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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
17 Aug 2020
Let the US Press Association design a custom solution for your business, organization or event. Company ID's, Press Passes, Press Credentials, Backstage Passes, VIP Passes

Are you looking for ID options for your business or organization?

Trust US Press Association with your photo ID solutions. For over 20 years the US Press Association has been making highly secure, tamper proof ID cards and press passes for it's members and affiliate organizations, now let us use our decades of expertise to create a custom solution for your business, organization or event. 

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Whether you need just a few ID's for a business, press credentials for your publication or press credentials, backstage passes and and VIP passes for an event, the US Press Association has a solution for you!

We will work with you directly to find a solution that meets your specific needs. 

Common ID cards or press pass options are:

  • Credit Card Size ID - PVC Card

  • Business Card Size - Thick Card Stock or Laminate

  • 4x6 Photo ID/Press Pass - Thick Stock or Laminate

  • VIP Passes

  • Backstage Passes

Other options include

  • Custom Holographic Seal

  • Barcode

  • QR Codes

  • Security Overlay

  • Gradient Images

  • Online ID Tracking Solutions

  • RFID

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02 Jan 2017
Are wondering how to get a press pass for a blogger? Become a member and see how your USPA credentials can help you

The internationally recognized authentic press credentials from US Press Association, THE USPA

  • Is journalism or media your profession or part-time occupation?
  • Are you looking for: Press Pass for Bloggers

One of the most important tools a journalist or others in media can possess is their press ID/press credentials which can be used to help them acquire media passes for venues and events. It is your press credentials that constitute proof of your journalistic occupation. Even simple accreditation processes often require credentials. There are websites that blur the lines and claim to offer something that would be issued by an (event organizer, venue, producer) etc, an organization can not issue a card that will allow someone, even a journalist to simply have access to a site or venue. Beware of sites making this type of claim. Credentials or some other type of verification are typically required for someone to issue an individual a press/media pass.

Press Credentials for Bloggers - US Press Association THE USPA

The US Press Association THE USPA  is the organization that pioneered the concept of bloggers, photographers, videographers as the emerging presence in new media. The organization has the largest and most diverse member base of journalists, press photographers, photojournalists, videographers, bloggers, podcasters, radio personalities, audio engineers, reporters and many others worldwide. 
If you have questions about getting a press pass as a blogger, editor, writer, photographer or other facet of media, please feel free to contact us and we can help explain how the USPA member ID and credentials along with our assistance can help you.


03 Sep 2023
By Kevin Rademeyer

By Kevin Rademeyer

Cape Town, South Africa — With South Africa's premier media and entertainment event just days away, the anticipation is palpable. FAME Week Africa, scheduled from September 4th to 6th, promises to be an extravaganza that will highlight the transformative power of music, television, and film in Africa. It's an event where creativity knows no bounds, dreams come to life, and cultural unity takes center stage.

Under the overarching theme of storytelling and creative expression, FAME Week Africa seeks to reshape narratives and empower generations. It's a call to action, an invitation to witness the magic that these mediums can unleash.

Adire – A Nollywood Premiere
The spotlight shines brightly on FilmOne Studios, Nigeria's leading film distribution and production company, as they make a powerful statement at MIP Africa. Their exclusive screening of "Adire," a groundbreaking Nollywood masterpiece and FilmOne's first original production, is set to captivate audiences in Cape Town on Sunday, September 3, 2023.

Producers Networking Cocktail Party
Mixing business with pleasure takes a sophisticated twist at the Netflix Producers' Cocktail Party. This event offers a unique opportunity for industry peers and executives to connect, mingle, and gain valuable insights into the latest industry trends and strategies.

Primedia Studios
Primedia Studios, known for top-rating successes like 'The Masked Singer SA' and 'Deal or No Deal SA' on SABC, eagerly anticipates engaging with the creative industry at MIP Africa. The event promises to be the perfect breeding ground for imaginative, trailblazing content ideas across various genres.

Jan Du Plessis, representing Primedia Studios, expressed excitement about the event, emphasizing the studio's commitment to fostering fresh, unique, and intriguing content ideas. They aim to provide a platform for emerging creative talent while collaborating with inclusive production companies to create content that resonates with diverse audiences.

Creative Leader's Networking - An Exclusive BBC Event
Recognizing the significant impact of the creative and cultural sectors on society and the economy, FAME Week Africa presents the Creative Leaders' Networking Function. It's a unique opportunity for industry leaders to connect, learn from the best, and create meaningful experiences that drive innovation and growth.

Spinners Screening - A Showmax Original
On the opening night of MIP Africa, the African film industry will be in the spotlight with the premiere of the first episode of "Spinners" on Monday, September 4, 2023. This eight-part drama series promises riveting entertainment for Sub-Saharan Africa on Showmax and CANAL+.

Women in Entertainment Breakfast - Powered by CTICC and presented by EarCandy
The Women in Entertainment Breakfast stands as a highlight in the FAME Week Africa calendar. It's a platform for women to empower and connect with one another, share experiences, and address gender disparities prevalent in the industry. It provides an environment for networking, learning, and gaining insights from keynote speakers.

The FAMEeous Party at Cabo Beach Club
The FAME After Dark experience is a must-attend event, celebrating African achievements and aspirations inspired by the philosophy of Ubuntu: "I am because we are." It fosters inspiring conversations, forges connections, and fuels career growth for creatives across Africa and beyond, all set against the backdrop of live music performances under the African sky.

Un-matched, Un-masked, Un-missable: Content Sessions
MIP Africa offers unparalleled opportunities for content creators, producers, buyers, and sellers. It facilitates pre-scheduled, one-to-one matchmaking that can lead to life-changing opportunities. With over 160 compelling content sessions and networking events, it's a dream come true for creative professionals.

Project Pitches: Take Aim...
Project Pitches at MIP Africa 2023 provide the chance to present projects to industry professionals who have the power to green-light ideas. With the right support, these visions could reach millions of viewers worldwide, opening doors to new opportunities and relationships.

FAME Shorts Film Festival at The Labia Theatre
Discover the best of independent African cinema at the FAME Shorts Film Festival. This event showcases thought-provoking films from innovative independent filmmakers across the continent. With categories judged by industry experts, it's a platform for aspiring filmmakers to showcase their work and engage with industry professionals.

Vogue Nights Cape Town – District 6
Experience the vibrant world of voguing at Vogue Nights, celebrating a dance style and culture originating from New York City's ballroom era in the 1980s. Voguing, with its intricate movements and fashion-inspired poses, offers a safe space for LGBTQ+ communities, challenging societal norms and fostering self-expression.

The Mixtresses – The Studio at Rockefeller Hotel
Part of Muziki Africa, the Mixtresses event celebrates gender diversity in the music industry, shattering stereotypes and promoting inclusivity. Female DJs, often underrepresented, have a platform to showcase their skills and inspire future generations.

Martin Hiller, Event Director for Fame Week Africa, declared that the event is a game-changer for African and global creative professionals. With a myriad of content sessions and networking opportunities, it's where dreams can become reality.

FAME Week Africa promises to be an event like no other, showcasing the immense talent and innovation thriving across the continent. Get ready to be inspired, network with industry leaders, and witness the magic of creativity. Tickets start at R750 for all three days. Join us from September 4th to 6th, 2023, at CTICC 2, Cape Town. Visit for more details. It's time to celebrate Africa's creative brilliance!
[Submitted by Kevin Rademeyer]


22 Oct 2020
california based nonprofit PROVIDES disaster relief/homeless support and EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS


30 Mar 2019

 MM5TYMnj 400x400
 * Business Owner * Event Producer * Artist Consultant * Artist Booking 
Community Associations (C.A.S.E. – S.A.F.E. – W.O.P.)

Meet well known and respected Event Producer Cynthia Allen. Mrs. Allen has a collective set of skills necessary to produce a high-level event of any size.
Cynthia has been producing events for many years in the State of Texas and recently her talent was recognized by the State and City of Tupelo Mississippi.
Cynthia Allen founder of C. Allen Production has a list of accolades. She hosts and produces community events, concerts, and festivals. Mrs. Allen is an active member of several community non-profit organizations. Cynthia is known for producing and managing the popular 'East Texas Budweiser Blues Festival.' The festival ran for several years and features many of the best up-and-coming and unsung entertainers in the business.
The festivals featured such entertainers as; Rue Davis, Bigg Robb, Willie Clayton, Big Cynthia Walker (R.I.P.), Marvin Sease ( R.I.P.), Al Lindsey and many others. Opening opportunities were permitted to newer artists such as Charles ‘ Kizzo’ Kizzee and Marcell Cassanova to list a couple. Among the music industry legends which headlined events produced by Mrs. Allen is Grammy Winner Mr. Bobby Rush, Benny Latimore, Theodis Ealey, Shirley Brown, Dennis Edwards, and Gospel Legend Mr. Lee Williams.
 As one of her recent productions, Cynthia Allen was employed to produce a show which would honor the legacy of the Living Legend, Gospel Singer Mr. Lee Williams. To say the least, the celebration was a huge success. Community and humane organizations including the Alzheimer’s Association came together to support and sponsor Mrs. Allen’s vision.
For Mrs. Allen, her plan is never to have just an event, it is always to become a production as with the Lee William Celebration. By the conclusion of the celebration, Cynthia and her team of associates and supporters had made history in Tupelo Mississippi. Tupelo will now institute an annual Lee Williams’ Day. Not only this, City officials proclaimed that a freeway or street will be named to honor Mr. Williams, in addition to including the honoree’s name to the Landmark between Mississippi and Alabama.  The landmark will read, “The Home of Elvis Presley and Lee Williams”.
This is a perfect example of the dedication and hard work you can expect from C. Allen Productions.
So when searching for a full-service professional which specializes in artist's consultant; promotions; artist booking; special event production: Wouldn’t you want an event producer who goes that extra 632 miles?

[Submitted by Ms M. Ssugah Chaney]


10 Mar 2019
The Platters, Trumpet, and Radio - What does all of this have to do with Mose Stovall?

The Platters, Trumpet, and Radio - What does all of this have to do with Mose Stovall?  
Mose Stovall is a Birmingham Alabama native,  with a passion for music.  Mose was introduced to music very early on. It is reported that initially, Mose took an interest in the trumpet, and later began singing. Mose Stovall's singing ability was noticed by Choral Director Perry Anderson an Educator at A.H. Parker High. With nurturing from Dr. Anderson, Mose was taught ways to enhance his vocal skills.
A few of Mose accolades from early on include Birmingham Civic Opera, Birmingham All-City Chorus, a contender for Alabama Choral Ensemble. opening act for Grammy Urban Showcase in 2000, and 2013's Best Urban Male Entertainer of the Year recipient at Alabama's Urban Award.
Mose Stovall's style of singing is influenced by the late Luther Vandross, Anthony Hamilton, and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. 
Thus,  the reason Mose Stovall has come to be known as,  'the Velvet Voice.'  His expressive and soulful voice calls out to his audiences, as his feelings and spirit is reflected in his music. 
Mose Stovall has appeared as show opener to Erica Badu, Willie Clayton, the O'Jays, and  Maze. He appeared on Star Struck hosted by Donnie and Marie Osmond.
Mose has informed us that the following names are only a few of the artists he has been honored to work with: Tony Terry, Howard Hewitt, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Willie Clayton, Omar Cunningham, Vick Allen, Big Ro Williams, Erika Badu, Calvin Richardson, Benny Latimore, Angie Stone, Producers Robert and Thomas Harris, Jamil Debarlabon, Mark Price, Ant Madden of Switz Beats, GEO, Six Nine & A/C, and Wink from Gasden Alabama .
World Famous PlattersHe is a current member of The Golden Sounds of the Platters.
Although Mose Stovall is a  gifted singer, he makes it clear that he is also established as songwriter, producer and radio DJ.  Mose also enjoys performing cover tunes of other great artists.  He performs songs of all eras from the 70s to 90s and in almost all categories.
In August 2003, Mose released his first R&B solo album 'Private Party', with hits songs,  'Hold You', 'The Problem Is You', 'Good Lovin', 'Dance', and 'Can't Stand.'  Later in 2007, he released his second album.
Mose is currently hosting 'BEATS TV' which is a weekly TV show seen on (ABC 33/40) Birmingham's local airways. Mose is working on his next album and excited about the hot new single, 'Dancin.'. Be sure to follow the 'Velvet Voice' of Mose Stovall.
Mose recalls motivational phrases spoken to him by his beloved grandmother:
“Once a task has just begun, never leave it until it’s done.” “Be the labor, great or small, do it well or not at all.”
Mose says, his grandmother would repeat these phrases when she believes he and her other grandchildren were being lazy. This has been motivation for Stovall’s generation and beyond.
Now Mose shares his own motivational thoughts:  "God's purpose must always be our guide. Singing is my gift, through music I want to reach, to touch and to make changes in people's lives. My goal is to make people look at their lives and put it in a positive direction. Music is a universal language, that crosses all barriers and touches everyone - anyone. Healing souls is my mission. I thank God for the chance to spread His love through my gift of music. Through me, the gift is spread via records, Cds, TV, Radio, and Video."

We invite you to continue to follow the man with the 'Velvet Voice.' 

[Submitted by Ms M. Ssugah Chaney]




Glasgow Warriors Triumph Against Vodacom Bulls

In a thrilling spectacle at Loftus Versfeld, the Glasgow Warriors were crowned the 2024 United Rugby Championship champions, staging an unforgettable comeback to defeat the Vodacom Bulls 21-16.

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Cricket enthusiasts, mark your calendars!

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URC Grand Final Showdown: Teams named

In a highly anticipated clash, the Glasgow Warriors and the Vodacom Bulls are set to battle for URC glory at a sold-out Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria this Saturday evening.

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