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Monday, April 22, 2024

BSA Images Of The Week: 09.03.17 NUART 2017 Special


BSA Images Of The Week: 09.03.17 NUART 2017 Special
Editorz, 03 Sep 12:02 AM


Welcome to Sunday! This week we have a special edition of BSA Images of the Week; Dedicated to Nuart 2017. Each year Nuart challenges itself as much as it challenges you, unwilling to fall into the beckoning arms of the ever more bodacious and titilating Street Art Festival siren that increasingly works the thoroughfare […]...Read More

NUART 2017 Works In Progress and Nordic Gems By the Sea
Editorz, 02 Sep 10:00 AM


In Stavanger, Norway the Nuart Festival, in all its firey activist rebellious street-smart community-powered glory, is well underway; a chain-reaction of events and actions that ignite throughout the streets, in the gallery halls, and in neglected margins of this seaside town. In our 10th year bringing you the art and ideas from Nuart, BSA is […]

BSA Film Friday: 09.01.17
Editorz, 01 Sep 06:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. From Pakistan: The Writing on the Wall 2. “Wrong Weight” Sculpture by Górnicki and Chazme in Łódź 3. CUMA PROJECT: Walking with the Lenca. Stinkfish, Mazatl and Kill Joy 4. ONCE in Barcelona for 12 […]

Powerful Voices at NUART 2017 : NUART PLUS Kicks Off
Editorz, 31 Aug 12:02 AM


“Steve & Jaime—We made it! Thank you so so much. You were huge. Every time you tweeted or posted, I would get a run of pledges. It means a lot. I promise to make a great film that the community will be proud of.” That was what film director Mark Nickolas told us when BSA […]

Xav Paints New Mural In Kiev and Meets Racist Resistance
Editorz, 30 Aug 12:02 AM


Spanish tattoo artist and muralist Javier Robledo aka Xav brought an enormous joyful boy to Kiev in Ukraine this summer, his largest mural ever at 70 meters high by 15 meters wide. He was pleased by his feat and gratified with the opportunity and result, as was Iryna Kanishcheva, co-founder of Art United Us who […]

ROA Paints a Memorial Tribute in BK : “Pet Bird RIP”
Editorz, 29 Aug 06:00 AM


“I could paint a regular parakeet – something pretty – but that’s not me and anyway Peter would f*cking like this!” says Belgian Street Artist ROA as he talks about his newest gift from the natural world to Brooklyn. A tribute to his friend who lived not far from this spot and who hit the […]

“Nau Bostik” Invigorates La Sagrera District in Barcelona
Editorz, 28 Aug 06:00 AM


Portraits, characters, surrealistic scenes and a range of illustration styles all reigned at the Nau Bostik festival in the La Sagrera neighborhood of Barcelona this summer. Organizing the painted component of the festival were folks from the Open Walls Conference and Difusor in a collaborative program to bring a new cultural infusion of life to […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 08.27.17
Editorz, 27 Aug 12:02 AM


Welcome to Sunday and the last free weekend of summer in New York before Labor Day. We had a fun tour yesterday with the two winners of the Magic City – Munich competition who won the opportunity to see the streets through our half cracked and mostly sunny perspective. The foot tour with Munich-based students […]

Street Game of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister by Axe Coulours in Barcelona
Editorz, 26 Aug 06:00 AM


Will the Starks sort out their differences? Will Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen get together? And what about his true parentage? Most germane perhaps:..will you survive the mother meeting of all meetings on tomorrow’s GOT season’s final f**kfest? Axe Colours. Tyrion Lannister (photo © Lluis Olive Bulbena) On a Barcelona street wall “Game of Thrones” […]

BSA Film Friday: 08.25.17
Editorz, 25 Aug 06:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Fin DAC and ‘Shukumei’ on a Rooftop in San Francisco 2. Nevercrew in Satka 3. Dabs & Myla in L.A. 4. Miedo in Barcelona for 12 1 Project BSA Special Feature: Fin DAC on a Rooftop […]

TRUMP Art on News Stands Shockingly Pointed
Editorz, 24 Aug 12:05 AM


The Street Art has certainly been ahead of the pack this past year when it comes to drawing connections between Trump and fascism, racism, Nazis, and the KKK and we’ve been trying to document it as it appears weekly. We thought it was remarkable this week to see what common images are showing up on […]

Tavar Zawacki Unveils in Sacramento with First Mural
Editorz, 23 Aug 06:00 AM


Tavar Zawacki Unveils in Sacramento with First Mural

“Street Art In Sicilia” Tours You Through 31 Cities and 200 Artists
Editorz, 22 Aug 06:00 AM


"Street Art In Sicilia" Tours You Through 31 Cities and 200 Artists

Rendering Swastikas Inert on Berlin Walls
Editorz, 21 Aug 10:20 AM


The past couple of weeks (months, years) have seen the seeds of racism and fascism grow in western societies, taking to the streets as free-speech demonstrations, then menacing marches, then sometimes devolving into marauding nests of hate and physical violence. Graffiti has been a tool for communicating these sentiments more often than in recent years […]...Read More

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In the heart of Lwala, Kenya, a place where the warmth of the sun is matched only by the warmth of its community, two artists, Martha Cooper, an esteemed New York ethnologist and photographer, and Seth, a visionary French street artist and muralist, embarked on a remarkable journey a few weeks ago.

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Calabash South Africa is thrilled to present a once-in-a-lifetime experience as the legendary Robbie Williams takes center stage on day one of Calabash South Africa 2025!

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Bulls and Sharks Shine in European Knock Outs

The Vodacom Bulls and Hollywoodbets Sharks brought South African rugby fans some joy in an otherwise mixed weekend, as both teams secured impressive victories to advance to the quarter-finals of their respective European competitions.

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