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Friday, February 23, 2024



In a grand proclamation, the illustrious City of Cape Town proudly steps into the limelight, announced as the prestigious Host City for the forthcoming Betway SA20 Final, slated for the resplendent date of 10th February 2024. This momentous partnership between the City and the tournament promises to unfurl the vibrant tapestry of Cape Town's allure to a global audience, casting its magnetic charm in the corridors of tourism hotspots worldwide.

Adorned with natural beauty and steeped in cultural richness, the iconic Newlands stadium emerges as the sacred ground where the champions of Betway SA20 Season 2 will be anointed on the grand stage of the Final. Not merely content with hosting the Final, Newlands sets the scene for the inaugural Qualifier on 6th February. Meanwhile, the Wanderers stands ready to host two exhilarating back-to-back knockout clashes - the thrilling Eliminator on 7th February and the gripping Qualifier 2 on 8th February.

The City of Cape Town, now anointed as the official 'Host City – Final' partner, embarks on an unprecedented journey to amplify its magnificence across the League's global network and vast audience.

Cape Town, an eminent gem in the treasure trove of global tourist destinations, captivates hearts with its heritage sites, iconic landmarks, diverse arts, cultural extravaganza, and pristine natural resources. A symphony of unparalleled offerings awaits within the city's embrace - an ensemble of experiences that cater to every discerning visitor.

"Merely 50 days away from the onset of this cricketing extravaganza, this marks a pivotal moment as we crown the City of Cape Town as our esteemed Host City for the Final, locking in our venues for the playoffs and Final," proclaimed the Betway SA20 League Commissioner, Graeme Smith. "Summer and cricket weave a timeless narrative, and with the January/February window secured annually, SA20 promises to be the ultimate destination. Cape Town, a global hotspot for summer escapades, has proved its mettle by hosting distinguished events like the Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup Final, the Volvo Ocean Race, the URC Final, the Cape Epic, and more. The city pulsates with a unique energy, boasting iconic locales and a plethora of entertainment options. We eagerly anticipate the city setting the stage for a world-class Final on the 10th of February 2024."

A bastion of cricketing lore, the Wanderers has witnessed iconic clashes etched in the annals of South African cricket. It has been the arena for historic encounters, including the famed 438 game, the 2003 ICC Cricket World Cup Final, and the scintillating 2023 Betway SA20 Final.

Nestled beneath the towering majesty of the mountains, Newlands, with its famed Oaks embankment, resounding Railway Stand, the tantalizing aroma wafting from the nearby brewery, and the ethereal sunsets, transforms each match into a timeless spectacle.

"As the City of Cape Town, we embark on an exhilarating partnership with Betway SA20 to showcase our resplendent city during their Season 2 playoffs and Final. We take pride in having been chosen by the Mumbai Indians, the joint-most successful IPL team, as the home for their SA20 franchise. Securing Newlands as the Final's venue augurs well for MI Cape Town in Season 2," affirmed the Deputy Mayor, Eddie Andrews.

"The electrifying buzz in the city during Season 1, from avid cricket enthusiasts to casual sports aficionados, was palpable. Moreover, the economic and environmental impact of the League resonates with our vision of enhancing the lives of our citizens. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with SA20 to showcase spectacular cricketing action and the splendor of our city throughout the tournament, culminating in the playoffs and the grand final at Newlands."

In an exciting addition to Season 2, the playoffs will witness the top teams vying for supremacy - Qualifier 1, the Eliminator, and Qualifier 2, paving the way for an epic championship clash in the Final on the 10th of February.

With just 50 days to go before the commencement of this enthralling cricketing fiesta, the anticipation builds as the world's elite cricketers prepare for a month brimming with entertainment, top-notch cricket, and everlasting memories.

The defending champions, Sunrisers Eastern Cape, shall commence their title defense with a riveting encounter against the Joburg Super Kings in Gqeberha on the 10th of January, unleashing cricket fever across South Africa's premier stadiums throughout the month.

Tickets for the playoffs and the Final will be available for purchase starting from the 8th of January on Stay tuned to Betway SA20 and the City of Cape Town's social media platforms to seize your chance to be part of the electrifying atmosphere at these matches. Tickets for the round-robin matches are presently accessible on
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