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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
Submitted By Kevin Rademeyer  Sports
17 Aug 2023
In a groundbreaking move to fuse technology with the beloved sport of cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has joined forces with Nium, a prominent fintech infrastructure partner and leading global payments platform.

In a groundbreaking move to fuse technology with the beloved sport of cricket, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has joined forces with Nium, a prominent fintech infrastructure partner and leading global payments platform. Together, they extend an open invitation to cricket enthusiasts who are also adept technologists, urging them to spearhead a new era of the game through cutting-edge innovations. This rallying call marks the inauguration of the second installment of the "Next In" hackathon.

The "Next In" hackathon stands as a distinctive platform that unites technologists from every corner of the globe who share a profound passion for cricket. This sophomore edition promises to outshine its predecessor, providing participants with a grand stage to showcase their expertise, collaborate with kindred spirits, and contribute to the evolution of cricket in the digital age. This journey culminates in the hackathon's ultimate showdown scheduled for early November in India, aligning with the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup.

This innovative platform serves as a fertile ground for technologists to cultivate groundbreaking solutions that elevate high-performance training, revolutionize fan engagement, and invigorate mass participation in cricket. It encapsulates an unprecedented opportunity for the global community of sports and technology innovators to weave novel fan engagement experiences and to fortify the game's expansion. Aligning seamlessly with the ICC's vision for widespread cricket enjoyment, this hackathon opens the gateway to amplify fan involvement and accessibility to the sport.

The hackathon's framework encompasses three pivotal tracks:

Enhancing the Team and Athlete Training Experience
Elevating Fan Experience – both within stadiums and from the comfort of home
Catalyzing Participation Growth in the Sport
Though participants are unconstrained by any technological boundaries, at least one of the following technologies must be harnessed within their applications for the aforementioned tracks:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML)
Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)
Data Science
To secure a spot in this groundbreaking event, potential participants are invited to register their interest by September 29th. Following this, a select group of teams will be summoned to bring their creations to life and present them before a distinguished panel of judges. Among these judges stands the hackathon's ambassador, the legendary Anil Kumble. This exclusive event is slated for early November during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023. Furthermore, the hackathon journey incorporates enlightening knowledge sessions led by mentors, as well as networking events in prominent global tech hubs like Singapore, Mumbai, and San Francisco.

Finn Bradshaw, the ICC's Head of Digital, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Our journey with Nium marks an exciting juncture where invention intersects with an abiding love for cricket. With our focus on High Performance, Fan Engagement, and Grassroots Participation, we're poised to enhance cricket experiences, deepen fan connections, and nurture emerging talent. The future brims with promise as we engage with the brightest minds."

Nium's Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing and Communications, Jeremiah Glodoveza, lauded the hackathon's role in advancing the sport: "The Next-In Hackathon is a stage for the world's finest technologists to shape the future of cricket. We celebrate innovation in all forms, both on and off the field. The upcoming hackathon is set to be a spectacular showcase of fans' visions for cricket's future."

Anil Kumble, the Hackathon Ambassador, expressed his delight in leading the event's second edition, highlighting the transformative power of technology in cricket. He emphasized the critical role of data in shaping the game's trajectory, expressing his anticipation for the innovative ideas that participants will present to enrich the cricketing experience for fans and players alike.

The inaugural Next In hackathon garnered the participation of 9,550 teams hailing from 113 nations, including 1,000 teams from the USA. The winning concept, pioneered by 'Team Fanisko,' introduced an augmented reality dimension to cricket viewing. Their solution incorporated 3D Augmented Reality technology, permitting users to engage with live matches from the comfort of their homes. Seamlessly integrated within the ICC app, their creation provided in-depth player insights, effectively bridging the gap between fans and the on-field action.

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17 Aug 2023
In realms of myriad skills, a talent's bloom,

In realms of myriad skills, a talent's bloom,
Young Trisha Chetty stood at destiny's loom.
Sports' varied paths did tempt her gaze,
Yet cricket's song in her heart did blaze.

She heeded the whispers her heart did sing,
Trust in her instincts, like a swallow's wing.
Chetty's rise, a tale from Durban's embrace,
Where dreams were spun, and talents did chase.

At tender seven, in mini-cricket's art,
She took her place, a player's fiery start.
With boys she sparred, a hard-ball dance,
A passion's fire in her stance.

Through primary's days, and high school's grace,
She held her cricket like an honored vase.
From club to KZN's team, she soared,
A journey etched, her heart's score.

"I played at KZN Women," she recollects,
Roots that anchored dreams, a journey she connects.
Her parents' cheers, like stars above,
Guiding lights of boundless love.

"I forged a pact," she fondly claimed,
To self-improve, her spirit aimed.
An infatuation fierce with cricket's art,
Drove her journey from the start.

In Proteas' green, she took her stand,
Debuting proudly for her homeland.
A testament to toil, her skills refined,
Excellence a habit, deeply enshrined.

Between the years, a tapestry spun,
Two Tests, 120 limited-overs, brightly done.
With Shandre Fritz, a record high they set,
Opening partnership no one could forget.

Dismissals gathered, records paved,
In women's cricket, her name engraved.
World Cups graced, her legacy unfurled,
Chetty's journey, a dazzling world.

Challenges few, her path did grace,
A changing landscape, women's cricket's space.
From two tours yearly to a broader view,
Opportunities widened, her dreams came true.

Memories cherished, friendships pure,
Years of togetherness, a bond secure.
Beating England's might, a triumphant day,
In T20 World Cup's fervent fray.

Retirement called, a chapter closed,
Yet in cricket's world, her spirit still composed.
A wicketkeeping sage, she aspired to be,
Guiding talents to cricket's sea.

A consultant's role, with wisdom's gleam,
Imparting knowledge like a flowing stream.
To youth and future stars, a guiding light,
Elevating their skills to soaring height.

Her parents' lessons, like whispered wind,
A compass true, their values thinned.
Her mom, an anchor, a pillar tall,
Guiding her rise, through highs and fall.

"To shine is to be," a mantra profound,
Her parents' wisdom, a steady sound.
For aspiring souls, her message clear,
The women's game, on growth's frontier.

Beyond the crease, a home's embrace,
A beagle's joy, a cozy space.
With heart ablaze, in all she's done,
She aimed for excellence, the rising sun.
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17 Aug 2023
In a turn of events that has left cricket fans both hopeful and disappointed, Jofra Archer, the fast-bowling sensation and a cornerstone of England's cricketing prowess, has been omitted from the World Cup squad due to lingering concerns about his fitness.

In a turn of events that has left cricket fans both hopeful and disappointed, Jofra Archer, the fast-bowling sensation and a cornerstone of England's cricketing prowess, has been omitted from the World Cup squad due to lingering concerns about his fitness. Archer's journey to India will see him as a traveling reserve, unless an extraordinary recovery unfolds before the tournament's commencement.

Rewind to four years ago when Archer etched his name into cricketing history as England's leading wicket-taker during their triumphant World Cup campaign. His nerve-wracking performance in the final, including a tension-filled Super Over, sealed England's victory. However, fate took a different course this time around as Archer has been sidelined since his participation in the IPL earlier this year, a result of an elbow stress fracture that has obstructed his return to the pitch.

Luke Wright, an England selector and a former teammate of Archer at Sussex, acknowledged the collective yearning for Archer's presence in the squad. However, he emphasized the importance of caution and proper rehabilitation over hastening the player's comeback.

Wright stated, "Jof's well-being is paramount. We are fully aware of our earnest desire to have him back on the field, but we must act in his best interests. His injury challenges have been unfortunate... With regards to the World Cup, regrettably, time is slipping away."

Wright further explained that Archer's recovery trajectory would not align with the World Cup's early matches, urging for a meticulous approach that safeguards the player's long-term potential. "Though the temptation is to expedite his return, it's clear that we're left with inadequate time."

Archer himself expressed cautious optimism about his return while speaking during the BBC's Hundred coverage. "I'm feeling alright, and there's a glimmer of hope. As of now, rehab is on track, and a sprinkle of luck and hope can work wonders."

England's provisional 15-man squad underscores their emphasis on seamers, with a tally of six frontline fast bowlers selected. This strategic move anticipates the taxing workload for bowlers, given the strenuous schedule of nine group games in a span of 37 days, necessitating frequent travel across Indian venues.

In the last two years, most of England's premier fast bowlers have battled injuries, underscoring the necessity of a reliable backup plan. Archer's potential availability in the tournament's latter half would provide the team with a safety net, should one of their primary seamers succumb to injury.

Wright acknowledged that Archer's participation in the initial stages of the tournament was unlikely, offering a glimpse into the best-case scenario. "Optimistically, we might see Jof available towards the tournament's conclusion. Yet, within a squad of 15, this leaves us with a scarcity."

In the midst of this situation, England's priority remains Archer's well-being, emphasizing patience over haste. Wright echoed this sentiment, stating, "While an opportunity might arise for Archer in the latter phase, a multitude of factors must align favorably."

He continued, "Our squad composition cannot entertain the prospect of an unavailable bowler for half of the tournament. We recognize the impossibility of Archer's inclusion at this juncture. Should an unforeseen miracle manifest, adjustments can be made, but our foremost concern is not to rush Archer's recovery."

The cricketing world now watches with bated breath, hoping for Archer's swift return and revival, while England's selectors continue to navigate the fine line between aspiration and prudence in the face of mounting challenges.

Photo Credit: ICC via Getty Images
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16 Aug 2023
In a gripping conclusion to a riveting Ashes series, England's Stuart Broad emerged as the ultimate game-changer, propelling his team to a sensational 49-run triumph over Australia in the final Test at The Oval cricket stadium.

In a gripping conclusion to a riveting Ashes series, England's Stuart Broad emerged as the ultimate game-changer, propelling his team to a sensational 49-run triumph over Australia in the final Test at The Oval cricket stadium. With this victory, the series stands at an intense 2-2 after five captivating matches that held cricket enthusiasts spellbound.

In a befitting farewell to his Test career, Broad showcased his prowess by dismissing the last two Australian batsmen in a dramatic finale. The veteran bowler orchestrated the downfall of Todd Murphy and Alex Carey, both of whom were caught by wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow. This crucial intervention limited Australia's final score to 334 runs, effectively quashing their hopes of securing their first Ashes victory on English soil since 2001.

Australia, who had already secured the Ashes urn by winning the initial two Tests, displayed commendable resilience by reaching a formidable 238-3 while chasing a daunting target of 384 runs for victory. However, their momentum was abruptly halted by a two-hour rain delay, which proved to be a pivotal turning point in the match. Seizing the opportunity, England capitalized on the situation and engineered a swift turnaround by taking the remaining seven Australian wickets in a little over two hours, securing an exhilarating triumph.

In the bowling department, Chris Woakes emerged as the standout performer, showcasing his mastery by claiming impressive figures of 4-50. Moeen Ali's contribution was equally impactful, as he took three crucial wickets that further tilted the balance in England's favor. Notably, the match's heroics culminated in a fairy-tale ending for the 37-year-old Stuart Broad, who had recently announced his retirement from Test cricket. His swan song was nothing short of perfect, as he wrapped up the Australian innings, triggering jubilant celebrations among the English camp.

Reflecting on the pulsating victory, Broad shared his elation with Sky Sports, praising the remarkable support from the crowd. He acknowledged the deafening roar of the spectators that provided an invigorating backdrop for the team's performance. Broad's impactful contribution of two wickets added a special touch to his final Test outing, undoubtedly etching his name into the annals of cricket history.

"It was absolutely wonderful," expressed Broad, encapsulating the euphoria of the moment. "The crowd were unbelievable. It was so loud and we just jumped on the back of that. To contribute to the team with two wickets is very special." With these words, Broad encapsulated the significance of the victory and the collective effort that led to this enthralling cricket spectacle.
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16 Aug 2023
Durban's iconic Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium has unveiled an exhilarating opportunity for cricket enthusiasts as the highly anticipated three-match T20 International series between the Proteas and Australia approaches.

Durban's iconic Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium has unveiled an exhilarating opportunity for cricket enthusiasts as the highly anticipated three-match T20 International series between the Proteas and Australia approaches. In celebration of the stadium's centenary, and in partnership with KZN Cricket, the "Catch a R100K" contest has been launched, promising fans an exhilarating chance to win R100,000 for each clean, one-handed catch taken in the stands during the series, which is set to commence on August 30.

The Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium, currently commemorating 100 years since hosting its first test match, is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring fans are an integral part of its festivities. This unique initiative serves as a token of appreciation to the crowd that has passionately supported the sport over the years. Cricket enthusiasts not only have the privilege of witnessing gripping clashes between the Proteas and Australia but also stand a chance to walk away with a life-changing prize, adding an extra layer of excitement to the games.

Devin Heffer, Brand and Communications Manager of Hollywoodbets, the stadium's naming rights holders, expressed his enthusiasm for the contest, stating, "As stadium sponsors of Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium, we absolutely love the idea of making every visit to the ground an experience and one that is filled with opportunity and fun!" Heffer further emphasized the initiative's appeal, highlighting the allure of witnessing world-class cricketing action while simultaneously having the prospect of seizing a substantial prize.

The CEO of the KZN Cricket Union, Heinrich Strydom, echoed the sentiment of excitement and urged fans to secure their tickets promptly, anticipating a surge in the international cricket fervor. With all three matches of the series set to unfold at Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium, Strydom underscored the significance of this unique opportunity to catch top-tier cricket and possibly net a substantial cash prize. He shared, "T20 cricket continues to draw fans to stadiums and with two world-class teams going head-to-head at our historic ground, it’s set up to be a memorable series."

The terms and conditions for the "Catch a R100K" contest have been officially confirmed, paving the way for fans to participate and aim for the substantial reward. With tickets for the T20 Internationals selling at a brisk pace, eager attendees can secure their spots via or conveniently book through the KZN Cricket WhatsApp line at 064 915 5432.

As the cricketing community eagerly awaits the showdown between the Proteas and Australia, the Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Stadium stands as a beacon of celebration, unity, and exciting prospects, ensuring that the centenary celebrations resonate with fans in an unforgettable manner.

Picture: CSA

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16 Aug 2023
An array of new features awaits cricket enthusiasts as the highly anticipated Betway SA20 Season 2 gears up to launch a scintillating summer spectacle.

An array of new features awaits cricket enthusiasts as the highly anticipated Betway SA20 Season 2 gears up to launch a scintillating summer spectacle. Set to commence on January 10, 2024, the tournament boasts an action-packed schedule of 34 matches, unveiling a fresh playoff structure and revamped mid-week match timings.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023: Prepare for the return of Betway SA20, as it promises to deliver another sensational season of world-class cricket and entertainment in its highly awaited Season 2. The cricketing extravaganza will showcase the finest talent from South Africa alongside top-notch international cricketers across 34 thrilling encounters at six esteemed venues across the nation. The journey will commence on Wednesday, January 10, culminating in an electrifying Final showdown on Saturday, February 10.

The opening week will witness each team hosting a home match, fueling the intense rivalries and captivating city-based competitions among the six franchises affiliated with the Indian Premier League (IPL).

The reigning champions, Sunrisers Eastern Cape, will ignite the season with a clash against Joburg Super Kings (JSK) at St George's Park on January 10, marking the tournament's curtain-raiser.

Following the opening match in Gqeberha, the excitement will surge as Durban's Super Giants (DSG) lock horns with MI Cape Town in a coastal derby at Kingsmead on January 11. Subsequently, on January 12, Paarl Royals and the previous season's runners-up, Pretoria Capitals, will engage in a gripping encounter at Boland Park.

The Wanderers stadium will set the stage for a blockbuster opening weekend as JSK faces MI Cape Town on January 13 at 1:30 PM, followed by a clash between Sunrisers and DSG at St George's Park at 5:30 PM.

The action-packed momentum will then shift to the capital city, where Pretoria Capitals will welcome Paarl Royals to Centurion for a brand-new Sunday kickoff at 3:30 PM.

The Newlands stadium will witness MI Cape Town hosting their inaugural home match on January 16 against the reigning champions, Sunrisers.

In a strategic move, Season 2 introduces an innovative playoff structure, featuring Qualifier 1, Eliminator, and Qualifier 2 matches, leading up to the grand Final. Qualifier 1 will showcase the top two teams battling it out, followed by the Eliminator between the third and fourth-ranked teams. The loser of Qualifier 1 and the victor of the Eliminator will face off in Qualifier 2, vying for a spot in the Final against the winner of Qualifier 1.

Adding to the excitement, mid-week matches have been rescheduled to commence at 5:30 PM, allowing fans to indulge in a post-work and post-school cricketing feast during weekdays.

The exhilarating fixture announcement took place in Johannesburg, attended by key stakeholders, media representatives, players from the franchise teams, and Betway SA20 League Commissioner Graeme Smith. Anticipation is mounting as the countdown continues toward the January 10 kick-off.

Graeme Smith, the League Commissioner, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "With the Season 2 auction around the corner, the momentum is building and we are thrilled to announce these fixtures. We have a jam-packed opening week of matches which will captivate fans around the country."

The riveting matches will once again be broadcast live across seven territories through SuperSport in Sub-Saharan Africa, Viacom 18 in India, Sky Sports in the UK, Fox Sports in Australasia, Etisalat in the UAE, and globally via ICC TV. Cricket enthusiasts can also stay engaged with the action through Betway SA20's social media channels, featuring live updates and comprehensive coverage of all 34 matches.

In South Africa, SA20 Season 1 reigned as the most-watched sports event on average on SuperSport Premium during its run, garnering a cumulative viewership of 8.96 million.

India, a pivotal market due to its six IPL-linked local franchises, recorded an astounding 5 billion viewing time minutes, reaching 131 million individuals and amassing 104 million digital video views.

All six franchises have unveiled their preliminary squads and will finalize their 19-player rosters at the auction scheduled for September 27.
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16 Aug 2023
The age-old rivalry between South Africa and New Zealand in the world of rugby is set to be reignited on August 25th at London's Twickenham Stadium, where the two nations will compete for the newly introduced Qatar Airways Cup.

The age-old rivalry between South Africa and New Zealand in the world of rugby is set to be reignited on August 25th at London's Twickenham Stadium, where the two nations will compete for the newly introduced Qatar Airways Cup.

Scheduled to kick off at 19:30 local time (20:30 South Africa time), this highly anticipated match will mark the first encounter between these two rugby powerhouses at Twickenham since 2015. The event carries additional significance as Qatar Airways takes the center stage as the title sponsor of the fixture.

With a track record of winning the "World's Best Airline" title seven times, as determined by Skytrax, Qatar Airways will play a significant role in facilitating the participation of rugby enthusiasts from around the globe. The airline connects to over 160 destinations, including key South African cities such as Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, His Excellency Mr Akbar Al Baker, expressed his pride in supporting this historic rivalry: "The South African and New Zealand teams are giants in the world of rugby, and we are excited to be part of this journey, while uniting the fans before the start of the world cup."

Emphasizing the airline's commitment to fostering global connections through travel and sports, Al Baker added, "Qatar Airways has a long history of supporting global sports, including rugby, Formula 1, and football. We believe in bringing people from all over the world closer together through travel and sport and are proud to continue the expansion of our sports partnership’s portfolio."

The Springboks, reigning World Champions, will be seeking redemption after their recent loss to the All Blacks in the Castle Lager Rugby Championship, where they were defeated 35-20 in Auckland. The teams' last encounter at Twickenham occurred eight years ago, resulting in New Zealand's narrow 20-18 victory.

Rugby enthusiasts and fans of both teams are encouraged to secure their tickets for this monumental match through the official channels provided, such as or Additionally, hospitality packages starting from £299 per person can be accessed via
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16 Aug 2023
In a significant development, Siya Kolisi will make his return as Springbok captain for the upcoming duel against Wales, marking his first Test appearance of the year.

In a significant development, Siya Kolisi will make his return as Springbok captain for the upcoming duel against Wales, marking his first Test appearance of the year. The clash is set to take place this Saturday at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, as part of the team's second World Cup warm-up match. Alongside Kolisi, Ox Nche and Jaden Hendrikse are also making their return to the Test arena after overcoming injuries and personal setbacks.

Springbok coach Jacques Nienaber has assembled an experienced lineup in a bid to build momentum and cohesion within the squad ahead of the Rugby World Cup, scheduled to kick off in France on September 8th. Nienaber's tactical move sees several changes to the starting team that secured a victory over Argentina, with the notable inclusions of Kolisi, Nche, and Hendrikse.

The forward pack sees the reunion of seasoned players Steven Kitshoff, Frans Malherbe, and Malcolm Marx, while the Muster lock duo of Jean Kleyn and RG Snyman will debut as a pair in Springbok jerseys. The loose trio presents a new composition, with Kolisi and Pieter-Steph du Toit teaming up with Jasper Wiese. In the backline, Hendrikse will pair up with regular flyhalf Manie Libbok, while Damian de Allende and Jesse Kriel reunite in the midfield.

Excitement is building as Cheslin Kolbe joins the left wing, flanking veteran fullback Willie le Roux and right wing Canan Moodie, forming an electrifying back three. With a six-two split in favor of forwards on the bench, Nche, Vincent Koch, Bongi Mbonambi, Franco Mostert, Marco van Staden, and Duane Vermeulen stand ready to make their impact felt when called upon. Among the replacements, Grant Williams and Damian Willemse offer versatile options to bolster the team.

Nienaber's focus is clear as the team approaches its World Cup campaign. He stated, "We have two Tests left before we begin our Rugby World Cup campaign and our focus now is to start building momentum and continuity so that we can peak at the right time for our opening game against Scotland in just under four weeks."

As anticipation builds, Nienaber expects a tough encounter against Wales and emphasizes the need for both mental and physical preparedness. He remarked, "Wales are a gutsy team, and similarly to the Pumas, they don't hold back... we expect it to be an epic battle."

The Springbok squad features a blend of experience and fresh energy, with Kolisi's return, Nche's comeback from injury, and Hendrikse's readiness to take the field. All eyes will be on the clash against Wales as the team aims to fine-tune its form and strategy ahead of the Rugby World Cup.
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16 Aug 2023
As the calendar inches closer to the turn of the year, the world of cricket enthusiasts is bracing for an electrifying spectacle with the arrival of Betway SA20 Season 2, set to commence on January 10, 2024.

As the calendar inches closer to the turn of the year, the world of cricket enthusiasts is bracing for an electrifying spectacle with the arrival of Betway SA20 Season 2, set to commence on January 10, 2024. With the promise of riveting matches, formidable players, and intense rivalries, this cricketing fiesta is all set to elevate the sport to new heights in a month-long showdown.

Clash of Titans: Season 2's Opening Week

The grand stage of Betway SA20 Season 2 opens with a fervor that matches the summer's heat. Six IPL-linked teams, infused with South Africa's cricketing prowess and international star power, will ignite the competition with their opening matches. Kicking off the frenzy, defending champions Sunrisers Eastern Cape will lock horns with Joburg Super Kings (JSK) at St George's Park on January 10. This battle sets the tone for a series of intense confrontations and captivating performances that will keep fans on the edge of their seats.

Evolution in Structure: Redesigned Playoff Format

Season 2 introduces an intriguing twist with a revised playoff structure, adding a new layer of anticipation to the proceedings. The road to the coveted championship trophy now involves a Qualifier 1, an Eliminator, and a Qualifier 2, culminating in the ultimate clash, the Final. The top two teams will engage in Qualifier 1, while the third and fourth-placed teams battle it out in the Eliminator. The drama escalates as the loser of Qualifier 1 and the victor of the Eliminator cross paths in Qualifier 2, aiming for a shot at challenging the Qualifier 1 winner in the climactic Final.

Weeknight Cricket Thrills and Weekend Spectacles

Season 2 acknowledges the passion of cricket enthusiasts by presenting mid-week matches that begin at 17h30, allowing fans to unwind with a dose of cricket magic after their workday or school commitments. The weekends, already a cricket lover's delight, promise enthralling evening viewing. This well-thought-out schedule ensures that cricket aficionados don't miss a single captivating moment.

Global Engagement and Encompassing Coverage

Betway SA20 League's appeal transcends borders, captivating audiences across seven territories. Fans spanning Sub-Saharan Africa, India, the UK, Australasia, the UAE, and beyond will experience the live action on various broadcasting platforms. Enriching the experience, the league's robust social media channels will provide real-time updates, immersing fans in the cricketing euphoria and ensuring that no significant moment goes unnoticed.

Basking in Past Glory and Awaiting the Auction

Reflecting on the success of Season 1, where it earned accolades as one of the most-watched sporting events on SuperSport Premium and garnered a colossal viewership in India, the excitement surrounding Season 2 is palpable. The upcoming auction on September 27, where the franchise teams finalize their 19-player rosters, adds a layer of intrigue, setting the stage for a dynamic and fiercely competitive season.

As the cricketing fraternity gears up for this grand showcase, Betway SA20 Season 2 promises to deliver unmatched thrills, unforgettable moments, and unparalleled entertainment, marking its place as an unmissable event on the cricketing calendar.
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16 Aug 2023
Promising Young Cricketer Dewald Brevis Makes Mark with International Selection

South Africa's cricket landscape is abuzz with the announcement of the squad for their upcoming white-ball series against Australia, with young batting sensation Dewald Brevis capturing the spotlight. The 20-year-old prodigy, who topped the run charts at the 2022 Under-19 World Cup, has been selected to represent his nation in both the T20I and ODI formats. Having showcased his talent in various franchise leagues, including the IPL, CPL, and MLC, Brevis has earned a much-deserved international call-up.

Brevis's inclusion in the squad is aimed at providing him with exposure to international cricket, rather than as a mere audition for the impending World Cup. As confirmed by South Africa's coach Rob Walter, Brevis will slot into the middle order, deviating from his usual opening role. The coaching staff aims to create a nurturing environment for Brevis to express himself on the grand stage.

Walter commented, "We want to just broaden our base a little bit and this Australia series is an opportunity to give him a run. He [Brevis] is a fairly grounded young guy. It's just about creating an environment to express himself in."

Keshav Maharaj, the experienced spinner, is also a prominent name in the discussions. Having recovered ahead of expectations from a ruptured Achilles, Maharaj is under consideration for the World Cup. Despite the challenging nature of his injury, the management is optimistic about his match readiness. "He has done exceptionally well to this point. He is ahead of where we thought he would be, so things look positive," said Walter. Maharaj's inclusion in the squad for the second and third T20Is hinges on his match fitness. The management remains hopeful that he will participate in the ODIs leading up to the World Cup.

South Africa's World Cup squad, set to be announced on September 5, may witness further changes before the final squad submission on September 27. As the nation gears up for the cricketing spectacle, the likes of Maharaj, Tabraiz Shamsi, and Bjorn Fortuin are in contention for the two spinners' spots in the final fifteen.

In an effort to optimize performance, key players including Quinton de Kock, Heinrich Klaasen, David Miller, Anrich Nortje, and Kagiso Rabada will be rested for the T20Is to ensure they are in peak condition for the ODIs and the World Cup.

As the cricket fraternity awaits the series against Australia, all eyes are on the emerging talents and established stars as they aim to shape South Africa's trajectory in the lead-up to the much-anticipated World Cup.

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Title: Dewald Brevis Joins South Africa's Squad for White-Ball Series vs Australia

Published on [Date]

Promising Addition: South Africa's Dewald Brevis, the standout performer at the U-19 World Cup, secures a spot in the T20I and ODI squads for the Australia series. His call-up emphasizes exposure rather than auditioning for the World Cup. Coach Rob Walter confirms Brevis will bat in the middle order, offering him a nurturing platform to showcase his skills.

Maharaj's Return: Spinner Keshav Maharaj's faster-than-expected recovery from an Achilles injury positions him for the World Cup. His inclusion in the T20I squad depends on match fitness, with hopes of participating in the ODIs ahead of the tournament.

Squad Dynamics: South Africa's World Cup squad announcement on September 5 may see alterations before the final submission on September 27. Notable players like Maharaj, Shamsi, and Fortuin vie for two spinner spots in the final XV.

Strategic Rest: Key players including de Kock, Klaasen, Miller, Nortje, and Rabada will sit out the T20Is to ensure peak performance in the ODIs and World Cup.

Anticipation Builds: As South Africa gears up for the series against Australia, emerging talents and established stars hold the reins, shaping the nation's trajectory in the run-up to the World Cup.

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Proteas Squad Announced for Tests Against West Indies

Red-ball head coach Shukri Conrad has unveiled the 16-player squad set to take on the West Indies in a two-match Test series starting 07 August in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Paris 2024 Rugby Sevens: Schedule Unveiled

With just 16 days left before rugby sevens ignites the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, World Rugby and the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee have unveiled the much-anticipated match schedule.

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This past weekend, Loftus was alive with the spirit of victory and pride as UFC star Dricus Du Plessis electrified the crowd with his famous words, "Hulle Weet Nie Waat Ons Weet" ("They Don't Know What We Know").

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