International Membership, Freelance, Professional, New Media

The US Press Association International Press ID Card & Member Credentials are accepted world-wide as a verifiable form of ID. Foreign agencies and governments have verified our credentials and give various access/admission to US Press Association members on a regular basis.
The International membership can be a choice for American journalist who frequently travel abroad, or by non-American journalist who visit the US or simply want to share stories and information from their part of the world with the US Press Association or with the world in general with an organization devoted to free speech.

Don't be fooled by sites that use stock photos of reporters, photographers & journalists. You may even find websites offering "Free Press Credentials", however they keep NO records of their members. If there is no record, what are you really becoming a part of? Will they be there when you need them?
We are the original. The USPA! We are here to support our members and to help them achieve their goals!
History speaks for itself.