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Cape Town, South Africa – April 18, 2024 - Time is running out for filmmakers across the African continent and its diaspora to seize the spotlight at the highly anticipated FAME Shorts Film Festival 2024.

With the submission deadline looming on April 26, 2024, aspiring filmmakers are urged to submit their captivating and groundbreaking short films for consideration.

The FAME Shorts Film Festival stands as a beacon of independent African cinema, a vibrant tapestry of narratives that captivate and inspire audiences worldwide. From poignant documentaries unraveling cultural tapestries to gripping narratives delving into modern life and diasporic experiences, the festival is a celebration of creativity and storytelling prowess.

"We're witnessing an incredible outpouring of talent as we approach the submission deadline for the FAME Shorts Film Festival 2024," exclaims Martin Hiller, Portfolio Director for FAME Week Africa. "This year's festival promises to be an electrifying showcase of African storytelling, and we eagerly anticipate the outstanding films that will grace our screens." Hiller emphasizes, "The caliber of submissions thus far is a testament to the extraordinary creative spirit in Africa. We're in the midst of a cinematic renaissance, and the FAME Shorts Film Festival stands at its forefront."

Filmmakers are invited to submit their works across six dynamic categories, each adjudicated by industry luminaries:
• Best Documentary Short Film
• Best Narrative Short Film
• Best Animated Short Film
• Best Student Short Film
• Best LGBTQ+ Short Film

Beyond the spotlight, the festival offers a plethora of opportunities for professional growth and networking. From illuminating content sessions to immersive workshops and masterclasses, filmmakers have the chance to learn from seasoned professionals and forge connections within the industry.

Set against the vibrant backdrop of Cape Town's Labia Theatre, the FAME Shorts Film Festival, in collaboration with MIP Africa, will unfold from September 5th to 7th, 2024. Anticipated highlights include screenings of selected films, thought-provoking panel discussions, networking soirées, and the eagerly awaited FAME After Dark, where live music will complement the cinematic experience.

With the submission deadline fast approaching, filmmakers are urged to seize the moment and submit their creations by April 26, 2024. Notifications for selected films will be dispatched by June 18, 2024.

Do not let this opportunity slip by. Be a part of the cinematic spectacle at the FAME Shorts Film Festival 2024. Submit your film today and join us in celebrating the unparalleled richness of independent African cinema.

For more details and to submit your film, visit the FAME Shorts Film Festival website.
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