Traditional Zydeco 
We caught up with Bon'Ton Mickey and the Zydeco Hotsteppers in Katy TX at Kathy's Korner.  Bon'Ton Mickey, born Mickey Guillory; reigns from Eunice Louisiana. Bon'Ton Mickey is not only the founder he is band leader and accordionist who's performed live since 1979. He is a true Legend to the Zydeco Cultural. 
Going out to watch Bon'Ton Mickey and the Zydeco HotSteppers has been a real pleasure.
Mickey says, he learned to love the fun side of making music as a teenager.
After relocating to Houston around the age of 14,  he missed the music he had grown accustomed to.  Being raised in this musically enriched atmosphere,  he couldn't get enough of this; body swaying, foot-stomping sound called: Zydeco
Mickey's appreciation for the music, motivated him to teach himself to play the “squeezebox” or accordion at the age of 17. Today he still shares his passion, and a playful enjoyment through his music.
Bon'Ton Mickey and the Zydeco Hotsteppers provides high energy live performances.
We asked Bon'Ton Mickey,  why he continues to play Zydeco. He responded, " It's about roots, and a culture but most of all; it's good fun." Bon'Ton goes on to share his views about his shows and the love for his audience.  
Mickey says, '  We spark the energy and excitement of the crowd. Sometime I play on my knees and when I was younger (laughingly) I even on played on my back. All the instruments are important. A good bass player compliments the drummer. Well everybody in the band matters. I appreciate all the guys. So many of them have set-in with many over the years.
He continues, ' people love it when they can get on stage and play the rub-board with the band. They try...even if they've never played or seen a rub-board before.  They still get a kick out if. ' Bon'Ton Mickey added, 'That's what it's all about; Fun, just fun.  Zydeco, is supposed to be about passing a good time. We get them dancing, "
When we asked Bon'Ton Mickey about his specific style, here's what he had to say; ' I stick with the traditional zydeco that i heard growing up. I grew up listening to Buckwheat, Boozoo and Clifton Chenier: you know, those guys.  I listen to a lot of the guys playing the newer style, and I like that too. There's some really good bands around. It's just that I rather play traditional and that's what my fans like.
Bon'Ton shared with us that he, and the band can be found playing on multiple festivals stages  throughout Texas. He goes on to say, that the band has and still does play from State to State, and City to City. Bon'Ton Mickey reminds us that he has been playing and touring for over 30 years, so he's been on the road a long time.
As a last note Bon'Ton wants the readers to know: "We specialize in festivals, however; we play backyard party, company party and other event. Just be ready to dance.
For additional information on Bon'Ton Mickey and the Zydeco Hotsteppers Band contact: 832.786.9188 

[Submitted by Ms M. Ssugah Chaney]