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21 Jan 2018
BSA Images Of The Week: 01.21.18

BSA Images Of The Week: 01.21.18
Editorz, 20 Jan 11:02 PM


The streets across the US were again flooded with angry, determined women yesterday. Nothing we can say here will do justice to the enormity of the crowds protesting in 250 cities on the first anniversary of the inauguration, nor the range of political and social fronts that are being contested. Clearly the world stage has […]

Pop Up “Trump Cemetery” Marks Death of Ideas on 1st Anniversary of Inauguration by INDECLINE Artist Collective
Editorz, 20 Jan 11:00 AM


The death of ideas, not people. “Here Lies The American Dream”, reads the freshly planted headstone. ”Give us your tired, out of shape, white, upper-class, entitles few…and build a wall around their daddy’s fortunes,” reads the inscription. “Grave New World” installation by INDECLINE artist collective (image © INDECLINE) The solemn scene of six new fake […]

BSA Film Friday: 01.19.18
Editorz, 19 Jan 05:00 AM


1. "While They Seek Solutions" by Vegan Flava
2. The Brooklyn Burrow: Episode 1. Iena Cruz
3. MOMO: A (brief) tour of the nomadic artist's New Orleans Studio
4. 167 Art Project - Lecce, Italy.

Artists Continue to Fight for Affordable Housing in NYC
Editorz, 18 Jan 09:00 AM


They’re not coming here for the Olive Garden, George. They’re not here for a tour of Target, Trixie. They’re here for “Hello Dolly”, “Hamilton”, and “Cats”. They’re here for Billie Joel at the Garden, “Springstein on Broadway” and the “David Bowie” opening at the Brooklyn Museum. They’re here for the virtual reality exhibition “Celestial Bodies” […]

Zurik is “DIVIDED” at Contorno Urbano 12 1
Editorz, 17 Jan 05:00 AM


Graffiti writer/mural painter/graphic designer ZURIK is divided not just by her artist description but by her nationalities. Leaving Bogotá and moving to Barcelona is a big split as well and she’s still adjusting to the cultural differences between Spain and Colombia. No wonder her new portrait is sliced in two! She calls it “Divided”. Zurik. […]

Magda Danysz Brings “Art From The Streets” to Singapore Art Science Museum
Editorz, 16 Jan 05:00 AM


“Art From the Streets”, an exhibition at the Art Science Museum in Singapore opened this weekend to coordinate with Singapore Art Week that runs from tomorrow until the end of the month with fairs, festivals and art exhibitions. Commercial art dealer and writer Magda Danysz curated the show with names she represents and whom you […]

3 Quotes from MLK Jr. on His Birthday
Editorz, 15 Jan 11:35 AM


The US is honoring Dr. Martin Lunther King Jr. today with a national holiday in his name. We mark this special day by selecting three quotes from him that are timeless and timely, as applicable to today as the day he said them. “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be […]...Read More

BSA Images Of The Week: 01.14.18
Editorz, 13 Jan 11:02 PM


A celebrated American, the New York poet Langston Hughes, leads off this edition of BSA Images of the Week, with a firebox posting of a portion of his work “Oh Let America Be America Again.” A part of the Harlem Jazz Age that gave birth to a freedom of expression and heralded fame for many […]

Trump “In the Hole” on the Cover of “The New Yorker”
Editorz, 13 Jan 05:00 AM


As New Yorkers and art lovers we really appreciate the cover of the new issue of The New Yorker magazine. It is an image of a side-show, now center-stage, New Yorker sinking into a hole. Nearing one year since his inauguration, he obviously wanted to appear presidential in the Oval Office this week when referring […]

BSA Film Friday: 01.12.18
Editorz, 11 Jan 11:02 PM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. “Aesthetic of Eas” A film by Kristina Borhes and Nazar Tymoshchuk / MZM Projects 2. 1UP CREW (ONE UNITED POWER) HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 3. Patrick Hartl & Christian Hundertmark’s Exclusive Debut of “Layer Cake” BSA […]

“Desordes Creativas” and Creative Desserts in the North of Spain
Editorz, 11 Jan 05:00 AM


What’s for dessert? You may think of public mural festivals as the final dish that is pleasing to the eye and sweet beyond belief. DESORDES CREATIVAS (Creative Desserts) is a festival of urban art in a city called Ordenes, about 40 kilometers north of Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain’s Galicia region, and it has […]

The 2018 Roster for Contorno Urbano 12 1 at L’ Hospitalet De Llobregat
Editorz, 10 Jan 05:00 AM


The tenacious and hard working Esteban Marin and the whole team at Contorno Urbano in Barcelona have announced their line up for the third edition of their project 12 1. With artists drawn from a variety of public practices like graffiti (Zurik), abstract (Joan Cabrer), design (Etnik), realism (Lily Brik), and representative (Sepe), the […]

A Street View From Inside the Doors of Mexico City ; Galleries, Studios, Museums, and the Metro
Editorz, 09 Jan 05:00 AM


Street Art and graffiti and their relatives often go inside these days, including in Mexico City, where we recently found some interesting new intersections between urban art and contemporary art when we wandered off the streets into studio, gallery, and even museum spaces. Here we’ll show you images from a few of these places, including; […]

INTI Commands First Monograph : Color, Carnaval y Resistencia
Editorz, 08 Jan 09:00 AM


“Certainties, simple explanations, last hopes, magic thoughts and fears. All of them confronted by what is evident.” Thus describes the figure slung with bullets, holding a necklace with a cross and delicately balancing a small green apple on his index finger on a larger than life mural in Santiago, Chili. The visual language of this graffiti/Street […]


Author USPA  Arts & Culture
29 Sep 2017
BSA announces a huge success for the international open call for the mural and residency in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain).

BSA announces a huge success for the international open call for the mural and residency in Sant Feliu de Llobregat (Barcelona, Spain).

BSA is partnering with Contorno Urbano Foundation on this massive and sweet 400 square meter wall - and 284 artists from 42 countries have applied to win the competition to paint it!

BSA has been helping hundreds of artists to connect with opportunities for a decade, and we like this people-powered non-commercial organization that actively sponsors Street Artists, graffiti artists, conceptual artists, mural artists to paint walls in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, an industrial city and municipality in Catalonia, Spain, in the province of Barcelona.

Next Step: Pre-Selection

38 PM

Elevationa and photos of the wall.

Next step is the pre-selection of the 12 finalists by a committee made by members of the City Council, 2 curators and a street art specialist.

In October the names of the 12 finalists will be revealed and they will create a sketch for the ultimate selection in November.

Members of the jury: 
Jaime Rojo (co-founder Brooklyn Street Art, curator), 
Fernando Figueroa (PHD in History of Art, Independent researcher specialized in graffiti and urban art), 
Veronica Werckmeister (painter and muralist, curator) 
Yasha Young (Director of Urban Nation, curator).

Creation of the mural: The artist chosen will win a 7000€ prize and all the fees will be covered. The wall will be paint in Spring 2018 after an artistic residency in order the artist knows the historic context and the city.

The mural will represent the neighbors’ fight 30 years ago to have this public square created instead of a gas station.

In Spring 2018 the selected winning artist will have a residency in Barcelona so you can get to know the city, the people and the context for creating the mural.

This is a WIN-WIN opportunity for the winning artist to create something meaningful and lasting for a community and to meet some really amazing people here and in Barcelona, the vibrant Spanish city that has played an important role in the rise of the global Street Art scene.

26 PM

Learn more about Contorno Urbano HERE.


30 Sep 2021
One local icon in Coconut Grove, the Coconut Grove Playhouse, has long stood as a landmark to the city’s history and the uncertain future many of its historical buildings face.

Historical preservation in Miami is fraught with enough challenges before you factor in the private interests of property developers and citizens alike. One local icon in Coconut Grove, the Coconut Grove Playhouse, has long stood as a landmark to the city’s history and the uncertain future many of its historical buildings face. Now, with some clarity as to what the city is planning for the future of the site, locals are expressing frustrations at being shut out from the process and, above all, fears that the plans will destroy the historical value of the site in favor of yet another strip-mall-type development.

Opening on January 3, 1927, the nearly one-hundred-year-old playhouse was originally called the Player's State Theater and was part of the Paramount chain. Richard Kiehnel of Kiehnel and Elliott was the architect behind the playhouse and it was notable upon opening for being the second movie theater to be air-conditioned on Florida’s Gold Coast. It was converted into a live-action theater following Alfred Browning Parker’s purchase of the building in the 1950s. Reopening as a live-action theater on January 3, 1956, the first play performed at the refurbished location was Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot.”

In the ensuing decades, the playhouse would hose the likes of legends such as Tallulah Bankhead, Liza Minnelli, Carol Channing, Bea Arthur, George C. Scott, Ethel Merman, Colleen Dewhurst, and many others. The 1980s and 1990s were periods of change and challenge for the playhouse which was eventually purchased in 2006 by Miami-Dade County due to its crushing debt load.

After the state of Florida granted the county permission to take over the building 2014, Miami-Dade has solicited ideas for use of the site from everyone from developers to citizens of Coconut Grove with the latter feeling particularly left out of recent discussions surrounding the landmark.

A recent Zoom meeting about the site on September 20th discussed County Commissioner Raquel Regalado’s plans for the Coconut Grove Playhouse that critics say offers nothing new and destroys the historical character of the site. A Facebook group dedicated to saving the playhouse, “Save the Coconut Grove Playhouse,” wrote of the meeting: “So we hope the Council is not considering switching sides again just because Regalado added a few trees, a sidewalk ‘paseo’ (which was already in the plan years ago), a ‘pocket park,’ wood siding to the commercialized retail shopping center, and a few token ornaments ripped out of the demolished historic theater. We appreciate their work at getting the facts together.”

One of the largest issues facing plans for the playhouse is the extent to which it is considered historical and what that means for redevelopment. In other words, how much can be changed, if anything, before this designation is violated in some way.

Another issue noted by the group is that the plan doesn’t actually make for a viable theater with seating reduced from 1,100 to 300 with most of the space devoted to new retail concepts. A “decisive” meeting about the site is being held on October 4th with residents able to sign up to attend the Zoom meeting until October 1st.

[Submitted by Vince Rubiera]


05 May 2019

21 Mar 2019
Artist - Songwriter

Artist - Songwriter

The 2019 South by Southwest (SXSW) activities was host to artists and filmmakers from all across the globe. I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with 'Gea' a very unique and welcoming artist. Gea hosted a showcase which not only debuted her music but that of other artists as well. Gea tells us that the event was a huge success. 

Gea is a native of Helsinki Finland with songs which sounds like Nordic folk narratives delivered with present-day electro-acoustic production and fairy-like vocals. Gea's music can fall into multiple categories, such as EDM, Art Pop, indie pop, Folk-pop

 Gea released her debut album in New York on September 11, 2017. The album was well received by mainstream music media in the USA, including Huffington Post. Her album reached the #30 in the top count down five times and the #10 in the count down twice. The ratings are noted on radio charts in the USA. In Germany, it was chosen NBT Music Radio's 2017 best album in the top 100.
 Other Accolades:

Finland -(Nosteessa / Slope) artist of the week by YleX (major radio stations of the Finnish Broadcasting Company).
Hollywood Intl Golden Film Award -Music video ”Alone” best editing
Song ”Pink” won Best Soundtrack Award at the Social Machinery Film Festival in Italy

Aller Laura Avonius S400x0 Q80 Noupscale

[Submitted by Ms M. Ssugah Chaney]


20 Mar 2019
Actor, Thespian, Creative, Arts

Raina is an American actress born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana and has come to Claim Purpose and Blaze the world of Entertainment! For more than 10 years she has been a student of the Arts. Being rooted in Theater, Raina has since discovered her passion for TV & Film.

Raina attributes much of her Strength, Inspirations and Upbringing to her Mother. Her mother’s kindness, integrity and work ethic is/were endless and helped to shape Raina’s perception of Life.

Raina grew up in east New Orleans. In earlier years, she and her older brother would create memories with other children at Joe W. Brown Park. Also, Raina would often visit the Historically esteemed French Quarters during school field trips; but it wasn’t until she was older that she truly learned the significance of what she had been exposed to.

Like her Mother, a lover of life and all things in it; Raina strives to mimic her- by exuding Love, Respect, and Compassion, daily. Although Raina’s purpose is Acting, she accepts responsibility to humankind and is deliberate in her role to reflect and breathe life into her story or project.

It didn’t take Raina long to learn that what she had fantasized of being for so long would also require exceptional dedication and levels of honing her craft. Raina begin training at the age of 12 at Anthony Bean Community Theater in New Orleans. Throughout her entire high school term, she was a member of the Drama Dept. of McDonogh #35 as well as a student at New Orleans Center of Creative Arts (NOCCA). Raina then studied and graduated (with Honors) from The Conservatory of Theater Arts of Webster University with a degree in Acting.
It comes as no surprise that whatever Raina touches will manifest into something great!

After graduation Raina relocated to Atlanta, Georgia with the same Blueprint in mind; she allowed her love for people to help navigate her into the acting circuit of Atlanta. Connecting with like-minded Artist; Raina had the pleasure of competing in the REP YOUR ACT 2017 Acting Competition. Naturally she Wowed the Audience, other contenders and judges- thus making her the Winner of the competition. Not quite a year after being a resident she is rumored to be a young Viola Davis!
Raina has served Background and Supporting Roles in films; Contraband, The Important Parts of Me, Ms. Devaux (2018). She has had the opportunity to work as an associate producer in Dirty Deeds (Keturah Miller in The Blue Series- Discovery}. Raina has also portrayed Idil in Stage Play, Where It All Goes Down (Natalie E. Davis).  

While Raina continues to evolve as an Actress, she understands symmetry. In life, there will be highs and lows. She has learned that opportunity sometimes come in the appearance of opposition. While being a resilient actor, she cares for her Grandmother back in New Orleans.

Raina had already proven that everything she sought out to conquer was a success, so she was up for the dual residency challenge. As she has tattooed words to live and love by; “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.”-Denzel Washington and “The kind of beauty I want most is the hard-to-get kind that comes from within – strength, courage, dignity.”-Ruby Dee, her beacon radiates.

Raina’s goals are to tell as many stories and touch as many hearts as possible through her work; whether it be through TV/Film or Stage. She dreams to one day share scenes with Viola Davis, Cicely Tyson and Forrest Whitaker but more than that Raina aspires to be the best version of herself; holding true to always being intentional and unapologetically transparent.
Raina just completed a heart jerking deliverance as Van Miller, in the Blue Series Special, “Finished the Dream”, a tribute to Women’s History Month. She has accepted the role of Bianca in Superstar Dreamz, Live the Musical, which is projected to come out later in the year, and she will be featured in Queen of Resilience (a Magazine/Platform that targets mental health awareness, mentorship, and professional development).  In addition, you can spot her in a few short films and web series the latter of 2019.
You truly don’t want to miss Raina’s Amazing Journey!

Fasten Your Seat Belts…RAINA HOUSTON is Indeed a WOMAN on the MOVE!
For Bookings: BYSB Talent Agency
 ““Since I’ve studied theater mainly, I felt a bit like a fish out of water moving to Atlanta to pursue a career in film and television. It hasn’t been a walk in a park and I’m still learning each day what serves me best as an actress. I simply had to become comfortable with failing and telling myself, “Hey, it’s ok! You live and you learn.” What’s for you is for you and no one can take that from you!” -Raina Houston
[Submitted by Sunny L. Kelley Aiken]


13 Mar 2019
Competition, EXPO

Lauren Keeton, native of Mobile, Alabama, became a residence of Atlanta, Georgia for 17 years; sets the Atlanta scene to a new standard with her passion for Youth in Arts and Entertainment.

Being an educator, Lauren has a considerable amount of experience in the area of the Private/Public school Sectors. In which, she would soon discover the need for Arts and a compelling vigor to commit to such an assignment.

Lauren was often approached by parents of youth as well as other mentors, expressing their interest in entertaining or how they- themselves might go about contributing to the Arts. Although Lauren didn’t have all the answers, she remembered encouraging nuggets her mother would share; “Seek God to make the Vision Clear” or “Practice Makes Permanent”. After experiencing a few personal (seemingly) set- backs of attempting to establish herself in the industry; Lauren realized the answers she sought God for- was already in her possession!


Lauren had made good on her child hood dreams! She earned a BA in Theater at Auburn University and after wards served numerous roles in Stage Plays. This gave her the fortitude to birth Hott Theatre for Children. On August 2014, Cobb County, Atlanta GA Film Industry would never be the same. Hott Theatre was the beginning of something Radical!  

Lauren filed previous experiences and made Hott Theatre for Children answer the need of each child- no matter the creative facet.  Hott Theatre provides a platform that gives voices to all Youth who have a passion in Theater, Music, TV/Film, Modeling and Hosting. In addition, it is geared to prepare the youth for public speaking, auditions, branding, and interviews.  

Lauren partnered with other industry professionals and charities around the city of Atlanta to share with Hott Theatre. Many are zealously paying it forward, looking to make their mark in the world. “Your Reputation is Everything in the Film Industry,” says Lauren.  

In a small amount of time, students of Hott Theatre for Children had been in pursuit of their acting and music careers. Films such as Birth of a Nation, Almost Christmas, Fixation, Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, and All Eyez on Me don’t even scratch the surface of opportunities they have been graced to appear in! In addition to TV/Films and Stage Plays, some have led and made cameo appearances on National Commercials and others have produced their own Music and Videos. There is No Box that can hold Hott Theatre for Children!  

In an effort to create real life scenarios for children AND adults (who were seeking to make acting their career), Lauren’s vision for Hott Theater would soon catapult. Just when you thought you had an idea of what would be next for them; Lauren introduced an extension of her previous vision: Rep Your Act!  

Rep Your Act is a Competition for all-age Demographics (projected to Grow Nationally) allowing Artist to Represent their Talent, whether it be song, dance, acting, performing monologues, comedy and etc. #RepYourAct2017 and #RepYourAct2018 were Huge Successes. Past winners and contenders are set to be the next generation of Talent to take TV/Film to Unseen Levels. 

Approaching #RepYourAct2019, anticipation has grown! This exhibition is known to create more working relationships. Atlanta actors and Industry Professionals will have access to vetted Fresh Faces; trained by the Best acting coaches. And beginner filmmakers as well as public will have opportunity to network with Atlanta’s Who’s Who!  

Thank You to Past Guest/Host/Honorees/Sponsors/Media/Venders/Judges:  
Celebrity Radio Host, Saga Boss- DTTO Online Radio (Instinct Radio), Richard J Reynolds, Eagle Vision Productions, Medical Dermatology Specialists, January Curry (Casting Director) Destination Casting, Ibee Events, Poised Studios. Genuine Apparel. Bobby & Renee Peoples, The Peoples Network. A Sweet Obsession. Coko Lynn, Bright Star Talent, Singer/Actress Kimani Edwards, Casting Director Andrea Craven. Queen Nola (Caring Hands & Heart Foundation Inc). Fancy with Lavish Cosmetics. Kimberly D. Worthy (Author.Actress.Writer.Producer). Gypsii La Flor (Radio Personality), Tina Bridges (Host & Media Personality), Actress/Model Brenda Dubone Smith, Greg Lockett, Natarsha The Manager, Sunny Kelley Aiken, Wardell Richardson, Andree Harris, Actress DeEtta West (Aspire Tv), Auditions with Shay Mack, Marietta Theater Square, LeAnn Foster,Ray Knowledge, Tribel Nickerson, James Thompson, Ezron Benjamin, Morning Dew Style, Nova House, She ROCKS, And Many More…………..

REP YOUR ACT 2019 will Hit the Runway with a KICK OFF MIXER!

As Lauren introduces the Newest Vision of RYA2019, she remains truthful to her purpose. Rep Your Act is a competition but not synonymous with other Talent Competitions. The idea is designed for every contestant to Win by showcasing their talents and gain the necessary exposure. WIN WIN!  

Be Sure to Subscribe for RYA PROMO and Other Gems!

[Submitted by Sunny L. Kelley Aiken]

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21 Jul 2018
It's a shame but very much a reality that there are websites and fake agencies out there that are attempting to copy what the US Press Association has been doing for the past 20 years.

It's a shame but very much a reality that there are websites and fake agencies out there that are attempting to copy what the US Press Association has been doing for the past 20 years. While many of these sites are cleverly produced showing some members and even fake publications, these sites can do very little for you when it comes to helping you as either a freelancer or professional in your designated field. With thousands of members across the globe, The US Press Association "THE USPA" is there for you to help YOU with the many requirements and tasks that you may face on a daily basis. From professional association requirements for credentials to social networking and website SEO, the US Press Association is here to help YOU. Many of the sites you may come across utilize deceptive practices to obtain members to help them artificially inflate their "members" in an effort to look like they are authentic. Truth of the matter is, most of these sites have been imitating the US Press Association and in some instances attempting to utilize our likeness in an attempt to deceive prospective members. Some of these deceptive practices include creating an elaborate web of "agencies" and bogus "publications" or news outlets in an attempt to lure those with journalistic passions with a place they can post their stories, photos, videos or other media. In their attempts to defraud prospective members, they have only succeeded in damaging legitimate freelancers and even professionals.

Stand with the US Press Association and let's work together to put a stop to those that attempt to defraud and damage the efforts of those with a passion for anyone involved in journalism and new media.

Join an organization that is there for YOU!

Join the US Press Association family today

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20 Apr 2018





As the rugby world braces itself for the third round of the Vodacom United Rugby Championship, the Vodacom Bulls get set to host a hungry Connacht team at Loftus Versfeld on Friday evening.

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Hingis, 41, who won five Grand Slam singles titles in thee late 1990s, and Halep, 31 with two major titles in the bag, will feature at the Africa Cares Tennis Challenge in December.

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A World Cup winner, a seasoned club cricketer and a man that has shared the same changeroom on tour with some of the most recognised Proteas of the 21st century – in Non-Independent Director Simphiwe Ndzundzu, Cricket South Africa (CSA) has a real gem sitting on its Board.

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