and social policing. This surrender meant that law enforcement officers had to pick up the responsibility for correcting citizen behavior at sometimes the most basic levels. In addition, the community constructed justice system began to legally restrict citizen policing responsibility. One of the most substantial factor that the courts looked through was the institution of violence

So, a great point of this discussion is the hypocrisy of violence. What I don’t understand about the garbage spewed across the social media circus that speaks of violence and retaliation is that most of these writers really can’t grasp the ideology behind the use of violence. The idea that causing violence to another human being in an attempt to coerce them to change directions, or to change their thought process, is ridiculous and fruitless. Violence has never worked throughout history, as the only escalation point would be termination of life. Thereby reducing the necessary social interactions that humans must have, after-all we are social creatures are our deepest core. While the need for “terrorism”, and that’s what it is, has been used throughout history, it has never been deployed successfully. The mass tragedies we hear about both here at home, and abroad, always end in frustration, anger, and vengefulness in the survivors, not fear. If the terrorism card is used too often, it can invoke a retaliation leading the hunters to become the hunted. Violence solves nothing. Violence changes nothing, all it does is create pain and suffering, and loss. Not fear. Therefore many who participate in these public violent demonstrations comfort themselves knowing that the system at which the retaliate against, is the same system that protects them when the event concludes. Then, there are those who demand chaos and uncertainty, they lack concern for the many years of blood, sweat, and tears, that entrepreneurs put in to build (even a modestly successful) business.

I’ve said it before, and I will keep preaching it until those idiots start paying attention. There is nothing to be gained by the foolishness of anarchy. Many idiots confuse the ideology of anarchy, with the practice of opportunistic crime. They are very different. Anarchy is defined as “absence or denial of any authority or established order”. So, based on this definition, I wonder how many of the scumbags rioting in DC think they have a snowball’s chance in hell at getting ahead in their lives without order. I wonder how many idiots rioting in Portland, Minnesota, and other places, actually have any idea what exactly they are asking for? Also note, that I said rioting. I did not say anything about protesting. Protesting and having your voices heard is a god given right in this country, you should never be ashamed of having your voices heard IF it betters humankind. However, I feel that this is just another symptom of the failure of the nuclear family, however, within a community, there resides some of the blame.

The breast of responsibility has been surrendered by the majority of our population, although realistically this is more of a global thing, certainly not labeling Americans alone here. Whether it be the future generational care, or criminal intent education, within many community, the desire to get involved has been degraded to non-existence. After conversations with many of you in the education industry, particularly in the primary grades, I have heard that many kids arrive to school without being fed, or the proper protective gear. This imposition is then placed on teachers, medical staff, and law enforcement personnel. By many parents being unwilling to correct their children’s behavior, we have fostered the need for law enforcement and legislation to intervene at the most basic of levels, just explaining right and wrong.

Next on my list of issues is the enormous weight of justice. What I mean by this is the amount of criminal activity being processed through the courts everyday. Just, in a smaller city like Anchorage, Alaska, a dozen or so judges preside over a dozen cases per day, everyday. With attorneys on both sides of the aisle attempting to see their perception of justice prevailing. Really, the courts are overwhelmed. Why, you ask? Because our neighbors have chosen to quietly disagree with the laws as they are written. They chose not to attend their city council meetings. They chose not to write their representative in their capital and seek help at drafting legislation to change the law. Nope. They said to hell with it, and did it anyway. So now, a law enforcement officer has to visit them, arrest them, and transport safely, to a local facility to hold them. The following morning (maybe), they will stand before an appointed judge and explain their position. Well, if you watch Law & Order on the television, you know how the rest goes. Suffice to say, there are tons of necessary interactions that have to happen on a clearly defined timeline, because of criminal protection laws that “we the people” had created and installed with our vote.

As modern day Americans we have repeatedly demonstrated the power of peace over violence and hate. Throughout this nation’s history we have seen thousands of displays of human kindness, where unconditional love saves the day, or creates life-long relationships between humans around the world. The future of the human race is dependent on our willingness to coexist in harmony. We all need to embrace our differences and fully understand that is what makes each of us unique and special. It is the key to our very survival as a species.

What we need to do. This one is actually pretty easy. As members of the community we need to have a more active role in teaching the younger generations what society is, and how to fit into it. We must constantly teach the difference between right and wrong, and enforce discipline. Solving this problem starts at home. Bring a higher source of power into your lives, by getting to know God, however you address Him. Teach our children the Golden Rule of living in society, or understand the ability to leave that community and find another one. We all need to pull together to solve the larger issues that face humankind. We all need to have our voices heard so that our communities understand where we stand, and just as importantly, we understand where the community stands. This then allows our representatives to make better laws the more closely fit how “we” see things working. We need to learn the art of compromise, working together as a community to resolve issues that arise. Meet our neighbors, know who they are and how they feel about issues. Be a community.

This really is where being prepared comes into our discussion. By each of us being prepared, not only do we take a small request off the local providers, we are better positioned to help our neighbors, thereby making larger and larger reductions to local resource allocations, freeing up the first responders to provide for those who seriously need help. That’s the connection with being prepared can provide, as it truly is the greatest benefit to the community as a whole. As each of us accept the responsibility for our safety and survival, as well as that of our immediate family members, and helping our neighbors, it can create a “domino effect” of community self-reliance and ultimately, independence. This is the sole reason I try to inform and educate all of us, to make the world a better place.

As always my friends, I am deeply humbled that you have allowed me into your circle today, and look forward to joining you again next week where our topic of discussion will look at the long term implications of the pandemic on everyday American life going forward. Again, I ask each of you to search your heart, find forgiveness for your perceived slights from others, and spend some time getting to know your neighbor, and your community. Remember to keep yourself safe, respect each other, and keep your head on a swivel…. Peace
[Submitted by Mark Weisman]


Submitted By Mark Weisman  Op-Ed
08 Jan 2021
Provide an introduction to the threats that face our country as we head into the new year of 2021.

Podcast episode 010621
By: the Alaskan Outlaw Crew

The society that we Americans have fought and many have died for, time and time again is beginning to unravel, with potentially multiple fronts, the fight to retain our country, and our way of life should be very much front and center on everyone’s mind. At this point, many Americans have lost all faith in the vile cesspool that the US government has become, with a powerful influence from greedy corporate America. With fierce partisanship demonstrated every time benefits for the American people surface, while many of these same elected politicians elevate their personal financial fortunes during their time in office. All of that, in conjunction with the possible end to a year-long, worldwide battle with a microscopic serial killer, SARS-CoV-2, or COVID-19 just around the corner. Where many Americans watched in horror as these elected officials took self-enforced precedence over front-line workers, thereby reducing the potential that all Americans could, or would be, getting vaccinated prior to falling victim to the infection. Many conspiracy theorists have predicted that a situation could arise with a distribution interruption that could degrade to civil war, possibly leading to violence in the streets over the possibility of getting, what some claim to be, the “end of the coronavirus”, the perceived life-saving COVID vaccination. All that aside, we really haven’t really quelled the sentiment of injustice handed out by the several local courts in cases where citizens were allegedly murdered by sworn officers of the court. There are still many smoldering embers of fiery hate still burning in many locations throughout this country. These embers are constantly being fanned by those who seek to tear the country apart and unsettle our communities, promoting a festering distrust of any peoples within their group.

Greetings my friends, family, fellow Veterans, Alaskans, and my fellow Americans wherever you are in the world. Welcome to this week’s episode of the Alaskan Outlaw podcast. I am the Alaskan Outlaw, and I hope to be your host on a journey to understand the arrival here in the New Year of 2021. I hope this podcast finds you thriving during these uncertain times, staying strong and true to our values within the United States of America. This week I want us to discuss some of the major potential threats that currently face our society as a whole. However, I also want to make sure we put these conspiracies in the proper light and don’t take them out of context. By ensuring we keep to the facts, and the “real” information, we can ensure that we don’t inadvertently spread more misinformation across the internet. Suffice to say, we need to be prepared for whatever may happen within our communities, and the best way is to stay informed, prepare your family, and vote your conscience. So, today we are joined by the remainder of the Alaskan Outlaw pirate crew, Prophet, hoist the black flag!

Hey, Remember, family-friendly here. So, for our friends out there, pull up a piece of the deck, fill your glass, and lend us yer ear.

After speaking “off the record” to several individuals who should be “in the know” about the nation’s propensity for violent reactions, I’ve garnered their thoughts about this subject. As many of you have reported having a very strong suspicion that a “full-out civil war could be lurking in the shadows, just out of sight”. You have expressed concern that with groups like “ANTIFA” and “BLM”, and the like, constantly poking these old fires of hate and distrust, eventually things will ignite, and when they do, one seventeen-year-old kid with an assault rifle is not nearly the greatest threat that will face those groups. You’ve pointed out the fact that the general population of Americans has a tendency to panic during a substantial event. I’ve read on several social media circles that an interruption of the distribution of the vaccines as an example, or even a hiccup in the supply chain, could be a catalyst that could lead to mass panic. With a perceived slight by one group over another, that spark could be fanned, to ignite the embers of anger that would force violent reactions by certain groups, that would then be countered, which then begins a vicious cycle of many American deaths and injuries, as well as entire life-savings of personal property collateral damage. Some have suggested that this type of situation could devolve into larger-scale, more violent civilian conflict that could potentially draw other groups in, which could ultimately lead to full out violent, large-scale conflict, or nationwide civil war. This might lead to a foreign country seizing the opportunity to launch an attack on American soil. Some of you have attempted to thread together the actions witnessed time and time again in the Middle East to the recent bombing in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Let’s talk about this whirlwind of conspiracy theories and fear-generation narratives that are being produced by the social media circus every day. Let’s discuss the real potential for large-scale, inter-state issues coming to fruition here in the US because of those power puppet-masters who seek to destroy the American Republic experiment in its entirety. The whole conspiracy theory really boils down to the culmination of any of the individual catalysts we’ve discussed throughout last year arriving in the tinderbox environment that is any town, USA, today. As the nation moves forward to a hopeful conclusion to a year-long, deadly, international pandemic, we need to be steadfast ready for a hard left turn at any time, this part is true. Thinking about these multiple possible catalysts around the potential end of the republic of these United States. Let’s examine the potential impact of each of these possible catalysts, as well as putting our common-sense, super-power ring on to decipher the reality.

The first catalyst that many of you asked me to consider, would the very real possibility caused by political upheaval. We have all watched throughout the multiple news platforms, the possible issue with evicting the current administration from its seat of power. With a substantial part of the country still clinging to the unsubstantiated claims of a stolen election, while the actual administration continues to minimize the effective transition of power to the new President-elect. We have seen in multiple cases where the administration’s supporters have demonstrated, with, sometimes violent actions, and it is certainly more than plausible to consider similar actions to the protests witnessed mid-last year. We have heard many high-profile individuals continue to support the current administration in its staunch denial of the results of “one of the fairest, and secure elections in the history of the country”. To what extent will they take their plight? We have no way of really knowing, but with certain areas of the country willing to bring up the topic of “succession from the United States” again, tells me that we should not take anything off the table at this point. While the idea of succession is a “hot button” topic, the reality of it actually happening are so remote, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it.

Whether it be by the political upheaval, or a potential of more injustices issued by the lower courts, the possibility of it leading to additional, potentially violent, civil unrest is still actually quite strong, especially in several areas within the country. With the witnessed perceived injustices over the last half-year, we must assume that, while the flames of unrest may be temporally out, the glowing embers are very likely easily fanned into roaring fires again. The unfortunate situation is that many communities may not be as tolerant as they were in the past. With millions of dollars in personal and business property damages already sustained, the potential for individuals to take the law into their own hands is at an all-time high now. This situation I’m afraid is very real, and may possibly escalate to the level at where we experience the next wave of a great loss of American lives. While the concern is very real, given the experiences gained from the last events, I’m not sure the “mob mentality” will be as eager to confront the system, particularly when it's lethal.

Next on the list, is the catalyst I discussed earlier, and that would be an interruption in the delivery and administration of the life-saving SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. With the COVID-19 pandemic claiming over 311,000 lives here in the US alone (Early December 2020 numbers), there is a very real sentiment among the population that the lack of the vaccine could be a death sentence.  If for any reason, one group were to collectively feel as if they were denied equal access to the vaccine, this might be enough of a reason to lash out at the system. This type of action would be met with a counter-reaction, and because of the current state of the tinderbox we call a country, it would then certainly have the potential to explode into widespread violence. The reality of this happening is actually quite small, however, if, say a violent protest from either of the reasons above were to happen, this might lead to a delivery interruption, which then leads to violence, and so on, until the country is circling the drain. I personally believe that because of the minimization of this perceived slight, the numbers would not be large enough to create a viable threat to public security.

Next, is the idea that many thousands of Americans may be evicted from their homes, and houses potentially foreclosed on, due to non-payment, because those tenants are now jobless due to the pandemic, or earlier unrest property damage. This possibility could see thousands of these people out on the streets without food, or hope. Those two ingredients may brew a particularly bad batch of trouble for many states, and mostly suburbia. In some parts of the country, we have already witnessed a rise in shoplifting for grocery items. Several of the emails mentioned a possibility of “zombie” like humans in search of food instead of brains, with an increase in the possibility of becoming violent. Could this be a catalyst that sparks the already powder keg scenario we have around the country? The frightening thing about this for me personally is to see where people’s priorities are. New cell phone, or eating. The good news is, according to our fab five, it will be three weeks until this becomes dire, and then, things might get nasty.

Finally, we arrive at what I consider the most probable of them all, however, and I think we should count on the potential of being involved in a natural disaster somewhere in our country at some point. If you’ve been paying attention at all to the nation’s news, you may have noticed a growing global trend of natural disasters occurring, particularly around the “ring of fire”. For those of you not familiar with this ring of fire, it is the volcanic circle around the Pacific Ocean. This circle is technically formed by the intersection of tectonic plates that cover the earth, on which the eastern rim of this ring rests the supervolcano under Yellowstone. We have witnessed a rise in wildfires in Southern California, and Australia, as well as exceeding the regular alphabet for naming Hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean this year (2020). All of which is a systemic indication that things are out of alignment somehow. Yes, maybe, just maybe, global warming is a real thing. Natural disasters, in my opinion, can bring out the worst in people. Whether it be a violent attempt to get the last of a particular product, or a sharp spike in opportunistic crime, natural disasters, or even the threat of, seems to affect some people very differently.

What can we do? What should we do? Prepare! As we brace to enter the new calendar year, the Chinese year of the Ox, we are reminded that we each must be prepared for just about anything and everything. Obviously, we cannot prevent half of our list of potential catalysts, however, we can be prepared for the fallout from them. The very first step we should all consider is to let the system hear our voice with our vote. We need to evaluate each candidate, or issue, and register our vote for how we feel. In addition, we need to start creating the proper preparations for our survival. By preparing to keep our “fab five” at the forefront of our preps, we can set ourselves up for success. I also feel that helping our neighbors, and fellow men to become prepared is another gift that we give our communities.

While the possibility certainly exists for all of these catalysts, the real potential is very minor. We need to understand that they’re many among us who will do their absolute damnedest to break us apart by highlighting our differences, but ultimately will fail because we are all Americans, and part of this human race. In much the same way, we know from our own history that Americans were very diverse prior to the entry into World War 2. The entry into the war galvanized the indomitable American spirit which rose to the challenge and conquered on two fronts. So, with that said, let’s revisit those catalysts identified above and determine their actual probability of happening.  

Firstly, we talked about the possibility of political upheaval, and the probability of a rouge lame-duck President pushing the button to send the world back to the stone-age, and that is almost impossible. There are a plethora of checks and balances in place to prevent something like that from happening. In conjunction with the other part, the idea that supporters would rise up to start another civil war to support this administration is, to say the least, impractical and incredibly improbable. So, this possibility is so remote it shouldn’t have any real concern. However, given the track record of 2020, even if it’s now 2021, I keep all the options on the table.

Next, we covered the idea of another civil war. While there is still a notable systemic issue with racism, there exist far more fraudulent fakes pushing a false narrative to whoever will listen to their rhetoric. A majority of this nation's population does not see the systemic identification of people’s actions by something other than the facts, and many people judge other people by their actions and nothing else. Whether it be a crime by race or pay scale by sex, even beliefs by religion, there exists some level of intolerance by certain groups of people, however, those groups account for only a minuscule fraction of the American people. Those ridiculous views represent a small population of Americans, typically limited to “hate groups” scattered throughout the nation. The probability of another civil war is incredibly small, however, the possibility of isolated, or localized civil unrest still remains quite high.

Our next discussion was the possible interruption to the state distribution of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccinations to a particular group of individuals. I rank this possibility as being pretty close to none. Statewide distribution platforms have been established to ensure redundancy and guarantee continued distribution to all parties within that state. Health care administration personnel have ensured that they have a plan in place to ensure success. State mandates force the distribution to certain groups in a certain order to ensure proper distribution in an attempt to maximize the vaccine's impact. Within a matter of months, anyone who wants a vaccine should have it available.

Next, we spoke of evictions being handed out when the government prohibition ended. With the unemployment at an all-time high and every level of the housing market feeling the burn from this pandemic, I feel this one definitely has some margin of truth to it. Do I expect to see mindless drones meandering around the streets with chants of "food"? No. As much as we may overlook it, there are thousands of groups that provide food for the homeless. While I have heard of many being overwhelmed, I think that this will be mitigated.

Finally, the next one I can guarantee is going to be a concern, and should be a very real concern, is a natural disaster. We are going to see many more natural disasters, and these are what we need to focus our preparations for. Being prepared for the natural interruptions to our supply chains, and medical care, our service utilities, we need to be constantly prepared for this threat.

Ultimately, this discussion comes down to preparing for things we can prepare for, and not stress about those things we have no control over, or that don’t have the potential to impact your life. I want to ensure you, that although things might seem a little dark and dreary, there are most certainly, brighter days ahead.

As always my friends, We are humbled that you have chosen to spend some time with us. I encourage you to research each of these ideas and decide for yourself as to the merits that need to be prepared for. While we have our own theories, the premises discussed today are merely ideas. They are not intended as the absolute reality, nor foretelling the future, but definitely concepts that could be considered. Be well, be safe, and stay true to who you are. Keep your head on a swivel... Peace.
[Submitted by Mark Weisman]




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