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Work  for Citizenship

“Work  for Citizenship”     A way to gain citizenship faster, legally and economically.  
By Peter Lewit , Discourse and Reflection    Aug. 23, 2017
  We know there are numerous foreigners coming into the United States illegally. Surprisingly, many pay enormous sums of money to be smuggled across the border. These sums can be far greater than the approximate $725 cost to go through a process and paperwork to become a citizen. They pay the extra cost because it gets them into our country faster. A solution to this problem might take the form of a work for citizenship program. The primary component is the work camp.  This work camp would be similar to construction and logging camps that were prevalent in the early days of building our country.  It was an idea that President Roosevelt promoted when he created the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s.
As an example, foreigners intending to immigrate could apply to the program for a tour of three months. They must remain in the camp in a guarded arrangement until their tour is complete or they decide to return to their place of origin. A tour would also include passing their citizenship requirements.  Illegals already here in the country could also apply. In their case they might go for an extended period of six months, the extra time being in the form of community (Govt) service in lieu of a fine, imprisonment or deportation.  A basic understanding of English would also be required.  Part of their wages would be garnished to cover camp, food and citizenship requirement costs.   Quarters would be in a group camp format as suitable to the area.  By consolidating the workers into camps they would not be incurring huge costs for meals, housing and transportation. They would still be able to send home to their family an allowance comparable to what they might earn with a green card. There would be areas for men and women and a choice of work for both.  The work would be on government projects or camp duties, which may include assisting in cooking sanitation and the like. Evenings would be spent in their citizenship training and English.
    While in the camp they would go through a vetting process and physical health inspection.  Removal to the place of origin would occur if there was failure to pass our government’s standards.  The whole program would be voluntary, details of time frames would be up to the federal government. It should be enticing so that all concerned parties benefit.  Altogether, this program would use foreign nationals intending to immigrate, to work on U.S. government sponsored programs:  “the wall”, for example. With the exception of building materials, it cuts government labor costs, provides a safe and secure environment for us and the workers. The country of origin will pay us by default; in other words, they lose a part of their workforce!  Volunteers with varied experience could be sought to enhance the program.  The federal government saves on costs for the project. The immigrants save costs, get in faster and above all, become legal!
[Submitted by Peter Lewit]

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