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                                    The Future Favors the BOLD

                                    The Future Favors the BOLD
There's a new me coming out And I just had to live And I want to give I'm completely positive I think this time around I am gonna do it Like you never do it Like you never knew it Oh, I'll make it through 
Lyrics coined by Legendary Diana Ross- served as the Mantra for the 4th Annual Bold Lifestyle Awards as creator, LyNita Mitchell- Blackwell took to the dance floor in complete Celebratory fashion!
                             SOME PEOPLE MAKE IT LOOK EASY
LyNita Mitchell- Blackwell is for sure leading in many facets. Her extensive catalog of work- ranges from Corporate to Entertainment to Entrepreneurship as well as spiritual advocacy. LyNita’s education and Life Coaching skills afforded her the ability to hone her natural gifts; Loving People.
Not for sake of popularity or selfish gain but because LyNita understood alignment; She refused to cower from such an astronomical task leaving it for someone else to do. Instead she allows her nucleus to elevate and edify others!
LyNita Mitchell-Blackwell is Crowned as the LEADERSHIP CHAMPION.
She serves as an Author, Attorney, CPA, Life Coach, Speaker, Publisher- all while honoring her role as wife to Rev Brian K Blackwell, mother of Angelica, and friend to many. When considering the task, LyNita heeds a level of Symmetry in order to maintain traction while she carries her baton in this Marathon.  Having been rooted, embraced, and exposed to a family and community of high integrity; it would only be natural for LyNita to exude Passion, Purpose, and Perfection in everything that she touches!
                    Extensive as Her Resume is, Her Heart is MUCH More!
In addition to traditional education and trainings, work-life balance incentivized her with rewards reflective of the services, she has rendered. LyNita’s relentless fortitude and ambition drove her to show up to meet the best version of herself. She has served on many notable committees, chaired non-profit events, and is recognized amongst her peers in Corporate America as well as Internationally. She is a Pioneer in her community and for the newer relationships- she leaves a lasting impression. Qualified and certified to run with the best; LyNita is most valued for her humility!
“When You Wake Up in The Morning, Don’t Roll Over, Roll Out!”
 “Your mind is Ready, get your body Set, and let's Go!”, says LyNita as she barbarously conquers each goal!
LyNita’s previous WINS would include but not be limited to; a publisher of three Award winning magazines, an EP (Executive Producer) of entertainment and informative television and radio shows, and a Keynote Motivational Speaker. She commits to each destination and challenge while being true to self. Constantly engaging in personal growth and having a spirit of discernment has allowed LyNita to take the front seat to her Destiny!
It is no secret of how Extraordinary LyNita Mitchell- Blackwell is. Her magic is embedded in her WHY! “I love striking the match and setting people on FIRE with their reason for being.” No matter the platform, she is purposefully dedicated to transforming lives. While she is an Inspiration to others, she too is inspired by other icons! “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”- Eleanor Roosevelt, “Never, ever stay where you are not valued”- Dr. Robert J Watkins, and “The right thing isn’t always the easiest thing, but it’s still the right thing”- Dr. Byron L Mitchell are Gems she has sculpted and has been a grave contributor to the Wisdom she perspires!
                                                Unapologetically BOLD
LyNita knew early in her career that her brand was collective; and once she had written the vision it would be an expedition of responsibility. It was unlike her to not be generous with what she had been blessed with. In addition to being an accomplished author, LyNita sought to share her new vision with a dynamic force of Go-getters! What she had was something that would change the trajectory of How Stories are Told. It was BOLD!  
                                             BOLD Favor Media Group
 LyNita had such a strict level of excellence for herself- that it would become repulsive to even witness others not walk in their own Purpose and Power. Images that many had become bored with- was Now the barometer for Television/Film and media. LyNita was frustrated at how women were depicted in media, particularly, women of Color.  And thus, was charged to BE THE CHANGE!
“I was horrified the first time I saw an episode of the Reality Show, RHWOA. And THEN… they kept making more versions of that franchise. So, I prayed and asked God...…. He told me not to get angry; but do something!”
The Journey Did Not Come Without Opposition. But it would soon be WORTH IT!
LyNita was never oblivious to the height of her obligations. There was much to consider. In the beginning stages she took blind chances and had to do a few things over. She communicated with her family and colleagues- giving them heads up that she would be creating her own magazine.
 Even when there were minor set- backs, LyNita used the experiences as a source of gain. The 1st Magazine issue, LyNita ranked it very low and described it to be “ugly” after having used a Microsoft Word format. She attempted a couple more times but it still didn’t meet her standards.  It wasn’t until a good friend, Donna Werdelin, hired her cousin, graphic designer, Jodeci Richardson, where her vision for Bold Favor Magazine was indeed Exceptional!
 LyNita launches Bold Favor Media Group. A rhetorical source fashioned to give voice to each Leading woman. The Bold Favor Media Group is the brand that introduces a culture that Everyone has the ability to Win!  Being comprised of 4 Magazines; Bold Ageless Beauty, Bold Next, Bold Plus, Bold Favor, there was sure to be an overflow of leaders to reverse the agenda of how Women in Leadership is perceived.
 By now, LyNita was a well-known author, publisher and owner of 4 successful magazines and was gaining exposure, Internationally. Her team and her had an unspoken chemistry. Each person brought their own flavor. This would elevate the initial vision as well as create more opportunities.
 When it came to media, Bold Favor MG would make their mark! Not only were they a major part of the Atlanta Circuit, but they had established themselves throughout other leading cities in the United States. They are known for Giving Back and Highlighting ‘Make Sense’ Foundations.
A MOVEMENT. LyNita was Pleased with the Developments of Bold Favor Media Group. And even more, keen in keeping like-minded people in her circle. She would often welcome new ideas for the advancement of the Bold Vision!
BOLD Lifestyle Awards
 2015 was the year for the Bold Vision. LyNita and her team was Intentional in Sharing the Mission and Goal of Bold Favor Media Group. BOLD Lifestyle Awards became a Thing!
Each year, BOLD Favor Media Group honors outstanding community leaders from around the world who have dedicated their lives to empowering and uplifting others to live powerfully! LyNita wanted people in the community to know they were appreciated and their offerings didn’t go unnoticed. Throughout the year, the mission of Bold Favor Media would be to connect and be in the know of these well-deserved leaders.
LyNita, What Fond Memory Would Serve as Your WHY – in Your Mission for the BOLD Lifestyle Awards?
“2017. The first time we were approved for a major Awards program to cover the red carpet was the 2017 Soul Train Music Awards in Las Vegas. We were all so excited! Tinzley Bradford did a phenomenal job covering it. And our own Awards program later that year was outstanding!”
                             As If It Couldn’t Get Any Greater!
 On December 2018, at the 4th Annual Bold Lifestyle Awards, LyNita and the Entire Bold Favor MG Family was in complete Formation! Although they came to celebrate other Regal Men and Women of the Community, LyNita surprised her team with the very 1st Comic Book- honoring them for their service to the Movement. In the interim of pitching the Bold Favor Comic Book, yielded much stress. There was no one to bounce ideas from (seeing that it was a secret) and LyNita was adamant about Wowing her team with the most memorable Dedication. Rumors of success were inevitable after witnessing how high the Climax and Reception was from the Crowd. And in conclusion, the 4th Annual BOLD Lifestyle Awards was topped off with grand salutation on a job well done!
LyNita Mitchell-Blackwell has mighty shoes to fill, but she certainly has scribed the blueprint of success for a Sorority of Leaders to Follow.
 You Don’t Want to Miss What’s Up Next for LyNita!
Be Sure to Connect https://livingthelifestyle.live/about-me/ for a Buffet of Enrichment Tools and Events.
[Submitted by Sunny L. Kelley Aiken]

The Platters, Trumpet, and Radio - What does all of this have to do with Mose Stovall?

The Platters, Trumpet, and Radio - What does all of this have to do with Mose Stovall?  
Mose Stovall is a Birmingham Alabama native,  with a passion for music.  Mose was introduced to music very early on. It is reported that initially, Mose took an interest in the trumpet, and later began singing. Mose Stovall's singing ability was noticed by Choral Director Perry Anderson an Educator at A.H. Parker High. With nurturing from Dr. Anderson, Mose was taught ways to enhance his vocal skills.
A few of Mose accolades from early on include Birmingham Civic Opera, Birmingham All-City Chorus, a contender for Alabama Choral Ensemble. opening act for Grammy Urban Showcase in 2000, and 2013's Best Urban Male Entertainer of the Year recipient at Alabama's Urban Award.
Mose Stovall's style of singing is influenced by the late Luther Vandross, Anthony Hamilton, and Maze featuring Frankie Beverly. 
Thus,  the reason Mose Stovall has come to be known as,  'the Velvet Voice.'  His expressive and soulful voice calls out to his audiences, as his feelings and spirit is reflected in his music. 
Mose Stovall has appeared as show opener to Erica Badu, Willie Clayton, the O'Jays, and  Maze. He appeared on Star Struck hosted by Donnie and Marie Osmond.
Mose has informed us that the following names are only a few of the artists he has been honored to work with: Tony Terry, Howard Hewitt, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Willie Clayton, Omar Cunningham, Vick Allen, Big Ro Williams, Erika Badu, Calvin Richardson, Benny Latimore, Angie Stone, Producers Robert and Thomas Harris, Jamil Debarlabon, Mark Price, Ant Madden of Switz Beats, GEO, Six Nine & A/C, and Wink from Gasden Alabama .
World Famous PlattersHe is a current member of The Golden Sounds of the Platters.
Although Mose Stovall is a  gifted singer, he makes it clear that he is also established as songwriter, producer and radio DJ.  Mose also enjoys performing cover tunes of other great artists.  He performs songs of all eras from the 70s to 90s and in almost all categories.
In August 2003, Mose released his first R&B solo album 'Private Party', with hits songs,  'Hold You', 'The Problem Is You', 'Good Lovin', 'Dance', and 'Can't Stand.'  Later in 2007, he released his second album.
Mose is currently hosting 'BEATS TV' which is a weekly TV show seen on (ABC 33/40) Birmingham's local airways. Mose is working on his next album and excited about the hot new single, 'Dancin.'. Be sure to follow the 'Velvet Voice' of Mose Stovall.
Mose recalls motivational phrases spoken to him by his beloved grandmother:
“Once a task has just begun, never leave it until it’s done.” “Be the labor, great or small, do it well or not at all.”
Mose says, his grandmother would repeat these phrases when she believes he and her other grandchildren were being lazy. This has been motivation for Stovall’s generation and beyond.
Now Mose shares his own motivational thoughts:  "God's purpose must always be our guide. Singing is my gift, through music I want to reach, to touch and to make changes in people's lives. My goal is to make people look at their lives and put it in a positive direction. Music is a universal language, that crosses all barriers and touches everyone - anyone. Healing souls is my mission. I thank God for the chance to spread His love through my gift of music. Through me, the gift is spread via records, Cds, TV, Radio, and Video."

We invite you to continue to follow the man with the 'Velvet Voice.' 

[Submitted by Ms M. Ssugah Chaney]

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First Light in Kenya By Jessica Tinianow

First Light in Kenya By Jessica Tinianow
(Published in  Summer 2005 Windy City Sports Chicago,Illinois)
Dawn breaks in Kenya. The plains of the Masai Mara are still. A herd of Thomson gazelles is grazing on the low grass. Suddenly, one runs to the outside and begins to lap the others. The lone gazelle accelerates and is galloping gracefully in ovals around the rest of the herd as if completing 200 meters on an outdoor track.
This gazelle mirrored the Kenyan running experience I had the prior week. I had participated in the first Runner’s World Kenya Running Safari and still had a runner’s high. This unique safari, organized by the magazine and Micato Safaris (www.micato.com) transported 12 Americans, one Japanese and this writer to the Northwest Highlands of Kenya, to Eldoret, a town located 3,085 meters above sea level from which most of Kenya’s elite distance runners originate.
It’s here that I journeyed into the home of Kenya’s greatest running tribe, the Kalenjin, in the highlands along the western edge of the magnificent Rift Valley. Over the course of 10 days, all of us socialized, ran and broke bread with more than 30 elite, world-class Kenyan runners.
As an avid recreational runner/triathlete I had watched Kenyans dominate many mid- and long-distance races for over 20 years. Yet before visiting Eldoret most of these runners were nameless to me except for a few of the most celebrated, like Kip Keino, Paul Tergat and Tegla Laroupe. When the Kenyans zipped by, I would clap and cheer for them collectively without any knowledge of their individual achievements. But I always wondered who these extraordinary runners were and why they were so good. What were the secrets behind all those anonymous faces?
From the moment I opened the van door and stepped onto the edge of the simple, dirt running track of Kamirriny stadium in Iten, a local Kalenjin town close to Eldoret, my surreal running experience began. Sprinting by me in midst of a morning interval workout was world-class athlete Lornah Kiplagat (see notes on all the athletes at the end). Then, my attention drifted to another three runners who ran with effortless long strides. I was told that I was watching three of Kenya’s most accomplished mid-distance medalists—Abraham Chebii, Sammy Kipketer and Ben Maiyo. A few daring souls in our group jumped in and tried to keep pace, though a running injury prevented me from joining the fray. Throngs of curious, smiling and shy schoolchildren surrounded us and squealed with delight as we gave them Bic pens and showed them our digital photos.
That afternoon I dined with Kiplagat at the training center she and her husband, Pieter, founded for young, gifted female athletes in the community. Over dinner, she shared with me her hopes and dreams for the future of female Kenyan athletes. “I encourage them to be the best they can be—they’re already doing very well,” she said.
Almost all the athletes, whether title holders or young future stars, come from impoverished backgrounds. Even with overseas race winnings they maintain strong ties to their family and community and never seem to lose a sense of their roots. The people live simply—without running water, TV or radio, but they all have enough to eat. The children walk or run to school, often barefoot in tattered school clothes.
Legendary runner Kip Keino proudly took the group on a tour through the beautiful gardens on the grounds of his training camp. He showed us where he grew pineapples, bananas and herbs, but he barely mentioned the home and school for 100 orphans that he built across the field. Brother Colm O’ Connell, a longtime coach who’d produced many champions at St. Patrick’s High School in Iten, proudly showed us his schoolyard full of trees—each one planted in honor of a graduate who went on to running fame. There was almost no room left to plant new seedlings. He shared with us the main lunch course of the student athletes, which is called githeri—a simple cooked mixture of corn and beans—as well as the other basic ingredients of their daily diet: tea, toast, meat and the aforementioned ugali. I wondered if perhaps these were the keys to the Kenyan success.
Often, celebrated athletes training and living in the Eldoret area joined our runners on casual runs along dirt roads past farms in the hills of the Rift valley. Though limited by my injury, I was able to participate in the enthusiasm of the experience.
In the hills of Chirchir I watched with envy as Eliud Kipchoge, Matthew Birir and Richard Limo ran with our group. The Kenyans jogged along as the pack descended and ascended the hills on unpaved, uneven dirt roads with beautiful panoramic vistas of the Rift Valley and its idyllic countryside at every turn of the road. Children appeared at the side of the road and stared with curiosity. It was a sight they likely had never seen before.
Overall, our group was welcomed into five training centers and five private homes. We also received an open invitation to participate in the North Rift Valley Regional XC championships in the fertile highland of Kapenguria. Nine of us signed up for the 4K and 12K races. Our team entered as the Mzungu Wazimu (crazy white people). Crazy indeed, for age, altitude and genes were all against us from the outset.
Hundreds of local villagers and children had walked miles in the scorching heat to watch and cheer on their own young talents, many of whom ran barefoot. They clearly were bewildered and bemused by the site of the Mzungu running in the searing Equatorial heat on the remote muddy dirt field. They pushed forward to get a closer look.
Our team placed last but won the hearts of the crowd. For the Kenyans, participating at Ngong meant a potential entry ticket to the next level of the African and World Championships.
I never discovered if there was really one secret to the success of Kalinjen athletes; it’s probably a combination of things. Though I suspect it’s the fact that running is more than a sport, but is instead woven into the fabric of their lives.
[Submitted by Jessica Tinianow]

I never realized that sitting in the Ravinia Pavilion I would have to duck to avoid flying objects as if I  was sitting down the foul line in Wrigley Field.

I never realized that sitting in the Ravinia Pavilion I would have to duck to avoid flying objects as if I  was sitting down the foul line in Wrigley Field. Yet the flying objects at Ravinia were not errant fly balls but errant flying panties being hurled towards the stage.  The  target of their trajectory was none other  than the legendary “sex-bomb” Welsh crooner ”Tom Jones.
 At age , 69, Tom Jones still  had the ladies swooning from the moment he arrived onstage .  Deeply tanned, wearing an all black suit sans tie with open neck and   a shiny large silver cross dangling around his neck Tom Jones had the appearance of a Las Vegas showman. His schmaltzy getup and set , was supported by a strong fleet of musicians three vocalists a  strong keyboardist Frank Strauss and his music director Ric Fierabracci on guitar.
He moved easily through many of his legendary  hits including “She’s a Lady”  and “Delilah”.   The  rich soulfulness  of his voice was evident during his slower   ballads. Many new songs from his first album in 15 years to be released in the USA.,”24 hours” were performed.
Shortly into his performance when he sang “I’m Alive”  he  reminded the audience that he felt “it was appropriate” that he sing that song. A load laughing roar filled the pavilion.  Though aging,  Tom Jones is more than alive. He is energetic ,vibrant and can still swing and swivel his hips rousing a response from his adoring audience. He hasn’t seemed to have lost his sex appeal . With  “What’s new Pussycat?” rows of ladies stood on their feet and twirled panties above their head.  More than a few made a run  down the aisle toward the stage and with a  pitcher’s wind-up they  hurled their undies over the security guard towards  the stage.  Those who were successful were cheered by the audience.  As one red satin panty lay at his feet ,Tom looked down and coyishly remarked “oh my”.   He kept on course swiftly moving through his setlist.
After a two hour run without intermission Tom revealed he still had the moves and stamina to entertain, sing and keep the ladies titillated by his moves albeit a bit more muted than in his youth. At the concert’s end, though surrounded on stage by  an array of multicolored panties ,that seemed like wildflowers growing in an English garden.  Though showered with female adulation, the consummate showman left the stage alone.
[Submitted by Jessica Tinianow]

Review of Alto Adige regional wines

Alto Adige Grand Tasting Tour
By Jessica Tinianow
The great whites have arrived.  These are the geat white wines of the white wines from the Alto Adige Vineyard region of Northeastern Italy that I got to experience firsthand at the Alto Adige Wine Grand Tasting Tour .As I  made my way thru samplings of the 20 wineries represented ,I experienced these authentic, fresh and crisp wines with their own original character. The white grape varieties are grown in more than 55% of the vineyards and the cooler temps of the high altitude of the region ranging from 650 to 3250 feet in elevation.  The region provides the microclimates that produce the smooth and delicate tastes  of the Pinot Bianco, Gewürztraminer , Chardonnay and the Pinot Grigio wines. All of the wines are in the $15-$24 range.  Most are available now, or soon will be in your local wine shop.
Tasting the wines was a flavor experience, unlike many.  All of the wines have a pronounced fruit character and an elegance of structure that speaks to the terroir from which they come. 
The Pinot Blanc had an elegance scent of apples and lively acidity.  The wine had a full array of fruitiness and considerable finesse for such a young wine.
The Sauvignon Blanc had aromas of gooseberries and if you’ve never had these fruits just try a glass of this wine and you will know what I mean.  It was crisp and fresh with a marked intensity.  This is a great wine to go with fish or a fresh salad made with Romaine lettuce and pears or blood orange slices.
The indigenous Gewürztraminer is a slightly spicy, crisp white wine that is unique to the region.  It embodies rose scented character that encompasses a vast array of scents.  There’s a splash of various tropical fruits with an overlay of rose petals, and lychee nuts that give it a luxuriant velvety texture. I like d this wine so much I would recommend drinking it alone, or with a selection of spring fruits and light semi-soft cheeses.  Serve well chilled for a spring afternoon delight.  This is definitely a patio wine! 
Among the whtes there were a few standouts:  the Alois Lageder Haberle Pinot Bianco 2009, Gewurtzraminer 2010 Peter Zemmer. These wines all embodied freshness and originality.  They had balanced acidities, clean aromas and were a pleasure to drink. The St Valentin Sauvignon Blanc 2009 was also a pleasant wine to drink with its  fruity character and balanced acidity. 
Though I sing the praises of the white, I don’t want to overshadow the red varietals.  They are equally on par.  The Pinot Noir has rich aromas of dark berries and spices .  It is very intense and was well structured.   The Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabarnet Sauvignon were fresh and cleanly structured with a good bit of mineral taste. The low tannin reds were also  elegant and spicy with immaculate acidity.  If you have a guest who says they normally don’t drink red wine, this would be one for them to try.  I think they’d like it.
The region grows around twenty different grape varieties.  A few notable ones are the Schiava and Lagrein grapes which  have a distinct identity and strength of expression. 
The Schiava (Vernatsch) was low in tannins, a bit spicy with a moderate alcohol content.  The Lagrein, one of the leading red wine varietal of the region, had an aroma of fresh cherries, berries and violets.  It demonstrated a soft acidity and velvety body.  The selection I tasted also emitted tones of spice, lending the selection more character and charm.  It was light, earthy, and full bodied with a velvety texture and had a long finish.
Lest I not forget –dessert! Among the dessert wines Moscato Giallo:The pleasant aroma  of the MG 2009 I tasted from Manincor 's vineyards was sublime. 
The wines of the Alto Adige region are an absolute delight.
[Submitted by Jessica Tinianow]

Commentary on possible answers to illegal immigration

“Work  for Citizenship”     A way to gain citizenship faster, legally and economically.  
By Peter Lewit , Discourse and Reflection    Aug. 23, 2017
  We know there are numerous foreigners coming into the United States illegally. Surprisingly, many pay enormous sums of money to be smuggled across the border. These sums can be far greater than the approximate $725 cost to go through a process and paperwork to become a citizen. They pay the extra cost because it gets them into our country faster. A solution to this problem might take the form of a work for citizenship program. The primary component is the work camp.  This work camp would be similar to construction and logging camps that were prevalent in the early days of building our country.  It was an idea that President Roosevelt promoted when he created the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s.
As an example, foreigners intending to immigrate could apply to the program for a tour of three months. They must remain in the camp in a guarded arrangement until their tour is complete or they decide to return to their place of origin. A tour would also include passing their citizenship requirements.  Illegals already here in the country could also apply. In their case they might go for an extended period of six months, the extra time being in the form of community (Govt) service in lieu of a fine, imprisonment or deportation.  A basic understanding of English would also be required.  Part of their wages would be garnished to cover camp, food and citizenship requirement costs.   Quarters would be in a group camp format as suitable to the area.  By consolidating the workers into camps they would not be incurring huge costs for meals, housing and transportation. They would still be able to send home to their family an allowance comparable to what they might earn with a green card. There would be areas for men and women and a choice of work for both.  The work would be on government projects or camp duties, which may include assisting in cooking sanitation and the like. Evenings would be spent in their citizenship training and English.
    While in the camp they would go through a vetting process and physical health inspection.  Removal to the place of origin would occur if there was failure to pass our government’s standards.  The whole program would be voluntary, details of time frames would be up to the federal government. It should be enticing so that all concerned parties benefit.  Altogether, this program would use foreign nationals intending to immigrate, to work on U.S. government sponsored programs:  “the wall”, for example. With the exception of building materials, it cuts government labor costs, provides a safe and secure environment for us and the workers. The country of origin will pay us by default; in other words, they lose a part of their workforce!  Volunteers with varied experience could be sought to enhance the program.  The federal government saves on costs for the project. The immigrants save costs, get in faster and above all, become legal!
[Submitted by Peter Lewit]



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Lab test confirms Phangiso bowls with non-compliant action

Joburg Super Kings’ left-arm spinner, Aaron Phangiso, underwent an ICC Accredited Bowling Action Test at the University of Pretoria on 27 January.

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Proteas wilt in the heat

KIMBERLEY: Heinrich Klaasen struck a belligerent 62-ball 80 but it was not enough as the Proteas fell 59 runs short in the third Betway One-Day International (ODI) played at The Oval in Kimberley on Wednesday.

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