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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

US Press Association - The USPA: We set the Standard for New Media Credentials


From the moment of our inception, a troubling trend has emerged—imitation websites attempting to pass themselves off as us. We'd express flattery if the consequences weren't so detrimental! These deceptive websites craft elaborate facades, weaving interconnected webs of "press agencies" peddling counterfeit credentials labeled as "press passes." They showcase so-called "publications" to lend an air of legitimacy, creating the illusion of a "pseudo media conglomerate." However, their true aim is to attract individuals, exploiting their work to create an appearance of activity. This is never the ethos of the US Press Association (The USPA).

At the core of our mission is the commitment to drive visitors, viewers, and listeners to your site or social media profile. Joining our organization isn't about us; it's about bringing out the best in you.

The reality is, these imitators lack expertise and understanding. While they may convince some to purchase their deceptive products and showcase a handful of members on their site, these numbers pale in comparison to the vast member base that has chosen to trust us—the original, the authentic, The US Press Association. These sham sites and their operators are eager to uncover our operational secrets.

Why the curiosity? The answer is simple—our dedication to serving and assisting freelance and professional journalists, spanning close to two decades. In contrast, these pop-up websites have a fleeting existence, with some managing to deceive for only a few years.

The surge in these fake "press agencies" is leaving a lasting mark on the integrity of freelance and professional media organizations. Many of these websites are essentially one large web controlled by a few individuals. They establish a business structure and register an office in a state like Nevada, while operating from locations outside the United States, such as Germany, Russia, and others. While residence in other countries is not an issue, the problem lies in the deceptive web they cast to ensnare unsuspecting individuals.

These fraudulent sites entice people with alluring phrases like "get your backstage pass," falsely suggesting that possessing writing, video, or photo access automatically grants backstage privileges. At the US Press Association, we believe in honesty. We educate our members, especially those starting out, about the expectations when securing press passes for specific places or events.

"We need to take a stance against this type of deceptive practice."

We refuse to engage in luring, lying, or cheating to gain members. Our community is built on solid, informed decisions by individuals who chose an organization aligned with their values. Stand with us, and rest assured—we always have the best interests of our members at heart.

Stand with us. Become a member today.

Stand with us. Become a member today.

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