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Sunday, October 01, 2023

US Press Association - Member ID Card and it's features

Credentials now contain a QR Code. QR Code is short for Quick Response Code. Originally used in the automotive industry, they have quickly become utilized for many purposes due to fast readability by a wide range of devices and their ability to hold far more information than standard UPC barcodes. 

The QR Codes on the US Press Association Press Credentials will contain: Name, Member ID#, Join Date/Expiration Date, Title, Website Information (optional), Contact Information (optional). With the availability of QR/Barcode reading software and Apps for mobile devices, your QR Code can easily be scanned and offers your membership information almost instantly. This option has been suggested to us by several event planners and coordinators, and we listened. This technology has proved to be quite successful, especially in the political arena. While many people can offer up a business card, they can easily be lost, misplaced or damaged and unreadable. It is also possible to take a picture of an ID or business card, but there can also be issues with that as well such as blurred text, need to photograph both front and back to get all required information. With a QR code, this can be simply captured as an image and read later by software or scanned, decoded and saved instantly. 

 IMG 8107

When the QR is scanned or placed in front of the camera, an iPhone, Android or Tablet, the device will prompt the user to open a web page where your membership can easily be confirmed 24/7!

Your USPA Member ID card also contains a holographic sticker to provide the ultimate in security and assurance to others that your ID is 100% genuine. The USPA hologram is embedded with a combination of ebeam nano text, tamper proof security foil and 4 seperate "security channels" or 2D/3D images. 

Remember, is the ONLY website offering the GENUINE USPA (ID, seal, hologram, QR code, embossed stamp and embossed letter of accreditation).

Other websites claiming to offer our USPA ID, stamps, seals or letters are not authentic.

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