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The 4th Annual BOLD Lifestyle Awards


                                    The Future Favors the BOLD
There's a new me coming out And I just had to live And I want to give I'm completely positive I think this time around I am gonna do it Like you never do it Like you never knew it Oh, I'll make it through 
Lyrics coined by Legendary Diana Ross- served as the Mantra for the 4th Annual Bold Lifestyle Awards as creator, LyNita Mitchell- Blackwell took to the dance floor in complete Celebratory fashion!
                             SOME PEOPLE MAKE IT LOOK EASY
LyNita Mitchell- Blackwell is for sure leading in many facets. Her extensive catalog of work- ranges from Corporate to Entertainment to Entrepreneurship as well as spiritual advocacy. LyNita’s education and Life Coaching skills afforded her the ability to hone her natural gifts; Loving People.
Not for sake of popularity or selfish gain but because LyNita understood alignment; She refused to cower from such an astronomical task leaving it for someone else to do. Instead she allows her nucleus to elevate and edify others!
LyNita Mitchell-Blackwell is Crowned as the LEADERSHIP CHAMPION.
She serves as an Author, Attorney, CPA, Life Coach, Speaker, Publisher- all while honoring her role as wife to Rev Brian K Blackwell, mother of Angelica, and friend to many. When considering the task, LyNita heeds a level of Symmetry in order to maintain traction while she carries her baton in this Marathon.  Having been rooted, embraced, and exposed to a family and community of high integrity; it would only be natural for LyNita to exude Passion, Purpose, and Perfection in everything that she touches!
                    Extensive as Her Resume is, Her Heart is MUCH More!
In addition to traditional education and trainings, work-life balance incentivized her with rewards reflective of the services, she has rendered. LyNita’s relentless fortitude and ambition drove her to show up to meet the best version of herself. She has served on many notable committees, chaired non-profit events, and is recognized amongst her peers in Corporate America as well as Internationally. She is a Pioneer in her community and for the newer relationships- she leaves a lasting impression. Qualified and certified to run with the best; LyNita is most valued for her humility!
“When You Wake Up in The Morning, Don’t Roll Over, Roll Out!”
 “Your mind is Ready, get your body Set, and let's Go!”, says LyNita as she barbarously conquers each goal!
LyNita’s previous WINS would include but not be limited to; a publisher of three Award winning magazines, an EP (Executive Producer) of entertainment and informative television and radio shows, and a Keynote Motivational Speaker. She commits to each destination and challenge while being true to self. Constantly engaging in personal growth and having a spirit of discernment has allowed LyNita to take the front seat to her Destiny!
It is no secret of how Extraordinary LyNita Mitchell- Blackwell is. Her magic is embedded in her WHY! “I love striking the match and setting people on FIRE with their reason for being.” No matter the platform, she is purposefully dedicated to transforming lives. While she is an Inspiration to others, she too is inspired by other icons! “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”- Eleanor Roosevelt, “Never, ever stay where you are not valued”- Dr. Robert J Watkins, and “The right thing isn’t always the easiest thing, but it’s still the right thing”- Dr. Byron L Mitchell are Gems she has sculpted and has been a grave contributor to the Wisdom she perspires!
                                                Unapologetically BOLD
LyNita knew early in her career that her brand was collective; and once she had written the vision it would be an expedition of responsibility. It was unlike her to not be generous with what she had been blessed with. In addition to being an accomplished author, LyNita sought to share her new vision with a dynamic force of Go-getters! What she had was something that would change the trajectory of How Stories are Told. It was BOLD!  
                                             BOLD Favor Media Group
 LyNita had such a strict level of excellence for herself- that it would become repulsive to even witness others not walk in their own Purpose and Power. Images that many had become bored with- was Now the barometer for Television/Film and media. LyNita was frustrated at how women were depicted in media, particularly, women of Color.  And thus, was charged to BE THE CHANGE!
“I was horrified the first time I saw an episode of the Reality Show, RHWOA. And THEN… they kept making more versions of that franchise. So, I prayed and asked God...…. He told me not to get angry; but do something!”
The Journey Did Not Come Without Opposition. But it would soon be WORTH IT!
LyNita was never oblivious to the height of her obligations. There was much to consider. In the beginning stages she took blind chances and had to do a few things over. She communicated with her family and colleagues- giving them heads up that she would be creating her own magazine.
 Even when there were minor set- backs, LyNita used the experiences as a source of gain. The 1st Magazine issue, LyNita ranked it very low and described it to be “ugly” after having used a Microsoft Word format. She attempted a couple more times but it still didn’t meet her standards.  It wasn’t until a good friend, Donna Werdelin, hired her cousin, graphic designer, Jodeci Richardson, where her vision for Bold Favor Magazine was indeed Exceptional!
 LyNita launches Bold Favor Media Group. A rhetorical source fashioned to give voice to each Leading woman. The Bold Favor Media Group is the brand that introduces a culture that Everyone has the ability to Win!  Being comprised of 4 Magazines; Bold Ageless Beauty, Bold Next, Bold Plus, Bold Favor, there was sure to be an overflow of leaders to reverse the agenda of how Women in Leadership is perceived.
 By now, LyNita was a well-known author, publisher and owner of 4 successful magazines and was gaining exposure, Internationally. Her team and her had an unspoken chemistry. Each person brought their own flavor. This would elevate the initial vision as well as create more opportunities.
 When it came to media, Bold Favor MG would make their mark! Not only were they a major part of the Atlanta Circuit, but they had established themselves throughout other leading cities in the United States. They are known for Giving Back and Highlighting ‘Make Sense’ Foundations.
A MOVEMENT. LyNita was Pleased with the Developments of Bold Favor Media Group. And even more, keen in keeping like-minded people in her circle. She would often welcome new ideas for the advancement of the Bold Vision!
BOLD Lifestyle Awards
 2015 was the year for the Bold Vision. LyNita and her team was Intentional in Sharing the Mission and Goal of Bold Favor Media Group. BOLD Lifestyle Awards became a Thing!
Each year, BOLD Favor Media Group honors outstanding community leaders from around the world who have dedicated their lives to empowering and uplifting others to live powerfully! LyNita wanted people in the community to know they were appreciated and their offerings didn’t go unnoticed. Throughout the year, the mission of Bold Favor Media would be to connect and be in the know of these well-deserved leaders.
LyNita, What Fond Memory Would Serve as Your WHY – in Your Mission for the BOLD Lifestyle Awards?
“2017. The first time we were approved for a major Awards program to cover the red carpet was the 2017 Soul Train Music Awards in Las Vegas. We were all so excited! Tinzley Bradford did a phenomenal job covering it. And our own Awards program later that year was outstanding!”
                             As If It Couldn’t Get Any Greater!
 On December 2018, at the 4th Annual Bold Lifestyle Awards, LyNita and the Entire Bold Favor MG Family was in complete Formation! Although they came to celebrate other Regal Men and Women of the Community, LyNita surprised her team with the very 1st Comic Book- honoring them for their service to the Movement. In the interim of pitching the Bold Favor Comic Book, yielded much stress. There was no one to bounce ideas from (seeing that it was a secret) and LyNita was adamant about Wowing her team with the most memorable Dedication. Rumors of success were inevitable after witnessing how high the Climax and Reception was from the Crowd. And in conclusion, the 4th Annual BOLD Lifestyle Awards was topped off with grand salutation on a job well done!
LyNita Mitchell-Blackwell has mighty shoes to fill, but she certainly has scribed the blueprint of success for a Sorority of Leaders to Follow.
 You Don’t Want to Miss What’s Up Next for LyNita!
Be Sure to Connect https://livingthelifestyle.live/about-me/ for a Buffet of Enrichment Tools and Events.
[Submitted by Sunny L. Kelley Aiken]

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