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Fashion, Pop Culture, and Film ~ Habana 3 A.M.

Habana 3 A.M. with the character Max Vogue premieres at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.

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Summer Fun ~ La Jolla Fashion Film Festival

La Jolla Fashion FIlm Festival is a great place to enjoy a wonderful weekend of film and fashion.

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Relationships Real and Technical World ~ Robots

Robots, World Premiere at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, gives us insight to their award winning film.

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The Hidden Side ~ Allegoria

This couple's talents combine creating Allegoria, a short fashion film, screened at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival.

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La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival with 4Chion Lifestyle

4Chion Lifestyle’s coverage at La Jolla International Fashion Film (LJFFF) and International Fashion Film Awards (IFFA) Festival July 21-22, 2017 in La Jolla California is exclusively featured on social media and our website 4Chionlifestyle.com.

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Unlikely Friends ~ "Slipaway"

The most unlikely duo becomes the best of friends on a self-discovery journey. 

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Cannes Film Festival 70 Years & Counting

Cannes Film Festival 2017 ends with just as much grandeur as the last 70 years.

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A Woman's World The Beguiled ~ Cannes

Director, Sofia Coppola, brings the woman's point of view and how it was for these women during this time period.

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120 Battements Par Minute The Heartbeat At Cannes Film Festival

This film is a moving, powerful, and encouraging film that embraces love, innocence, and tragedy.  

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‘Okja’ A Netflix Film Screens At Cannes

Okja, a film with a juxtaposition on genres, screens at Grand Théâtre Lumière at Cannes Film Festival.

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