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Friday, February 23, 2024

BSA Images Of The Week: 01.21.18


BSA Images Of The Week: 01.21.18
Editorz, 20 Jan 11:02 PM


The streets across the US were again flooded with angry, determined women yesterday. Nothing we can say here will do justice to the enormity of the crowds protesting in 250 cities on the first anniversary of the inauguration, nor the range of political and social fronts that are being contested. Clearly the world stage has […]

Pop Up “Trump Cemetery” Marks Death of Ideas on 1st Anniversary of Inauguration by INDECLINE Artist Collective
Editorz, 20 Jan 11:00 AM


The death of ideas, not people. “Here Lies The American Dream”, reads the freshly planted headstone. ”Give us your tired, out of shape, white, upper-class, entitles few…and build a wall around their daddy’s fortunes,” reads the inscription. “Grave New World” installation by INDECLINE artist collective (image © INDECLINE) The solemn scene of six new fake […]

BSA Film Friday: 01.19.18
Editorz, 19 Jan 05:00 AM


1. "While They Seek Solutions" by Vegan Flava
2. The Brooklyn Burrow: Episode 1. Iena Cruz
3. MOMO: A (brief) tour of the nomadic artist's New Orleans Studio
4. 167 Art Project - Lecce, Italy.

Artists Continue to Fight for Affordable Housing in NYC
Editorz, 18 Jan 09:00 AM


They’re not coming here for the Olive Garden, George. They’re not here for a tour of Target, Trixie. They’re here for “Hello Dolly”, “Hamilton”, and “Cats”. They’re here for Billie Joel at the Garden, “Springstein on Broadway” and the “David Bowie” opening at the Brooklyn Museum. They’re here for the virtual reality exhibition “Celestial Bodies” […]

Zurik is “DIVIDED” at Contorno Urbano 12 1
Editorz, 17 Jan 05:00 AM


Graffiti writer/mural painter/graphic designer ZURIK is divided not just by her artist description but by her nationalities. Leaving Bogotá and moving to Barcelona is a big split as well and she’s still adjusting to the cultural differences between Spain and Colombia. No wonder her new portrait is sliced in two! She calls it “Divided”. Zurik. […]

Magda Danysz Brings “Art From The Streets” to Singapore Art Science Museum
Editorz, 16 Jan 05:00 AM


“Art From the Streets”, an exhibition at the Art Science Museum in Singapore opened this weekend to coordinate with Singapore Art Week that runs from tomorrow until the end of the month with fairs, festivals and art exhibitions. Commercial art dealer and writer Magda Danysz curated the show with names she represents and whom you […]

3 Quotes from MLK Jr. on His Birthday
Editorz, 15 Jan 11:35 AM


The US is honoring Dr. Martin Lunther King Jr. today with a national holiday in his name. We mark this special day by selecting three quotes from him that are timeless and timely, as applicable to today as the day he said them. “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be […]...Read More

BSA Images Of The Week: 01.14.18
Editorz, 13 Jan 11:02 PM


A celebrated American, the New York poet Langston Hughes, leads off this edition of BSA Images of the Week, with a firebox posting of a portion of his work “Oh Let America Be America Again.” A part of the Harlem Jazz Age that gave birth to a freedom of expression and heralded fame for many […]

Trump “In the Hole” on the Cover of “The New Yorker”
Editorz, 13 Jan 05:00 AM


As New Yorkers and art lovers we really appreciate the cover of the new issue of The New Yorker magazine. It is an image of a side-show, now center-stage, New Yorker sinking into a hole. Nearing one year since his inauguration, he obviously wanted to appear presidential in the Oval Office this week when referring […]

BSA Film Friday: 01.12.18
Editorz, 11 Jan 11:02 PM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. “Aesthetic of Eas” A film by Kristina Borhes and Nazar Tymoshchuk / MZM Projects 2. 1UP CREW (ONE UNITED POWER) HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 3. Patrick Hartl & Christian Hundertmark’s Exclusive Debut of “Layer Cake” BSA […]

“Desordes Creativas” and Creative Desserts in the North of Spain
Editorz, 11 Jan 05:00 AM


What’s for dessert? You may think of public mural festivals as the final dish that is pleasing to the eye and sweet beyond belief. DESORDES CREATIVAS (Creative Desserts) is a festival of urban art in a city called Ordenes, about 40 kilometers north of Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain’s Galicia region, and it has […]

The 2018 Roster for Contorno Urbano 12 1 at L’ Hospitalet De Llobregat
Editorz, 10 Jan 05:00 AM


The tenacious and hard working Esteban Marin and the whole team at Contorno Urbano in Barcelona have announced their line up for the third edition of their project 12 1. With artists drawn from a variety of public practices like graffiti (Zurik), abstract (Joan Cabrer), design (Etnik), realism (Lily Brik), and representative (Sepe), the […]

A Street View From Inside the Doors of Mexico City ; Galleries, Studios, Museums, and the Metro
Editorz, 09 Jan 05:00 AM


Street Art and graffiti and their relatives often go inside these days, including in Mexico City, where we recently found some interesting new intersections between urban art and contemporary art when we wandered off the streets into studio, gallery, and even museum spaces. Here we’ll show you images from a few of these places, including; […]

INTI Commands First Monograph : Color, Carnaval y Resistencia
Editorz, 08 Jan 09:00 AM


“Certainties, simple explanations, last hopes, magic thoughts and fears. All of them confronted by what is evident.” Thus describes the figure slung with bullets, holding a necklace with a cross and delicately balancing a small green apple on his index finger on a larger than life mural in Santiago, Chili. The visual language of this graffiti/Street […]

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