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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

BSA Images Of The Week: 11.12.17


BSA Images Of The Week: 11.12.17
Editorz, 11 Nov 11:02 PM


Yoko Ono has been talking about and advocating peace for half a century and with her husband John Lennon she asked us first to imagine it. Is it the absence of something, or the presence of it? “Think Peace. Act Peace. Spread Peace. Imagine Peace.” As the US commemorates Veterans Day this weekend, we lead […]

Bifido & Julieta in Buñol Go to Church with “EGO”
Editorz, 11 Nov 09:00 AM


Here is the third recent collaboration of Spanish Street Artists Bifido and Julieta, a combination that plays on the strengths of each individual while retaining their respective characters. Julieta . Bifido “EGO”. Work in progress. Buñol, Valencia. Spain. October, 2017. (photo © Roberto Palmer) As the creative partnership continues you can begin to see a […]

BSA Film Friday: 11.10.17
Editorz, 10 Nov 05:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. OLEK: Keep Going 2. Aïda Gómez: Ladies First 3. A Look at the Worlds First Museum of Urban Contemporary Art 4. MurOne // 12 1 Project 5. Obey Giant – The Documentary BSA Special Feature: […]

Bezt Etam Talks About “Beautiful Mistakes”
Editorz, 09 Nov 05:00 AM


A certain unease follows Street Artist Bezt in his creative practice. “I get bored very fast so I try not to repeat myself.” Not an Achilles heel exactly, this need to experiment and learn, as many artists who are stylistically or thematically in a rut could benefit from that affliction. In New York recently for […]

Arnau Gallery In Barcelona. A Wall with a mission
Editorz, 08 Nov 09:00 AM


The celebrated but now ruinous Arnau Theater in Barcelona sits patiently awaiting to be revived. Once an effervescent center of spectacle and entertainment the theater opened its doors in 1894 and through various mutations including a place to go to the “talkies” and a variety program hosted by the then famous actress Sara Montiel closed […]

Murals Across Finland: UPEA ’17 Sweeps More Cities
Editorz, 07 Nov 09:00 AM


From the country with the highest standard of living comes a country-wide mural festival called UPEA for 2017! Only in their second year, they are going big here at home. Messy Desk. UPEA Festival 2017. Finland. (photo © Markus Hänninen) Okay, the murals are not in every city of this Scandinavian country, but if lead […]

An Abandoned German Factory and the Free-form IBUG Festival
Editorz, 06 Nov 05:00 AM


Travel blogger and writer Giulia Blocal is sightseeing and living in new places as an independently minded explorer and observer. She has lived in Slovenia, London, Madrid, and Dublin in recent years, discovering their character and cultures and contrasting them with her native city of Rome. Today Giulia shares with BSA readers her late summer […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 11.05.17
Editorz, 05 Nov 12:02 AM


Welcome! Here’s our weekly interview with the streets, this week featuring BK Foxx, City Kitty, Dain, Jucer, Nick Walker, Praxis REVOK, Sam Himer, Sheryo, Skount, Smells, The Yok, Turtle Caps, UFO 907, WRDSMTH. Top image: Praxis (photo © Jaime Rojo) BK Foxx creates this new mural on gun violence in our country, which glamorizes guns […]

Bunnies, Birds, Sexuality and VINZ Feel Free’s “Innocence” in Brooklyn
Editorz, 04 Nov 10:00 AM


It’s been a typical New York autumn week for Vinz Feel Free, the wild-life street surrealist from Valencia. Vinz Feel Free contributes his phone booth ad takeover for the growing and influential #resistanceisfemale campaign (photo © Jaime Rojo) His freshly painted birds-on-a-wire on the gallery door and legal wheat pastes on the street are contiguous […]...Read More

BSA Film Friday: 11.03.17
Editorz, 03 Nov 10:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1.“Collective Heartbreak” KNOW HOPE at Nuart 2017 2. Igor Ponosov “Too Far, Too Close” 3. UNIQA Art Łódź project in Łódź, Poland 4. Agostino Iaurci for Parees Fest. BSA Special Feature: “Collective Heartbreak” KNOW HOPE at Nuart […]

Robbbb and Spidey Question Idealized Heroes in Beijing
Editorz, 02 Nov 06:00 AM


A few new painted wheat-pastes in the urban rubble from Street Artist ROBBBB in Beijing, China today, including this thoughtful, reflective and paunchy Spiderman who may not be able to scale walls quite as readily as he has in the past. Robbbb. Beijing, China. October 2017. (photo © Robbbb) It almost looks like these superheroes […]

Street Artist OLEK and Volunteers Create NINA SIMONE Tribute in Raleigh, NC
Editorz, 01 Nov 06:00 AM


Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Nina Simone; Three of the women whom Street Artist Olek would like us to remember from U.S. history, and who have been recently featured in public crochet portraits. Her most recent portrait done with help from the community brings art made by the public to the public in a country-wide […]

Boston’s “Underground Mural Project” Opens With 11 Artists
Editorz, 31 Oct 06:00 AM


“I love transforming a raw space for everyone to discover. It’s the best feeling to see people enjoying themselves in front of my art,” says artist Cey Adams in Boston as he finishes his “LOVE” mural in a letter style recalling the funky late 70s. Cey Adams. Urban Art Park. Beantown, Boston. September 2017. (photo […]

12 Finalist Artists Announced for Contorno Urbano Mural in Barcelona
Editorz, 30 Oct 10:00 AM


Almost 300 artists and collectives from around the world (42 countries) have entered the 2018 Contorno Urbano competition for this wall/residency/7000€ prize in Barcelona! It is astounding how many high caliber artists are at work today in cities everywhere, bringing innovative new techniques and unique perspectives to public space like never before. After reviewing all […]

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