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16 Jun 2021
There are many different press passes out there, but the US Press Association press pass is the one you need to have in your hand.

There are many different press passes out there, but the US Press Association press pass is the one you need to have in your hand. These credentials have helped members access a plethora of venues and events over two decades. If you're looking for something exciting and new to report on, the USPA could be just what you're looking for!

What makes the USPA different from other organizations granting press passes? For one thing it has over 20 years of experience providing professional journalists with opportunities.

Think about the last time you watched a press conference on TV or even read a journalists eyewitness account or concert review in a newspaper or magazine.  There is a good chance it was covered by an individual who had been given a US Press Association (USPA) press pass. The USPA is an organization that issues journalists, bloggers, writers, videographers and others, credentials which help them access events such as debates, hearings, concerts, award ceremonies, sporting events, fashion shows, trade shows and much more. If you are interested in getting your work out there but aren't sure how, then consider registering for a USPA press pass today!

Do you want to get more press coverage for your blog? Would you like to have an increased presence in the media world? If so, then it's time to get your US Press Association press pass. This is the perfect way for bloggers and writers alike to gain access to some of the hottest events happening today. With just a short application process, you're on your way towards success.

Do you want to find a way to earn income from your blog? The US Press Association press pass is the perfect solution. A US Press Association press pass can help you earn and have an amazing time doing what you love most.

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15 Mar 2020
Short article on making your own press pass or press badge.

Can I make my own press pass? Can I make my own press badge? We actually get these questions quite a bit from either prospective members or others that are simply curious about being able to cover an event they may be interested in. 

It's really not a difficult question to answer or to understand. 

While you may have the chops to create a really good looking press badge of sorts, the question is "what good will it really do"? Your press ID, press badge, press pass itself is not really what is going to get you considered for things like being able to photograph a concert or event. The question those decision makers are primarily concerned with is, "what website or publication are you part of" and "what are the number of daily/monthly listeners, viewers or readers"? If you have some slick looking press badge that you've created but no outlet or an outlet with 400 monthly visitors, chances are you're not going to be considered or receive a media pass for that particular venue or event, as they are looking for a larger audience. Of course, if it is a relatively small or local gathering, there could be other considerations.

When it comes to the type of press pass that will be given to you if you are accepted, that would be a design that is unique to either the venue, event or management. And the answer to whether or not you can make one of those is "NO". That is forgery and it is illegal. It would be blatant misrepresentation and unauthorized use of any trademarked or copyrighted names, art, symbols or material. Keep in mind too, that there is also a significant difference between the credentials that are issued to photographers, writers, bloggers and other types of "all access" passes (backstage passes) etc. Attempting to forge one of those could land you in some serious trouble as well.

So to sum it up, sure you can create your own badge of sorts but you do not want to misrepresent yourself, anyone or anything else. 

If you have a (website, internet radio station, publication), use that name on your homemade badge.

Under no circumstances should you use the name, logo, symbol, artwork or anything else that does not belong to you.

When it comes to the primary consideration of most decision makers "the number of visitors, listeners or viewers you have", see how the US Press Association can help you satisfy most requirements.

The US Press Association can also customize business ID’s, press passes, press badges, event credentials, venue credentials, backstage passes, VIP passes for your business or event. Let us put two decades of experience making, issuing and tracking credentials to work for you.

Find out more HERE

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13 Mar 2019
Stock photo reporter image(s) courtesy of

Stock photo reporter image(s) courtesy of

The only official USPA - US Press Association websites are and

The US Press Association was started in an effort to leverage rights, privileges and accessibility of freelancers with that of the more well know networks and main stream media outlets.

The concept of having strength in numbers was the underlying theme and vision for the organization. The Freelance Press Association was started that same year, but has since merged with the US Press Association. Some of the earliest members of the US Press Association were able to access and report from venues, events and scenes of breaking news that were once commonly restricted for freelance journalist. 

Recognizing the importance that "NEW MEDIA" was going to have on the world we live in, the US Press Association had and still has the vision that freelance journalists of all types need an outlet for their stories "YOUR STORIES", and an organization that will be there to help and support them every step of the way.

Members are free to submit stories, photos, video and other forms of media for website submission. Having the member ID, 24/7 online and phone confirmation of membership along with having a profile listed in the USPA database help to increase odds of maximizing the impact of the news event members want to cover by being granted certain privileges. 

This ID clearly identifies you as a member of our organization and your profile information is able to be verified in our domestic or international database of members.

Beware of the deception of other sites calling themselves USPA!


Don't subject you or your computer to the risk of some of these websites. Many of these illegitimate sites are full or malware, spyware and trojan horses that can severely damage your computer, compromise your online safety and contribute to identity theft. Worst of all they prey on the aspirations of both freelancers and professionals alike with their slickly produced websites and webs of fake agencies and publications. We urge you not to be deceived by some of the offers that are out there. In this day and age it is easy to fall for misinformation and scams that are available on slickly produced websites. Try to contact or call these websites, if you can find a number.


One way to help distinguish these fake sites is their use of stock photography throughout the site.

One site uses an image of a so called "reporter" standing just steps away from Air Force One to give the impression that one of their so called "reporters" was able to obtain this level of access.

The use of stock photos on these sites is plentiful and examples of where the images come from can be found at websites like: SHUTTERSTOCK - 123RF - iStockPhoto & Getty Images just to name a few.

Do your research! Track where YOUR MONEY is going!

You may be surprised to find where your money will be headed, and maybe more surprised to discover it's not even in the United States. If you choose to obtain one of the many so called "Press Passes" that are being sold simply to attempt gaining backstage access to a concert, or attempt to interview a celebrity let us offer you a better solution, "Join the US Press Association".

Unlike fake websites and bogus agencies, we WILL make every effort to help you in a genuine pursuit to cover a great story or event. We offer the support you need, and answer any questions you may have.

Become part of a legitimate movement, a legitimate organization.

We are a member and volunteer based organization and we are passionate about news and media, and we want to help YOU in any way we can. 



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08 Dec 2021

 10 Year Old Fashion Designer Creates Fashion That Makes Super Statements
Taneshia Franklin On Monday 15 March 2021 - 21:41:52 |
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25 Dec 2020
A Christmas morning car accident occurred in Santa Fe, NM at the intersection of St.Francis Drive and Cerrillos Road.

A Christmas morning car accident occurred in Santa Fe, NM at the intersection of St.Francis Drive and Cerrillos Road. No fatalities have been reported as yetA7300873.jpeg
[Submitted by Scott Fischer]


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20 Dec 2020
Press pass mills and phony websites are damaging the media industry and it keeps getting worse every year

Since our inception there have been websites popping up attempting to pass themselves off as the US Press Association.

We would say "we are flattered" if it wasn't so damaging!

The facade that is put up by some of these websites is very elaborate. There are interconnected webs of "press agencies" offering to sell you a fake card they call a "press pass". They list their "publications" in an effort to give the site legitimacy. The fact is, these "publications" are just a lure to get people to think they could actually be part of a "pseudo media conglomerate". All this type of site wants to do is attract enough people to use their work to make it look like they are actually doing something. That is never the issue with the US Press Association, THE USPA. We focus on driving visitors, viewers and listeners to your site or social media profile, because joining our organization is about bringing out the best in you not us.

Fact is, these people have no idea what they are doing. Sure, they have convinced enough people to buy their bogus product and if you go to their site you'll see some members. These numbers pale in comparison to the vast member base that has chosen to trust us, the original, the authentic, The US Press Association. These bogus sites and their operators desperately want to know he we operate.

Why do they want to know? Well the answer is simple, we have been dedicated to serving and assisting freelance and professional journalists and others involved in media for close to two decades now. These pop-up websites have been around for weeks, some have managed to deceive their way into a few years of operation. 

This surge in fake "press agencies" is creating a lasting mark on the integrity of freelance and even professional media organizations.

So many of these websites are really just one big web owned and controlled by a few people.

They create a business structure and set up a registered agent office in a state like Nevada, meanwhile they are nowhere to be found within the United States, instead they reside elsewhere in countries like Germany, Russia and several others. Of course, being a resident of these other countries is not an issue, the issue lies within the deceptive web in which they cast to catch unsuspecting individuals.

These fake sites tend to lure people with tempting phrases like "get your backstage pass". Any practicing journalist, photographer, videographer can tell you that simply having writing, video, photo access does NOT give you backstage access. We believe in being honest with our members and try to educate those that may just be starting out in the field about what is expected of them when we help them secure press passes for specific places or events.


"We need to take a stance against this type of deceptive practice"

We won't lure, lie or cheat to obtain members. Our members are here because they made a solid and informed decision about the organization they wished to become part of. Please stand with us and you can rest assured that we will always have the best interest of our members in mind. 

Stand with us. Become a member today...


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15 Oct 2020
Looking for content for your website or blog?

Looking for content for your website or blog? Consider the USPA as your source to provide rich, industry specific writing, photos, video and other content for your company, website or blog.

With thousands of members globally, you are sure to find the perfect match for your specific niche!

Simply click the link below to answer a few simple questions that will help us find the right matches for you. 


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15 Oct 2020
Are press passes free?

Are press passes free?

This is actually a very good question. It can also bring to light other details regarding various definitions and details about (press passes, press credentials, media passes) and the like. 

Press passes can be both free or have some sort of fee associated with them either directly or indirectly.

If you are speaking about a press pass or press credential that is issued by the possessors employer, this type of press pass would be issued to the holder in all probability at no charge as they would be using such a credential/identification in the course of their job function(s).

A press pass and or press credential can also be issued by an organization or association (trade group/website). This type of press pass would likely be issued as part of their association membership which usually has a professional fee or membership cost associated with joining. 

If you are referring to a press pass, media pass, VIP Pass, venue pass, backstage pass, this type of credential is typically issued for free by (venue management, managers, artist management, PR) or other individual or group that is in charge of the venue or event. This issuance of this type of media pass is usually dependent upon the individual requesting the pass having a pre-existing press pass or media credential. It is the possession of a press pass, media pass that lets the individual or group that issues event type passes know that the inquiring individual has some establishment of a role in media/new media.

86AC7132 CE12 43B0 A050 4BA8B2BF1549

The US Press Association "USPA" issues a press pass to it's members as part of it's proprietary industry membership packet. USPA credentials and press pass are issued to a member regardless of the membership packet an individual chooses.

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13 Mar 2020
South Carolina is known for its many potholes and bad road conditions. A 2019 report from TRIP, a nonprofit transportation research foundation, provides a look into the conditions of South Carolina roads. TRIP conducts research on all roads in all 50 sta

South Carolina is known as the Palmetto State. The state is known for the University of South Carolina, South Carolina State University, Clemson University and other institutions of higher learning. Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Beaufort are all tourist destinations for travelers from around the globe.
South Carolina is known for something else.
South Carolina is known for its many potholes and bad road conditions.
A 2019 report from TRIP, a nonprofit transportation research foundation, provides a look into the conditions of South Carolina roads. TRIP researches all roads in all 50 states and U.S. territories. The report about South Carolina road conditions and hazards paints a bleak picture.
Read More: Click here
Many in t266x300he Palmetto State were upset with the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SC DOT) for various reasons.
On Valentine's Day, multiple state agencies put out messages that upset many South Carolinians. SC DOT put out a Valentine's Day message that caused outrage among South Carolina citizens. Does such pictures how that the SC DOT is out of touch and doesn't understand the current pothole situation in the state?
As the screenshot to your left shows, some in South Carolina found it strange how a state that is notorious for having potholes would have the same state agency charged with fixing those potholes making Valentine's Day jokes. While some may find this to be funny or cute many in the Palmetto State were outraged by this message.
How committed is SC DOT to fixing potholes if the very potholes the SC citizens are complaining about are the subject of jokes on holidays?
When The Daily Counter saw this Facebook picture we decided to take a deeper look into the road condition situation in the state based on the 2019 TRIP report.
The findings from that report and other sources of information were disturbing.
Damion Lee Covington, a South Carolina truck driver, provided a statement to The Daily Counter.
"My question is will they get all this money from the state what do they really do with that money. A lot of cities (in South Carolina) do not take care of the roads this is the reason why it is in horrible condition," said Covington.

S.C. Rural Road & Bridge Conditions
According to the report, South Carolina ranked #1 in the nation for the most rural road fatalities:
"The rate of traffic fatalities on South Carolina’s non-Interstate, rural roads is the highest in the nation and is nearly four times higher than the fatality rate on all other roads in the state – 3.6 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel vs. 0.98. The report finds that 40 percent of South Carolina’s rural roads are rated in poor or mediocre condition. Nine percent of South Carolina’s rural bridges are rated as poor/structurally deficient. Bridges that are poor/structurally deficient have significant deterioration to the major components of the bridge and are often posted for lower weight or closed to traffic, restricting or redirecting large vehicles, including agricultural equipment, commercial trucks, school buses and emergency services vehicles." Read More: Click here
As the report stated, rural bridge conditions are in horrible shape in the Palmetto State.
This isn't good news for South Carolina farmers who rely on rural roads for transportation of goods. Many South Carolina truckers have a hard time navigating crumbling and broken roadways. When the roads are already in bad shape the added weight of 18-wheelers transporting farm-grown goods can make matters worse.
When the roads begin to break down in rural South Carolina that means that drivers, especially truckers, will find themselves having to purchase new tires more often. Those rural communities, like most U.S. rural communities, are not going to be as affluent as the urban areas. If there is a break down in road conditions that rural South Carolinians utilize daily then there is lost money on tire maintenance, time lost from replacing a busted tire and this hurts truck drivers.

Road Congestion
The study reveals that South Carolina roads experience congestion that many states don't match.
Nobody needs to read the 2019 TRIP report to get a good grasp of how bad congestion is on S.C. roads. All someone would have to do to review the bad road conditions is to review the 2017 TRIP report from 3 years ago:
"Mounting congestion robs drivers of time and fuel. Annual time wasted in congestion for drivers in the state’s largest urban areas is Charleston – 41 hours; Columbia – 38 hours; Florence – 11 hours; GSA Metro Area – 20 hours; Myrtle Beach – 30 hours."
Many South Carolinians have suspected that this is because the state has never really taken the right precautions for certain events.
For example, on August 20, 2017, The State Newspaper reported that the S.C. government and law enforcement officials couldn't seem to handle an influx of visitors. These visitors came to S.C. to view a solar eclipse. There were lane closures, major accidents, and warnings issued by the state's Department of Transportation.
Read More: Click here
The problem with congestion got so bad that S.C. Senate formed the Interstate Cooperation Subcommittee. This subcommittee is supposed to address the issues with interstate road conditions and issues such as congestion, maintenance, and construction. The committee is comprised of Sen. Mark Willis Jr. (Chair), Sen. JA Moore (1st Vice-Chair), Sen. Leon Gilliam (2nd Vice-Chair), Sen. William Bailey, and Sen. Kambrell Garvin.
Interstates 20 and 26 are well known for having high levels of congestion. Traffic jams can occur even outside of what many South Carolinians refer to as, "the witching hour of 5 PM." Due to the single-lane roads in areas such as Saint Andrews and Two Notch Road, a single traffic accident can cause a 3 to 4-hour delay. This may not seem like a long time but first responders have to navigate through a parade of vehicles on roads that aren't wide enough or are single-lane.

Crumbling S.C. Bridges
The report stated that 10% of all South Carolina bridges are "structurally deficient".
More troubling, the report also stated that S.C. bridges are deteriorating or have deteriorated in major components. This part of the report may not shock many who live in S.C. Bad bridge conditions are a fact of life in the state. The bridges in South Carolina are so bad that bridge collapses have claimed the lives of innocent people.
Large16x9 I26CRASH1 
For example, in 2018 46-year-old truck driver Travis Hall lost his life. Hall was driving across 4 Holes Road overpass in Orangeburg. S.C. Highway Patrol admitted that the bridge was severely damaged and contributed to Hall's death. This overpass is located on Interstate 26. That Interstate highway is one of the most used in the state. If a bridge collapses or is significantly damaged this could pose a threat to the safety of South Carolina drivers.
Read More:
Orangeburg, S.C. is mostly a rural city. This matches what the TRIP report said about rural roads and bridges and much of the roads in S.C. SC
SC DOT and others ignored the warnings given by the 2018 TRIP report.
SC DOT closed down the overpass for repairs. Is it possible that if SC DOT fixed the overpass which has long been an issue that Travis Hall, described as a hard-working truck driver, would still be alive? How could a bridge collapse, someone dies due to negligence of road maintenance and yet everyone keeps their job?

The Cost to South Carolina Drivers
The Trip report revealed something troubling for SC Drivers who drive in a state where income levels don't match most other states. The report stated that almost half (45%) of all major roads in the state were in poor or mediocre conditions. Keep in mind that TRIP conducts reports for all 50 US states and didn't give this report for every state. Here is a quote from the report:
"Forty-five percent of South Carolina’s major roads are in poor or mediocre condition. Driving on roadsin need of repair costs South Carolina motorists $2.1 billion a year in extra vehicle repairs andoperating costs – $557 per motorist." - 2019 Trip Report
Imagine for a second that there is a situation where someone is paying taxes for road conditions. Now, imagine that person having to pay for repairs to their vehicle while also being in a relatively poor state like South Carolina. This cannot be good for a taxi driver, rideshare driver (Lyft, Uber, etc.), truck drivers and other professions who rely on good roads to make a living. This isn't just costing SC taxpayers billions of dollars but also costing professional drivers.
A rideshare driver who uses companies like Uber and Lyft has to pay for their vehicle maintenance. What would be the point in trying to drive to make money as an Uber driver if someone has to pay for vehicle maintenance plus gas (congestion) in a state where rideshare rates are lower than average?

The 2019 TRIP report revealed other major issues. For example, the report stated that traffic will increase on SC roads.
If the SC DOT, SC General Assembly, and the SC Governor Henry McMacmaster haven't solved the problem of crumbling roads in the Palmetto State then one would be forgiven if they believed the road situation will claim more lives, cost SC drivers more money and make the state a laughing stock.
Perhaps the SC General Assembly and SC DOT should realize that they have to use these roads as well. If nothing else, fixing the roads should be a priority due to self-preservation. 
[Submitted by Dion McNeil]





JOHANNESBURG: For the first time since the completion of the 2022 ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup in New Zealand, the Momentum Proteas will reassemble for a demanding two-week national training camp, beginning on Thursday at the Cricket South Africa (CSA) High Performance Centre in Tshwane.

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Johannesburg – The 2022 Annual Lions Cricket Awards has been set for Saturday 28 May at the Sun Bet Time Square Arena.

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Miles Maclagan, International Tennis Coach & Former Tennis Player headed to South Africa for Tennis Coaching Series

South Africa, 2 May 2022 - British former tennis player and tennis coach Miles Maclagan is coming to South Africa to host a Tennis Coaching Masterclass for South African Tennis Coaches, and a Kids Coaching Clinic for children aged between 14 and 16, as part of the 2022 Africa Cares Tennis Challenge local tennis development initiative.

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