The Recommender

No TP No Problem

Friday 10 April 2020 - 17:06:06

With the recent run on TP, we decided to review and make some recommendations for what could become a new household item for a lot of US homes. We're talking about "The Bidet". 

While just a few short weeks ago many people would have dismissed this idea, today it is being given much consideration. We decided to test out a few and make some recommendations. We won't bother with names or descriptions of failures we found, after all they are just C**p!

If you are trying to watch your budget, we recommend the Bio Bidet SlimEdge

At under $40 it's hard to go wrong with an item that costs less than 2 24 packs of commercial brand TP!

We found the installation to be simple and the product itself to be of decent quality. While it isn't something that will last decades, it appears like it will be able to tough it out for a few years making it worth the under $40 investment. The spray is ample and the hydro clean will surely cut down on TP usage. Get yours here

If you have a bit more in the budget we recommend the Tibbers Home Bidet

Much like the previously mentioned option, the Tibbers Home Bidet offers easy enough installation. There is better pressure and longer spray duration with this model. The material and construction are good and you should get many years of use.

You can get yours here