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13 Mar 2020
Airports are a hotbed of viral infections.

Airports are a hotbed of viral infections. This is concerning given the spread of COVID-19 aka Coronavirus and, specifically, the potential cases in the cities of Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina.
The Daily Counter was contacted by several Uber and Lyft drivers about Coronavirus concerns. These concerns were centered around the drivers picking up riders from Columbia Airport and Charleston International Airport. Columbia Airport isn't international but can have interchanges with international riders.
The Counter conducted a brief investigation into whether or not South Carolina's airports were ready for the incoming virus. As our reporter discovered the airports either took a lax approach to the virus or didn't provide much information.
On Saturday at 11:49 AM, our reporter called Columbia Airport. In this recorded conversation, our reporter spoke with a representative from airport operations. This representative told our reporter, "Our janitor staff is cleaning twice as much." When asked what the airport specifically was doing to prepare for potential Coronavirus issues the representative said, "Well, we aren't an international airport."
According to USA Today, Columbia Airport may not be an international airport but it does take in and send out flights from several major US cities. These cities include Dallas-Fort Worth, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Philadelphia, and Charlotte. It wouldn't matter if this were an international airport or not. Given the potential opportunity of infection and the number of travelers this airport services every year, the potential for the spread of Coronavirus isn't impossible. It doesn't require an international traveler to carry Coronavirus if the virus is already present in the United States. There are suspected and confirmed cases in some of the cities that this airport services.
Today, our reporter contacted Charleston International Airport about precautions the airport is taking for the virus. The representative told The Counter that the airport was taking various precautions, is in contact with DHEC and other agencies and clean the terminals more thoroughly. From the tone of the representative, the reporter said that this airport was taking COVID-19 seriously. On the airport's website, the first thing someone would see is a picture showing how someone should wash their hands and COVID-19 updates. 
For example, unlike Columbia Airport, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (DFW) screened passengers for Coronavirus. If the same airport that Columbia Airport receives and takes in travelers from is screening passengers for Coronavirus then why isn't Columbia Airport doing the same?
In January, Robert Redfield, Director of the CDC, said in a press conference that there would be screenings at just 11 airports. Our reporter asked the representative of Columbia Airport about the CDC contacting the airport. The representative said that the CDC never contacted the airport and this is even though this airport takes in passengers from areas that were specifically mentioned by Redfield.
ABC 17 reported that some Columbia Airport travelers were concerned about the virus. Yesterday, ABC 4 reported that SC DHEC is investigating suspected cases of Coronavirus in South Carolina. In Richland County, there was a suspected case of Coronavirus.
The Counter also got in contact with Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The representative from the airport directed our reporter to the CDC's website for updates on plans to prepare for Coronavirus. Recently, the airport and American Airlines announced additional steps and precautions that will be taken to reduce the spread and risk of people contracting the virus. This was more information than was given from the Columbia and Charleston Airports.
According to the CDC, entry into the US by foreign nationals from Iran and China is restricted. These two countries are listed as "Level 3." The CDC offered several recommendations from those entering from places like China or plan to travel to China.
Quoted from the CDC:

China is experiencing widespread community transmission of respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
CDC recommends that travelers avoid all nonessential travel.
Older adults and people with chronic medical conditions may be at increased risk for severe disease.
Travelers should avoid contact with sick people and clean their hands often by washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with 60%–95% alcohol.
Travelers should stay home for 14 days after returning to the United States and practice social distancing.
Travelers that are sick with fever, cough, or have trouble breathing should call ahead before seeking medical care.

[Submitted by Dion McNeil]



24 May 2018
Today is our journey to St. Louis for BBQ.

Today is our journey to St. Louis for BBQ. Waking in the morning on our road trip there is a fresh coat of spring snow and 27 degrees in Eagle River Colorado. The morning birds are still happy and enjoying a little winter fun. Cherie and I get ready for the day and make our plans for the shortage from the snow closing I-70 in the Colorado Rockies.
Vail Colorado Road Trip 
This was a real eye-opener in the morning. We had planned to try to go up further north towards Yellowstone, but as the week got closer the weather indicated snow. It has been a beautiful journey so far.  We get ready for the day. Grateful for Burt's Bees Foot Creme, Coconut this is perfect for my feet to stay soft and non-drying. We are looking forward to some Medical Ball Tea at Starbucks for our drive to Vail and Denver.
The snow is slowly melting and roads are clearing up. The traffic is heavy as drivers try to get to their destination after an overnight road closure (thank you Expedia for all your assistance with the many reservations changes) We get to Vail Colorado just in time to hear the melting snow, capture a few photos, and watch as skiers get ready for a day of skiing.
The town brings a sense of a European Mountain town. The town was explored by Irishman George Gore, known as Lord Gore, and American frontiersman Jim Bridger was among the first explorers to venture into the mountainous region. There are little shops, skiing, and wonderful architecture.  Many buildings have high A-frame roofs and beautifully set into the landscape of the Rocky Mountains.
The town is perfect for winter sports and fun, but spring and summer are wonderful for travel. Vail Colorado offers:

Cross-country skiing
Fly fishing
Hiking recommended

Vail Recreation Path
Piney River Trail
Minute Mile Trail

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens
Spa Services
River Rafting

Continental Divide Journey
We head down the highway to one of the most impressive engineering creation Eisenhower Tunnel. This tunnel is 1.7 miles going under Continental Divide in the Rocky Mountains. This tunnel is staffed with employees monitoring carbon levels and traffic. They walk the sidewalks inside, there are fire exits in the tunnel, and old booths where employees sat to watch traffic. The tunnel has a downgrade from the 11,000' elevation. This section of I-70 through the Rocky Mountains is a wonderful journey of beauty and engineering.
Entering Denver, you quickly realize that the Rocky Mountains are behind the city to the West. Everything to the East is flat and you can see for miles. We stop for lunch at Zeppelin Station. This is a great place with a vast variety of healthy restaurants and a local bar.  Many locals gather here on Saturday afternoon to share stories and enjoy a great meal.
Aloha Poké Co. provides a light refreshing meal with a wide choice of vegetables and rice. Perfect for this long day of road travel. Cherie and I sit outside enjoying lunch in the spring sun and looking back at the Rocky Mountains thinking a strong contrast from the last two days to the journey that lays in front of us.
Kansas Journey
Heading back on our journey again the landscape becomes flat and almost desolate. It seems at times there is nothing but land here. The road seems to go forever and the earth seems flat. The journey begins to become endless. We begin counting water towers for entertainment. We counted 68 total from Kansas to Champaign IL. I am sure we missed a few here and there.
Missouri Journey
Rolling into Kansas City, MO. the city is beautiful. This is not on our scheduled stops, but one to return to for visiting. We see our first baseball stadium, The Kansas City Royals.  We make our way into Independence MO. Our ancestors were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We stopped by the Independence Visitors Center.
This center represents a time in the lives of the members of loss and contention with the government. They built homes and had plans for a temple for worship. The Saints entered the area in 1831 and by 1833 twelve hundred members in the area. This was a slave state and members did not support slavery. The voting power became a concern. The members were driven out of Independence in December 1833. The area is strong in religions started in the 1800s in the USA. The Community of Christ has a temple across the street. It is a great place to explore early American religion. As we make our way towards St. Louis there is a strong religious influence seen alone the freeway.
St. Louis City is a place that Cherie is excited to stop and explore. The first place we stop of course is the baseball stadium for the St. Louis Cardinals. It is a great place to explore the team and history. There are statues outside representing the best ballplayers. Looking behind the stadium, you see the Gateway Arch. This is the gateway to the West designed by architect Eero Saarinen. The St. Louis arch is the tallest arch in the western world. There are great things to do in St. Louis including:

Private beer lovers tour
Augusta wine tour
Lewis and Clark historic tour
Get a one-day adventure pass for admission to

Children's Zoo,
Zooline Railroad
4D Theater
Conservation Carousel
Stingrays at Caribbean Cove and Sea Lion Show

St. Louis is known for its arch and barbecue. This being a late Sunday afternoon we realize that many locations are not open, but find one near the ball field, SugarFire SmokeHouse BBQ! This is an award-winning restaurant under Chef Mike Johnson has studied with Myron Mixon, cooked under Emeril Lagasse and Charlie Trotter. It was a great experience of community, exceptional food (sweet potatoes the best) and BBQ pork and salmon. It was a great meal for the remaining day's journey to Champaign IL.  We finally make it across the Mississippi River and enter Illinois.

[Submitted by Tammy Forchion]

07 May 2018
Hot New Fashion on Georgia's Mach & Mach Show - MBFW Tbilisi 18-19 May 3

"Without question - sexiest yet most stylish fashion show I've seen - Mach & Mach - if I hire a designer in the future or suggest to a girl I'm dating, a designer - this one is my first and top pick." - Michael R. Vanderpool US Press Association. Comments on Mach & Mach - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TBILISI F/W 18-19
[Submitted by Michael Vanderpool]






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South Africa, 2 May 2022 - British former tennis player and tennis coach Miles Maclagan is coming to South Africa to host a Tennis Coaching Masterclass for South African Tennis Coaches, and a Kids Coaching Clinic for children aged between 14 and 16, as part of the 2022 Africa Cares Tennis Challenge local tennis development initiative.

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