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BSA Images Of The Week: 04.02.17

BSA Images Of The Week: 04.02.17
Editorz, 02 Apr 12:02 AM


Good to be back in dirty old New York from dirty old Hong Kong this week. Actually on the dirty meter, we think New York still wins! Hooray! Looking to the national stage, things couldn’t possibly be more dirty, as the rolling dumpster fire looks like it is setting records for failure to deliver on […]

6 New Prints Pop-Up : Swoon x BSA x The Heliotrope Foundation
Editorz, 01 Apr 06:00 AM


Hello and happy Saturday to you! Hope you are finding time to relax and to do some laundry and maybe bake some cookies or go out and paint or see some art today. We’re starting the day with an egg and cheese on a roll and a large coffee from the local deli – and […]

BSA Film Friday: 03.31.17
Editorz, 31 Mar 06:02 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Vegan Flava – Trapped Peace 2. Rime “UP ON THROUGH” 3. Street Art City 4. 12 1 Roc Blackblock. Barcelona BSA Special Feature: Vegan Flava – “Trapped Peace” The urban artist Vegan Flava typically is […]

HONG KONG Re-cap, HKwalls 2017 Makes New Paths for Urban Art
Editorz, 30 Mar 12:02 AM


Go East Young Woman! That’s where you’ll discover dynamic graffiti and Street Art and murals these days thanks in part to last weeks’ HKwalls festival, now in it’s fourth year. You’ll definitely see more women involved in this outdoor exhibition than most festivals that we’ve become familiar with, not that the organizers are making a […]

Spider Tag Uses Electricity to Trace a New Direction In The Dark
Editorz, 29 Mar 06:00 AM


It’s good to see artists stretch themselves creatively, going outside of their comfort zone, hopefully, and discovering new techniques and approaches to their art. “You cannot stay at the same level as when you first practiced your truth, life won’t let you.” ~ Kamal Ravikant, Live Your Truth Spanish Street Artist Spider Tag has appeared […]

Swoon On the Streets, In the Fairs, and Beyond in Hong Kong
Editorz, 28 Mar 06:00 AM


Brooklyn Street Artist Swoon has traveled to hot, hopping Hong Kong recently to create the façade for the tramline with HKwalls, a program of customization for the historic public transportation cars in the city center that has included also Portuguese Street Artist Vhils with HOCA, and during Art Basel this year a site specific tram […]

Sav45 explores Lloret De Mar in Catalonia
Editorz, 27 Mar 06:00 AM


SAV45 is a Russian graffiti artist freely experimenting with a variety of styles and techniques when hitting the abandoned spots in his current home of Catalonia, Spain. Today we have some recent shots of his experimentation in the wilds from photographer Fernando Alcala Losa, who says he has enjoyed witnessing the development of an artist […]

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Insider Story of Southern Blues-Rocker Tinsley Ellis: Total Recall. On top of his game today, but it wasn't always that way.

Travelin' Bluesman Tinsley Ellis

Travelin’ Man Tinsley Ellis‘ Total Recall tells the inside story of how his career began plus future predictions for the blues as a genre. The prolific southern blues-rocker is on top of his game today. But it wasn’t always that way.

Known as one of the best next generation blues-rock guitarists around, this busy southern man releases a new album annually. His latest Red Clay Soul, debuted as #1 on the June Living Blues Radio Charts

.On the road over 200 days per year includes a mix of criss-crossing the country as well as overseas. Taxing for some; impossible for most, this journeyman actually thrives on touring.

We caught up with Tinsley at the Iridium in New York for a one-on-one chat on his early years.

The Inside Back story

Tinsley started playing the Blues way before the resurgence of Blues music in the late ’70s to early ’80s. He was among the first of new generation musicians to come on the scene. This new crop of Blues cats included his friend Stevie Ray Vaughn, as well as Blues faves Robert Cray and The Fabulous Thunderbirds — to name a few.

I first met Tinsley in college in Atlanta, Georgia. He would play at our Fraternity House parties with a band called The Alley Cats (1979-1981), that included Preston Hubbard (The Fabulous Thunderbirds). We’d follow him around Atlanta at the local joints like Little 5 Points Pub and Moonshadow Saloon. I should point out that the drinking age was 18 back then, so no laws were broken.

Tinsley left The Alley Cats in 1981 to form his own band called “The Heartfixers (1982-1988).  He was joined by veteran Blues singer and harp player Bob Nelson, a/k/a Chicago Bob, who remained in the band through 1984. Like The Alley Cats, Tinsley and The Heartfixers were mainstays on campus and a fixture at all the Frat parties; even the Frat Formal off-campus. They were also fixtures at all the clubs around Atlanta, too.
First Racially-Integrated Blues Band in the Georgia Area
What most people don’t know is that during that time, Georgia and Atlanta, too, were still very much old south. According to Tinsley, “All the black bands were playing at their clubs, and the white bands were playing at their designated clubs.”

 “Chicago Bob had a pedigree which no one else had and still has,” says Tinsley. “He’s played with so many of the great Blues legends as Howlin’ Wolf, Buddy Guy, Junior Wells, Earl Hooker and Muddy Waters.”

Tinsley and Chicago Bob made kick-ass traditional southern blues music together and made significant inroads in Atlanta and the entire Georgia area; despite the obstacles put in front of them.

 “We turned a whole generation of college kids onto the blues dating from the late ’70s to early ’80s. Now, there’s a whole lotta’ people doing it.” — Tinsley Ellis

Ever since, Tinsley puts out one new album a year. “I notice the people who do it, seem to do better. I figure if I keep hammering the fans with new information and new material, it will work for me, too,” he says.
A personal highlight of his 40 year career of electrifying blues — joining the Blues at Crossroads 2013 Tour: A Tribute to Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf. As the young southern rock guy on the tour, he strummed out licks with the likes of Bob Margolin, James Cotton, Kim Wilson and The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Jody Williams.

Tinsley Ellis on The Future of the Blues?

Socially Sparked News: There seems to be a resurgence and escalating interest in Blues music. Do you think the Rolling Stones Blue and Lonesome album has something to do with this?
Tinsley: It always helps when a band like the Rolling Stones give lip service to blues albums so that’s gonna help it. Kinda’ thing happened when the Blues Brothers did their movie and all of a sudden the blues spiked up in pop culture.

Socially Sparked News: What’s your take on the Stones’ blues album?
Tinsley: To me, they did it right. The first time, they were like kids. Now, they sound like old blues guys.

Socially Sparked News: The future of the Blues?
Tinsley: Compared to Muddy & Howlin Wolf, the new generation better step up to the plate, ’cause those guys are still unsurpassed. I understand why those guys still play Muddy Waters, Willy Dixon & Howlin Wolf songs…’cause it’s still so much better than what we’re doing now. We’re all really good, but those guy are like WOW.

Socially Sparked News: Their are rumblings that Shemekia Copeland is primed to be the next Koko Taylor, queen of the blues. What’s your take?
Tinsley: In my opinion, Koko, BB King and Muddy Waters — they came up from a whole different era. When they passed away, they kind of retired the title, ’cause those guys — especially BB and Muddy — they were undisputed. Whereas if anybody would lay claim to that, it would probably be Buddy Guy and Shemkia Copeland. But, nobody’s come out and pronounced that, ’cause that’s a big claim.

Socially Sparked News: Maybe it’s Tinsley Ellis?
Tinsley: NO. (emphatically no). I am a Southern Blues-Rocker with Georgia Roots at my core. That’s my pedigree and how I prefer to be known.

Socially Sparked News: The future for Tinsley Ellis?
Tinsley: More songwriting & touring. Maybe getting some other acts on Heartfixer Music. Get some young’ins starting out and help get them produced. I’d like to try to find somebody who is good enough to play with me; somebody I can mentor, and polish up my production skills, too. It’s a delicate balance. If I really liked an artist and want them to do well, I’d probably call Bruce (Iglauer) first and give it to Alligator rather than trying to do it myself.

Tinsley Ellis’ blues highway continues. — Abbe Sparks is Socially Sparked. @sosparkednews #SociallySparked

[Submitted by Abbe Sparks]




A Curated Edition of Heliotrope Prints
to Benefit Swoon and The Heliotrope Foundation

By Steven P. Harrington and Jaime Rojo of BSA


Please mark your calendar for April 6th for this event
featuring 6 new special prints
from an outstanding lineup of Street Artists
known for their stellar works on walls the world over.
(listed here alphabetically)


ABOVE © Jaime Rojo



Case Maclaim © Jaime Rojo



FAITH XLVII © Jaime Rojo



ICY & SOT © Jaime Rojo



Li-Hill © Jaime Rojo



Miss Van © Jaime Rojo



Calendonia Curry AKA Swoon © Bryan Welch

The Heliotrope Foundation was started by artist Caledonia Curry, also known as Swoon, to help communities respond and heal after natural disasters and other urgent social crises.

We believe that the creative process can and should be a part of how we heal, rebuild and move forward after natural disasters, economic devastation, and moments of social crisis.

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BSA Images Of The Week: 03.12.17

BSA Images Of The Week: 03.12.17
Editorz, 11 Mar 11:02 PM


A fun time on the streets this week in New York and elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere as parts of spring infuse the air with excitement and hormones – later to be drowned in rain, or smothered under snow! The rolling dumpster fire keeps frightening and perplexing everyone and we are gradually figuring out that […]

Faring Purth and “Grace” in Forest Park (Chicago)
Editorz, 11 Mar 09:00 AM


“A woman’s guess is much more accurate than a man’s certainty.” ~Rudyard Kipling We mention this Kipling quote in this description of Street Artist Faring Purth because a.) she often seems like she’s plucked out of a traveling adventure from a Kipling tale, b.) her instincts for creating new pieces are frequently on-point and a […]

BSA Film Friday: 03.10.17
Editorz, 10 Mar 05:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Rone: The Alpha Project 2.  FKDL – Petites Chroniques Urbaines 3. Irene Lopez León: 12 1 Contorno Urbano 4. The Batcave, Henry Chalfant, on The New York Times 5. Isaac Cordal “Giza Komedia” BSA Special Feature: Rone: […]

Pejac is Looking for “Redemption” with Particle Board
Editorz, 09 Mar 05:00 AM


Each of us is looking for redemption, or probably will be. At least that appears to be the theme for the new series of works by Spanish Street Artist PEJAC, a few shots of which we have today from his work on particle board in the studio. “Each drawing in this ‘Redemption’ series are a […]

RUN: “Time Traveller Artist Man” Tells All With His Hands
Editorz, 07 Mar 11:02 PM


“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain.” Carl Jung Giacomo Bufarini AKA RUN Time Traveller Artist Man Unicorn Publishing Group. London. UK. 2016 The founder of analytical psychology would have looked at the hands of RUN and perhaps understood more about his lifelong psychological process than the […]

Slap It! Slick Stickers Spread Across City Surfaces Speak and Surprise
Editorz, 07 Mar 10:00 AM


Stickers, or slaps, are small but formidable graphic and text messages, especially when massed together on a doorway or light pole. They are also fast and surreptitiously placed, as simple as a gesture, undetectable in their ease of application. A board covered with stickers at Urban Nation Museum For Urban Contemporary Art in Berlin. (photo […]

“MADRID ME MATA”: Another Look at “Urvanity”
Editorz, 06 Mar 05:00 AM


“MADRID ME MATA…in a good sense,” says Fernando Alcalá Losa, the avid Barcelona based photographer of street culture. He doesn’t literally mean that the Spanish capital is deadly, but rather speaks of his devotion to Madrids’ energy, its possibility, its history, its people, and to its art. The torrid affairs of the heart are invariably […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 03.05.17
Editorz, 04 Mar 11:02 PM


We had a chance at Spring this week, and then it blew away. We’re back to the Antarctic for a few days. NYC was inundated by art fairs as well, which was swell. Volta, Scope, Clio, Spring/Break – which was surprisingly not political or contentious, given its rather outsider status. Fair talk was glum, attendance […]

New ROBBBB Nude Figures Playing on Beijing Walls : Virtual & Candid
Editorz, 04 Mar 05:00 AM


Beijing based Street Artist ROBBBB continues to bring people to the streets in his city by way of self portraits and art models. The immediacy of the selfie and photo apps has rather eclipsed the traditional methods of figurative presentation and the inclusion of cartoon characters tells you that ROBBBB is fully immersed in youth […]

BSA Film Friday: 03.03.17
Editorz, 03 Mar 05:00 AM


Now screening :
1. Icy & Sot "Plastic Shells"
2. NWO 3 - ABIK "Gestural"
3. Low Bros #sweet15s Episode 9 / Seattle
4. NUART / Aberdeen 2017

Nuart Aberdeen 2017: Full Roster of Artists Confirmed
Editorz, 01 Mar 11:02 PM


And then there were 11. With yesterday’s official announcement that Norwegian artist Martin Whatson and Belgian artist Jaune will be participating this April at NUART / Aberdeen the full line up of artists has been announced. It’s 11 international artists from 10 different countries, sort of like a New York melting pot in Scotland over […]

Spring / Break 2017 : This Years’ Times Square Show in Corporate Office Space
Editorz, 01 Mar 05:00 AM


Braving the crowds at the 2017 Spring/Break show means meandering the floor plan of former corporate offices and encountering the daydreams of artists who usually work as temps here. After traversing the un-grand lobby and showing your ID, this high-flying glass and steel Times Square fantasy flips the lights on the funhouse as soon as […]

A “Secret Dinner” at the Nascent UN in Berlin
Editorz, 27 Feb 11:02 PM


Since its explosion of pigment and hue on subway cars and in the streets of New York and Philadelphia a half century ago to its spread to the hundreds of cities worldwide, the truly grassroots movement of Urban Art refuses to be owned by any one city or one people, insisting upon making its own […]

“Urvanity” Fair Opens in Madrid, 68 Artists Galleries Walls Panels
Editorz, 27 Feb 05:00 AM


You may not realize upon first glance through the series of modular white walled temporary gallery rooms, but this fine art on display all has origins in street practice. Over the past long weekend Madrid’s Urvanity fair at The Palacio Neptuno showcased a sweeping cross-selection of crisply framed names – many of which are being […]

839a5a307046c71e02a6706ee206d80244591d763dcbe6601f291ee9ec764fa2 F3e2d010bea4187b4486eebb7b388889e6c5b4f6c162114e121ea665423fdfec 563308260a88e093a63b65c4282b70a5fc0faac270514c561f1d257a4bc1870d B810b1d6b2e99b6b6bb55ed66e127c194c40ea8b51b82668f8118542a5fcb2e5 Ca5ed37f1d14c3bc2f91d0d91415719061a23f1173be3946d68bfa86a960bf63

March brings awareness for Women’s History, Music Education, Brain Injury, Reading and a host of other wonderful causes. Here are a few we highlight this month.

March brings awareness for Women’s History, Music Education, Brain Injury, Reading and a host of other wonderful causes. Here are a few we highlight this month.

Writing Women Back into History

*]Women’s History Month 2017[/b] celebrates women and their accomplishments. Their tagline is “writing women back into history” This year’s theme: “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business.” While the concept began in the 1970s, it wasn’t until 1980 when President Jimmy Carter declared a proclamation. By 1987, the advocacy efforts came to fruition when Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month in perpetuity. A special Presidential Proclamation is issued every year which honors the extraordinary achievements of American women. Mark your calendars for March 8th which is the annual International Day of the Woman.

Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM®) is the National Association for Music Education’s (NAfME) annual celebration during March. MIOSM engages music educators, students and communities from around the country in promoting the benefits of high quality music education programs in schools. At a time when funding for the arts and school funding for arts programs looms large, advocacy initiatives like MIOSM could not be more important than now.

The month-long observance began in New York in 1973 as a single statewide Advocacy Day and celebration, which grew over the decades to become a month-long salute of school music in 1985. Music teachers celebrate MIOSM in many ways by offering special performances, lessons, sing-alongs and activities to bring their music programs to the attention of administrators, parents, colleagues, and communities to display the positive benefits that school music brings to students of all ages.

Ways to get involved: change your profile picture during the month of March. Share photos of how ‘Music Inspires’ you and if you’re a teacher, share how music inspires your students on Instagram using ‪#‎MIOSM and #MusicInspires and tag @NAfME.

Brain Injury Awareness MonthThe Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) leads the nation in observing the month by conducting an awareness campaign in March each year. The theme for the 2015 to 2017 campaign is: Not Alone.

The Not Alone Campaign provides a platform for educating the general public about the incidence of brain injury and the needs of people with brain injuries and their families. The campaign also acts as an outreach platform within the brain injury community to de-stigmatize the injury, empower those who have survived, and promote the many types of support that are available.

Founded in 1980, the Brain Injury Association of America is the oldest, largest and only nationwide brain injury advocacy organization in the U.S. As the voice of brain injury, BIAA provides help, hope and healing for the millions of Americans who sustain this life-altering, sometimes devastating, injury.

In honor of Brain Injury and The Not Alone theme, I leave you with an inspiring song written by singer/songwriter David George entitled “Shine” off his album Radiant Man. The song just happens to match this year’s theme “Not Alone.”

[Submitted by Abbe Sparks]

BSA Images Of The Week: 02.26.17

BSA Images Of The Week: 02.26.17
Editorz, 25 Feb 11:02 PM


Always good to get to Berlin to see what waves of text and pattern and outrage and snark and myriad metaphor are more-or-less relentlessly rippling across buildings and empty lots. The rippling effect was swelled by 4 days of rain, which makes windows streak with rivlets and wheat-pastes peel from the top, leaning forward and […]

Sixe Paredes: Future-Folk Geometry In Barcelona
Editorz, 25 Feb 05:00 AM


The Future-Folk Geometrist named Sixe Paredes is in Madrid at Palacio Neptuno this weekend for the Urvanity commercial art fair but today we have a look at a recent large scale pared he painted for the Open Walls Conference in Barcelona recently. Sixe Paredes. Open Walls Conference 2016. Barcelona, Spain. (photo © Lluis Olive Bulbena) […]

BSA Film Friday: 02.24.17
Editorz, 24 Feb 05:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Kate Tempest – “Europe Is Lost” 2. DESCUBRIENDO NUESTRA HISTORIA – Discovering Our History (Chile) 3. Cane Morto: Grimy Drawings With High Precision Tools. 4. Bezt X Natalia Rak in collaboration with Thinkspace. Film by Birdman […]

Johannes Mundinger Painting in Mexico City for “Wall Dialogue II”
Editorz, 22 Feb 11:02 PM


Berlin based Street Artist and abstract impressionist Johannes Mundinger just spent a month in Mexico City as part of WALL DIALOGUE II painting in collaboration with Blo and talking with other artists and the community mainly about the new president in the US and how it is affecting things in Mexico. Johannes Mundinger . Blo. […]

Rough.eq Creates Miniature Refugee Boats in Basel, Switzerland
Editorz, 21 Feb 11:02 PM


As much of Europe is actually the recipient of refugees arriving in boats from war-torn countries, this image of a small boat filled past its capacity with people has a lot of relevance to people in Basel, Switzerland who spot them. Rough.eq. Basel, Switzerland. 2017. (photo © Bernhard Chiquet) The tiny concrete sculptures by a […]

BAST: “New Works” Are Vital, Animated at Allouche Gallery
Editorz, 20 Feb 11:02 PM


Bast. Untitled Paper and Stuff 1, 2016. Allouche Gallery. (photo © Jaime Rojo) The first full show of studio work by Brooklyn Street Artist Bäst in a gallery in about four years declares that the artist is currently running loose with an intoxicating freedom of gesture and brush strokes and character that reaches back to […]

“NUART Aberdeen” Announced for April, BSA is There With You
Editorz, 19 Feb 11:02 PM


|  FIRST ARTISTS ANNOUNCED  | NUART TALKS PROGRAM | BSA FILM FRIDAY LIVE |  LIVE ARTIST INTERVIEWS  |  KEYNOTE  SPEAKERS  |  FIGHT NIGHT RETURNS  | | SPECIAL FILMS THROUGHOUT EASTER WEEKEND AT BELMONT THEATRE | NUART in Stavanger Norway has been distinguishing itself as a top-notch series of events showcasing Street Art and graffiti culture […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 02.20.17
Editorz, 18 Feb 11:02 PM


We have a lot to show you this week of art from the street, museum, and studio. This horrid and chaotic political environment is proving to be fertile soil for the growth of politically themed works by artists everywhere. We start todays’ posting with the image above created with the simplicity of a mirror held […]

Buff Monster says “Stay Melty”
Editorz, 18 Feb 09:00 AM


Paint drips and ice cream drips: What flavor would you like? We have strawberry, cherry, coconut… Buff Monster Stay Melty Gingko Press. Berkeley, CA. 2015 If you haven’t seen Buff Monster and his melty crew on walls in the mid-twenty-teens then you have been looking at the sidewalk for loose change and lost earrings too […]

BSA Film Friday: 02.17.17
Editorz, 16 Feb 11:02 PM


Now screening :
1. BEGR: Snow Painting
2. Gonzalo Borondo - ANIMAL
3. 2017 Women's March from 50/50 Skatepark
4. What's Your Story? PREZ

Icy & Sot, Razor Wire & Flowers Along a Wall in Miami
Editorz, 16 Feb 05:02 AM


By festooning foreboding razor wire with decorative flourishes of welcome, Icy & Sot invert a symbol of exclusion and fear. The effect is shocking in its embrace of joy and color and life; the surreal visual combining  two opposing views of a border that uses their contrast for unusual illumination. Icy & Sot “Imagine A […]

“ALL BIG LETTERS” : Exhibition of Style, Tools, and Technique of Graffiti
Editorz, 14 Feb 11:02 PM


It’s called ALL BIG LETTERS but it could easily be called ALL BIG DREAMS because the outward techniques, the history, and the tools of the trade of graffiti on display at Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery all lead to more internal aspirational matters. All Big Letters curated by RJ Rushmore at Haverford College’s Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery. Philadelphia, […]

“Love Is Freedom” Locked: Valentines Day in Berlin
Editorz, 14 Feb 05:00 AM


“A padlock on a bridge is considered as a proof of love in many cultures, but we all know that the key to a successful relationship is freedom,” says conceptual artist and Street Artist Aïda Gomez when talking about her simple text installation below. Just in time for Valentine’s day, a Berlin bridge gets this […]

“Liberate the Child Within” Roc Blackblock for 12 1 in Barcelona
Editorz, 13 Feb 05:02 AM


Free your mind, and the rest will follow. Not only is it a lyric from a 90s pop song, it is a truth that people learn everyday to liberate themselves from attitudes and world views that they’ve accepted but now want to let go of. Roc Blackblock. Contorno Urbano “12 x 1” 2017. Barcelona. (photo […]

839a5a307046c71e02a6706ee206d80244591d763dcbe6601f291ee9ec764fa2 F3e2d010bea4187b4486eebb7b388889e6c5b4f6c162114e121ea665423fdfec 563308260a88e093a63b65c4282b70a5fc0faac270514c561f1d257a4bc1870d B810b1d6b2e99b6b6bb55ed66e127c194c40ea8b51b82668f8118542a5fcb2e5 Ca5ed37f1d14c3bc2f91d0d91415719061a23f1173be3946d68bfa86a960bf63

A Conversation with TVTibi's Andrew Goldman TVtibi Internet Television’s next wave.

A Conversation with TVTibi's Andrew Goldman TVtibi Internet Television’s next wave. Is the next wave of choice in internet television with TVTibi? The playing field in the internet TV space continues to grow at lightning speed. While the front-runners in the OTT space have a huge lead (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime), there is a continual queu of platforms and streaming services entering the lineup almost daily — hoping to catch them or catch the next wave in the space. One of the new kids on the block with high expectations is TVTibi, owned by San Antonio-based Ready, Set, Sync, Inc. As an emerging global over-the-top (OTT) service, the start-up already offers direct to consumers a variety of channels, shows, episodes, films, and other programming, both live and on-demand. We caught up with TVTibi Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officier (CSO) Andrew Goldman to get the 411 on the fledgling start-up’s quest to join the fray as a leading contender. (C) TVTibi TVTibi Co-Founder & CSO, Andrew Goldman Goldman oversees and acquires all content acquisition and sets long-term program strategy for TVTibi. A veteran in the television programming world, Goldman comes from a lengthy stint at HBO/Cinemax, where he most recently was Vice President of Program Strategy and Planning. He was responsible for the linear and digital strategic planning of all programming for the cable networks’ 15 multiplex channels and platforms such as HBO Now (OTT), HBO Go, MAX Go, and Video On Demand. Ready, Set, Sync and TVTibi are banking on Goldman’s expertise and experience to set them apart from the pack of newbies. Here’s what he has to say. Socially Sparked News: What is TVTibi? Goldman: We are a global platform offering individually purchased channels, series, episodes and movies, Live Channels and On-Demand. Think of us as The a-la-carte network. Our tag line is Global Content for a Global Audience. Socially Sparked News: How long have you been up and running? Goldman: We launched in 2015 with a soft launch. Things are moving steadily along. In the last six months alone, we’ve nearly tripled our subscriber base. Socially Sparked News: Tells us how subscribers or those wishing to watch your programming can gain access to the platform? Goldman: They can download TVtibi from the app store. We are now available as an app on iOS; Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 TVTibi’s first exclusive boxing event is Feb. 18 Socially Sparked News: Tell us about TVtibi’s entree into live boxing and what kind of impact you anticipate for reaching the boxing fan or fair-weather fan. Goldman: Expanding into live PPV sports is a significant move for us . We are able to exhibit our extensive capabilities to deliver on a global scale and set ourselves apart as a provider of premium live content. Socially Sparked News: Are there plans to pursue this type of live action programming in the future or is this a one-off? You seem to have a lot of sports content offerings. With the addition of the upcoming live boxing event, can we assume that sports content is a niche direction TVTibi may continue to pursue to separate themselves from the pack? Goldman: You can count on seeing more live-action on-demand events from us in the very near future. As we speak, we’re working on partnering with other platforms and providers to ensure the widest reach possible for these events. (c) Socially Sparked News, LLC Sample of TVTibi Program Offerings Socially Sparked News: What sorts of programming do you currently offer besides sports? Goldman: Current channels include Newsy, MyJam TV, Britrox TV, The Children’s Reading Channel, duckTV and more.

“Inventory is key. So, in answer to your question — yes, individual channel creation is the next wave. And, TVTibi is primed to be that a-la-carte service of choice.” — Andrew Goldman

Socially Sparked News: There has been a lot of discussion amongst the experts that the next stage of OTT is in individual channel creation by the subscriber. We are already seeing binge viewing. What are your thoughts on this? Goldman: Content is a buffet, and brand loyalty of internet TV providers only extends to the shows themselves right now. The brand of the show is more important than the provider that houses that show. Inventory is key. So, in answer to your question — yes, individual channel creation is the next wave. And, TVTibi is primed to be that a-la-carte service of choice. Socially Sparked News: – Lastly, tell us about your subscription packages.


: TVtibi offers free and individually purchased channels, series, episodes and movies through both live and on-demand content via a free downloadable app. The platform is accessible on televisions, computers, phones, and tablets globally. We offer both, a free-content, ad-supported plan and a subscription, video-on-demand version with either a pay as you go option for .99 or an opt-in plan (without commercials) for $2.99. It remains to be seen how the next wave of OTT will shape up, but it will be fascinating to watch. — Abbe is Socially Sparked! @sosparkednews TAGSOTTINTERNET TVTELEVISIONTVTIBIANDREW GOLDMANNETFLIXHULU PLUSAMAZON PRIME THE AUTHOR Abbe Sparks Abbe Sparks is the Founder of Socially Sparked News Abbe is a social media and content influencer covering the entertainment, digital, tech and advocacy sectors, which she has been writing about for over 20 years. Socially Sparked News is her labor of love. 

Submitted by Abbe Sparks 

BSA Images Of The Week: 02.12.17

BSA Images Of The Week: 02.12.17
Editorz, 11 Feb 11:02 PM


“It’s surreal to be on the south side of the US border,” we said last week about being in Mexico. Sorry to report that it may be even more surreal on this side. Trump and Co. suffered a setback on their Muslim travel ban via the courts but are reportedly breaking out the ICE and […]

Snow In Day in NYC : Let’s Head to the Park
Editorz, 11 Feb 05:00 AM


Art in the Streets! Art in the park! Okay, a really loose interpretation here, but who can deny that the hand of nature often looks like it belongs to an artist? Central Park. February 2017. NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo) This week New York was clobbered in a frosty white powdery art material that masked […]

BSA Film Friday: 02.10.17
Editorz, 10 Feb 05:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Kahbahbloom: The Art and Story Telling of Ed Emberley 2. Fintan Magee / The Exile 3. Amuse.126.Big Walls 4. EWOK – MSK BSA Special Feature: Kahbahbloom: The Art and Storytelling of Ed Emberley by Todd Mazer “How he sustained himself artistically […]

Getting “Woke” with the Word On The Street(s)
Editorz, 09 Feb 09:00 AM


The powerful use of words and images is playing an important role in directing the events that lead us forward, or backward. It is right for us to be alerted to fake news, although the recent bashing of news sources has more to do with de-legitimizing and seizing power than any sincere interest in truth. […]

NemO’s Bunches Heads Together Like Grapes in Roman Suburb
Editorz, 07 Feb 11:02 PM


This mural program is “maintaining a complete detachment from the speculation of the art system,” says Street Artist NemO’s of Muracci Nostri. However he looks quite attached to this wall. NemO’S. Primavalle, Rome. November 2016. (photo © Laura Lepera) Rappelling down its’ side using a doubled rope coiled around the body and fixed at a […]

Sebastien Waknine, Rubicon1, Mugraff “Journey of a Refugee” in Barcelona
Editorz, 07 Feb 09:00 AM


As the world looks on and Americans are deciding which of the world’s refugee children to ban from the country, London-born Street Artist Sebastien Waknine has created a new work in Barcelona called “Journey of a Refugee” with Rubicon 1 and Mugraff. Sebastien Waknine (0ld lady) in collaboration with Rubicon 1 (refugees) and Mugraff (letters) […]

Trump Scares As Street Art-Inspired Magazine Covers
Editorz, 06 Feb 09:00 AM


The bright pop pallet, the layered stencil flatness, the drips, the overspray. These are some hallmarks of the modern Street Art style; evocative of free speech, underground activist missives, and pop culture soaked tongue-in-cheek satire. And here they are popping up again on major magazine covers – still nailing the essence of the message with […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 02.05.17
Editorz, 04 Feb 11:02 PM


It’s surreal to be on the south side of the US border when Trump has just signed an executive order to build a wall, decides to try to pick a fight with the President of Mexico and drops a travel ban. Gosh, between giving away everything to his ultra-rich friends, loosening regulations on their companies, bringing Frederick […]

Said Dokins & Lapiztola : Gentrification in Mexico City’s La Merced Market
Editorz, 04 Feb 05:00 AM


Lapiztola & Said Dokins. Del Barrio / Mi Merced Mexico City. 2017. (photo © Leonardo Luna) The writing is on the wall. Can you read what it says?   Lapiztola & Said Dokins. Del Barrio / Mi Merced Mexico City. 2017. (photo © Leonardo Luna) “Social Cleansing” is a term used by Said Dokins and […]

BSA Film Friday: 02.03.17
Editorz, 03 Feb 05:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. NEMCO, Three Stages: Primaticcio. Part I 2. NEMCO, Three Stages: Salento. Part II 3. NEMCO, Three Stages: Tetto. Part III 4. Run AKA Giacomo Bufarini: Time Traveller Artist Man 5. Saving Banksy 6. Berlin Kidz and Grifters […]

A Wall a Month : Contorno Urbano Launches “12 1” for 2017
Editorz, 01 Feb 11:02 PM


Walls get buffed all the time in many cities as the municipal anti-graffiti campaigns scour the streetscape for unapproved aerosol missives and get out the bucket paint or bring by the power washer. Irene López León. Contorno Urbano “12 x 1” 2017. Barcelona. (photo © Fernando Alcalá Losa) In one Spanish city they are doing […]

“Shoe” is His Middle Name: New Book by Niels Shoe Meulman
Editorz, 01 Feb 09:00 AM


“They both see words as images,” says Shoe about graffiti writers and Medieval scribes in a 2013 interview with the BBC. His latest tome extrapolates this reverence for the letterform, an obsessive repetitive family of gestures, now often abstracted, that the artist first stumbled upon as a pre-teen in the late 1970s.  Since those days […]

“Stars and Bricks” Go Up on a Berlin Wall from Various & Gould
Editorz, 31 Jan 05:02 AM


“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges.” ― Joseph Fort Newton, Southern Baptist minister from Texas (1876–1950) And yet, talk again turns to the building of a contiguous wall along the southern border of the US. Even though the wall is part of an Executive Order from President Trump, some say that in […]

Trump Street Art – Instantly There’s a Global Critique
Editorz, 29 Jan 11:02 PM


Any US president can expect cartoons and visual commentary critiquing their performance and policies and persona and fashion and idiosyncrasies. This one has created a flood of it worldwide. Teo_Vasquez photo ©Sameworld_project in Barcelona, Spain The chaos that is the first ten days of this administration has only confirmed some peoples worst projections, yet its been filled with surprises […]

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BSA Images Of The Week: 01.29.17

BSA Images Of The Week: 01.29.17
Editorz, 28 Jan 11:02 PM


Here’s our weekly interview with the streets, this week featuring Able, Alexis Diaz, Bruno Smoky, Case Ma’Claim, Crash, Dan Flavin, Ernest Zacharevic, Inti, Jose Mertz, Kryptick, Logan Hicks, Maya Hayuk, Miro, Pichi & Avo, Santiago Rubino, Shalakattak, and Sipros. First image above: Alexis Diaz. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Able. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime […]

Alison Young Examines and Presents the “Street Art World”
Editorz, 28 Jan 09:00 AM


Contested space is a term accurately describing the Street Artists’ relationship with the world outside your door; a place where the aesthetics are up for grabs, autonomously determined, willfully exploited. Alison Young. Street Art World Reaktion Books Ltd. London, 2016 Drawing upon twenty years of empirical observation, scholarly study, and interviews with artists and experts throughout a constellation of […]

BSA Film Friday: 01.27.17
Editorz, 27 Jan 09:00 AM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Dripped on The Road/ Episode One 2. Dripped on The Road/ Episode Two 3. RURALES 4. D*Face at “Unexpected” in Northwest Arkansas BSA Special Feature: Dripped on The Road/ Episode One: Jamaica Moon. Following closely on the heels of our […]

Where Graffiti Art Is The Rose of The Desert : Spraying Outside the Jardin
Editorz, 26 Jan 05:00 AM


When you are a renowned graffiti writer living 25 minutes outside of Marrakech at an artists compound and painting in your studio to prepare for an upcoming exhibition on canvas, sometimes you still are activated by wanderlust to go out and catch a tag. Or something more elaborate. Ceet . Tilt . Clone. Jardin Rouge, Morocco. (photo […]

Signs of a New Movement: From the Women’s March On Washington
Editorz, 24 Jan 11:02 PM


First conceptualizing and then actually hand-making a sign to take to a march is a variant of Street Art – part of the theatrical, political, personal, contentious activation of public space that you individually can take entirely with your own act of creativity. For pros and amateurs alike it can seem enthralling, liberating, even risky […]

Two Miami Schools Enveloped in Murals : The RAW Project in Wynwood
Editorz, 23 Jan 11:02 PM


Reimagining Art in Wynwood: The RAW Project. The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) received $148 million in 2016. The war budget, also called the “Defense Budget”, was approved for $582 billion for this year. For comparison’s sake, that means the “Defense Budget” is 3,900 times the size of the NEA. Paola Delfin at work on […]

“Sprout And Ruler”: Gola Hundun Nude In Abandoned Masonic Temple (VIDEO)
Editorz, 22 Jan 11:02 PM


Street Artist Gola Hudun likes to get naked and frolic around abandoned old buildings making art. But then, who doesn’t? Gola Hundun for Artesano Project 2016 in The Dominican Republic. (photo © Mario Delgado) Here in San Pedro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic the Italian natural science alchemist was transfixed by the image of […]

BSA Images Of the Week: 01.22.17
Editorz, 21 Jan 11:02 PM


Inauguration week was just as bumpy as you could have expected with an incredibly divided country discussing the outgoing president, the incoming president, the foreign interference and weird circumstances around the actual election, the nearly all white all billionaire cabinet nominees, and the Women’s March‘s that vastly overwhelmed Trumps ceremony attendee numbers while “sister” marches […]

MEGGS and Miya Welcome “Temple Children” to Hawai’i
Editorz, 20 Jan 11:02 PM


New images and an interview today from Hawai’i with Melbourne native Street Artist David ‘MEGGS’ Hooke and his partner Miya Tsukazaki who together are envisioning the mural festival concept as something more holistic. Sam Yong. Temple Children 2016. Hilo, Hawaii. (photo © Cory Martin ) The Temple Children project is partially a reaction to the […]

Fairey & Friends Respond Graphically: “We The People” & Women’s March Posters for Download
Editorz, 19 Jan 11:02 PM


If the popular response to this poster campaign is an indication, there will be many in the streets. The “We the People” project with Street Artist and activist Shepard Fairey, Ernesto Yerena and Jessica Sobogal originally aimed to raise $60,000 on their Kickstarter page with the non-profit Amplifier Foundation. They received 22 times their goal. […]

Sculptor John Ahearn Brings Iconic New Yorkers to Streets to Meet the Neighbors
Editorz, 18 Jan 11:02 PM


When you want to experience the neighborhoods of New York, you go walking on our streets. When you want to study the people who are New York, you go to John Ahearn. John Ahearn. Delancy Street Denizens (on John Ahearn imagination). Delancy Street, NY. January 2017. (photo © Jaime Rojo) From left to right: Chin […]

“All Big Letters” Opens, Curated by RJ Rushmore
Editorz, 17 Jan 11:02 PM


ALL BOLD CAPS. Early graffiti train writers knew they could gain their widest audience on elevated train tracks the same way cigarette manufacturers broadcast from billboards looming above streets. BLADE emblazoned entire train sides with his five letters, as did LEE with his three. Audacious, confident, commanding: the ultimate tag. Faust at work on his […]

Julien De Casabianca, Angry Gods, and Hacking Disaster in Kathmandu
Editorz, 16 Jan 11:02 PM


If you are not going into the museum to see art, Julien De Casabianca is happy to bring it out to the street for you. Additionally, if the museum has been closed by an earthquake, he’ll make sure the art gets a public viewing nonetheless. Julien De Casabianca. Outings Project. Kathmandu, Nepal. January, 2017 (photo […]

Martin Luther King Day : “This is no time for apathy or complacency.”
Editorz, 15 Jan 11:02 PM


“We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there “is” such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action.” ― […]

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A lot of Street Art went up this week and a lot of serious crap went down on the national stage. We’re seeing politically themed Street Art appearing up all over the city right now,

BSA Images Of The Week: 01.15.17
Editorz, 14 Jan 11:02 PM


A lot of Street Art went up this week and a lot of serious crap went down on the national stage. We’re seeing politically themed Street Art appearing up all over the city right now, and some of it is here in our round up – addressing myriad topics, all related to the administration that […]

The Audubon Birds Of Broadway
Editorz, 13 Jan 11:02 PM


Birds flyin’ high, you know how I feel Sun in the sky, you know how I feel Breeze driftin’ on by, you know how I feel It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me. ~ Nina Simone ATM. Williamson’s Sapsucker for The Audubon Mural Project. (photo © Jaime Rojo) […]

BSA Film Friday: 01.13.17
Editorz, 12 Jan 11:02 PM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. OLEK: In The Blink Of An Eye 2. Москва – Artmossphere by Kevin Lüdicke 3. Morden Gore: Painting for the Italian Earthquake of October 2016. 4. Art Is Tra$h BSA Special Feature: OLEK: In The Blink […]

Civic Dialogue & “Fake Walls” : A New Interview With Gaia
Editorz, 11 Jan 11:02 PM


He calls them “fake walls”; these mockups of murals in Baltimore that feature adorable pets. With these clever photoshopped pieces of mural fiction the Street Artist Gaia is perhaps skewering the coy shallowness of mural festivals that encourage a content-free decorative approach, rather than a substantive historically/socially/politically rooted one. If Street Art has been hi-jacked […]

“Meeting Of Favela” and a Thousand Artists in Rio : Martha Cooper Dispatch
Editorz, 10 Jan 11:02 PM


Rio is hot in December. When you add a thousand artists to the favela it gets a lot hotter. Aquilas Mano Costa from Rio De Janeiro. Mr. Costa a community coordinator and a tattoo artist displays his Meeting Of Favela tattoo. Aquilas is a member of the Costa family which was the host family of […]

Pine Tree Balls : A Public Art Recipe from Various & Gould
Editorz, 09 Jan 11:02 PM


Overstuffed yourself with crackers and holiday cheeseballs? Why not try making some of these to burn off those extra calories? 3 Kings Day is in the bag and Christmas is a fading memory and we still see those pagan trees tossed to the curb and rolling around in the winter winds, waiting to be picked […]

Tuco Wallach: What’s The Manimal Looking At?
Editorz, 08 Jan 11:02 PM


“Barter and flea market for the curious. Open the safe door. Take a look Deposit, Take, Exchange!” Tuco Wallach shares his latest interactive project today to see what people will use the deposit box for in his social experiment. He says it wasn’t a solo endeavor, but rather a little group project with friends and […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 01.08.17
Editorz, 07 Jan 11:02 PM


Over the holidays we made a quick stop in West Palm Beach, Florida to take a look at the murals from the CANVAS program, adjacent to the neighborhood of the Trump resort where he spent New Year’s Eve where he charged guests a minimum of $525 per person to attend his party. Scrubbed clean of […]

Mona Tusz Creates New Relief in Lodz, Poland
Editorz, 06 Jan 11:02 PM


Artist Mona Tusz creates a relief mural in Lodz, Poland using stained glass, wood, metal, and custom illumination in her latest esoteric journey of spirit and emotion for this latest creation for UNIQA Art Lodz. Mona Tusz for UNIQA Art Lodz Project. Lodz, Poland. (photo © Michał Bieżyński) The public art program has been looking […]

BSA Film Friday 01.06.17
Editorz, 05 Jan 11:02 PM


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. New York: Art of Beeing with Louis Masai by Where’s Kong 2. Detroit: Art of Beeing with Louis Masai by Where’s Kong 3. California : Art of Beeing with Louis Masai by Where’s Kong 4. Arizona […]

One Artists’ Mission to Save Endangered Species: Louis Masai Completes “The Art Of Beeing” Tour
Editorz, 04 Jan 11:02 PM


9 weeks, 8,000 miles, 20 murals, 13 cities. Dozens of species going extinct every day. Those are some telling statistics for Street Artist Louis Masai as he completes criss-crossing the United States during this moment when it looks like the country is on the precipice of a social and political revolution. Louis Masai painting in […]

New Ethereal Works From Rubin 415
Editorz, 03 Jan 11:02 PM


Many people say that Street Art by its nature is necessarily ethereal because it is often damaged by the elements or destroyed by others.  Your expectation for it’s brief lifetime is tempered with the realities on the street. On some occasions, indoor artwork has a similar fate. A few new pieces here for you from […]

New “Uninhibited” Art Scene in Allapattah, Miami
Editorz, 02 Jan 11:02 PM


Clara Vanessa Avalo and her Uninhibited Urban Art Magazine mounted their own celebratory event full of artists and fans this year in Allapattah, a gritty neighborhood adjacent to the glaring spotlights of Wynwood during Art Basel Miami. Bordalo II . Detail. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Celebrating the magazine’s first anniversary Ms. Vanessa Avalo’s project brought […]

Tracking Phlegm in Wynwood, Miami.
Editorz, 01 Jan 11:02 PM


Phlegm. Wynwood, Miami. (photo © Jaime Rojo) It’s over a year old, but this mural by UK’s Phlegm along rail tracks in Miami has a certain timeless quality. Maybe it is the illustrator’s monochromatic fanta-realism or the placement of this industrial-age freight running on the side of an old factory building , but these characters […]

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JOHANNESBURG: Temba Bavuma produced his best century for the Proteas to ensure they went to stumps on day three of the second Betway Test against West Indies in the pound seat at the DP World Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg on Friday.

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JOHANNESBURG: Half-centuries by Aiden Markram and Tony de Zorzi handed the Proteas the edge after opening day of the second Betway Test against West Indies at DP World Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

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Ronan Keating has been back in South Africa over the past week to contribute to charitable causes, in conjunction with Citadel as well as to perform in Cape Town and Pretoria.

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