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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

How To Register For Your Membership & Press Pass


Standard Membership, Pro Membership, Lifetime Membership, Publications/Organization(s), International Membership


* Complete Purchase - Follow Links On Welcome Page Or In Welcome Email (welcome email may go to spam folder. Be sure to check all of your email folders for this email).


**After payment, be sure to check for the automated Welcome Email (check all email folders) and read the instructions carefully as not to miss any steps in the registration process (registration form, upload photo, create profile login). Please note that the information you submit for billing and shipping is NOT the registration form**

  • If you are renewing your membership and have no information to update and do not wish to upload a new photo for your ID, there is nothing further you need to do.

  • If this is your first time purchasing a membership or if your membership has expired, follow the steps below.

  1. Please complete the registration form, making sure the information is accurate and exactly how you wish for it to appear on your credentials. 

  2. PHOTO(S) MUST HAVE A CLEAR VIEW OF YOUR FACE, NO ONE ELSE OBSTRUCTING YOU, HAVE A SOLID BACKGROUND COLOR. (No hats, sunglasses or facial obstructions, no hands up to face etc). Please do not submit glamour shots for your ID. You can upload that type of photo to use for your profile page, but keep in mind you are submitting a photo for an ID. This type of photo simply looks awkward for use with a photo ID and will be discarded. 


  3. Please be sure it is a quality image and will keep it's proportions if it needs to be cropped to fit the ID. Keep equal spacing around your face. Photos where there is not ample space around the face will be discarded and a new photo will be requested. 

     Image Yes          Image No

  4. Create A Username & Password to log into your member profile 

  5. *You will NOT be able to log in until your registration form is submitted*

  6. Start Building Your Profile Page

    You can add things such as:

    • Contact Information (address, phone, email) etc.

    • Your own website

    • Facebook Page

    • Twitter Page

    • Instagram Page

    • YouTube Channels

    • Linkedin Profiles

    • Business/Company Name & Address

    • Geographic Location

    Building a proper profile page can be extremely beneficial to you. You can add as much information as you would like or you can also choose to keep certain information private. If you would like others to find you either for hire or for freelance/contract work, having a rich profile page can make all the difference.

*It is important to provide as much detailed information as possible on your profile page. This can greatly increase your odds of approval when you either request a press pass for a (venue, event) etc, or use the Credential Assistance Form in your resource menu and have us obtain a press pass / media pass on your behalf. 

You will be able to login and access your account and website member features shortly after submitting your registration form.

All members will be able to customize their profile, add various information (personal website info, profile photo, email etc). All members will be added to the USPA database for ID and credential verification. 

Depending upon membership choice, you will be able to access different areas of the website. If you have a Pro Membership you will have the option to maintain your own column if you choose as well as other Pro member features.

Membership packets purchased on a Monday or Tuesday will be sent out on a Wednesday. If purchased on a Wednesday or Thursday, they will be sent out on a Friday. Packets purchased on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday will be sent out on Monday.

While the registration process (uploading photo, registration form, completing profile, submitting multiple registration forms for business or publication) can be done over time, it is best to complete all of the steps at one time.  

After receiving your member registration, we will process your membership and prepare your custom USPA ID for you and send it via email or ship it to you based upon your initial selection. 




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